Chapter 106


"Hammond, come to Auntie Alexa… I got some broccoli for you!" I wiggled the little bowl I was holding with broccoli cut into thin slices inside. Hammond, Holly and Krane’s son, was almost one-and-a-half years old and had a really big appetite for vegetables that I was having fun feeding him from time to time.

Little Hammond clapped his hands as he beamed and trudged his way to me with a smiling Holly following behind him. I extended my hands and lifted him up before placing him on my lap, and he immediately started munching on the broccoli his hand was able to grab.

Today is my baby shower and a gender reveal. Although all signs were pointing to a female, we still wanted to be sure since I didn’t want to buy a neutral color for her clothes. Not that I am against neutral colors, but a part of me wishes I could be a mother to a female the way my mother could have been to me if she had been given the chance and the luxury to do so.

Hammond started to fidget on my lap and his mo
Cassandra M

I know you're all expecting to have the epilogues by now too, but I am not done with them. Bear with me, lovelies! Between writing and my family - the additional emotions of writing an epilogue for a series I loved dearly is a little too overwhelming. But I will finish them soon. Just give me a little more time! *It's the last day to drop your gems before they expire, so make sure to give them to your fave books. And I will wholeheartedly catch them if you have anything to spare for this series!*

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omg cass ... I had to take a month out of everything so have only just come back and picked up again x this all just makes my heart so happy !!! and yeeeeey! I wasn't crazy in thinking about all of the As lol !
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Annette Barber
I love ur book
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Catherine is jace sister, but the parents said they never met jace mate until she gave birth?

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