Epilogue 2 - The Lunas

Author’s Name - Females’ will be addressed by the Goddess using their maiden names (just because she wanted to) :D

SELENE’S POV (The Moon Goddess).

My Females.

My lovely Females. I couldn’t control my wolves once they were on earth and allowed to use their free will to rule their own species. And most of the time, they would always end up hurting me.

But nothing hurt me more than when my females were used as a bargaining chips. Whether they are Alpha Females or Omegas, whatever their ranks, they are my females and I expect nothing less for them. They deserved to be respected for their own choices.

But my wolves kept failing me from time to time.

The Claiming was something I never dreamed of for my Alpha Females, but I couldn’t do anything except do my part and find a good mate strong enough to fight for their females.

And some of these men didn’t fail me.

But a lot did.

But I hoped that one day, my wolves would wake up and give these females the respect they deserved.

I wa
Cassandra M

I would like to thank one of you who gave me the idea of a female run and this is the closest I could give. Unfortunately, I cannot find who you are, so if you're reading this - Thank you! *Please take note that Alpha Marco was reelected as Council Head. That's why he was still there even if Alpha Lucas is the Alpha of their pack. Also, Alpha Marco is a good man, but he alone cannot override a rule unless he gets support from many of the council heads and a majority of the Alphas.*

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Lucy Wehbe Saade
so i gather darvins celeste never became a luna even though darvin is still a alpha;)
goodnovel comment avatar
It was me ... the female run ... and I'm bawling my eyes out right now ... I'm honoured Cass, truly honoured x thank you x
goodnovel comment avatar
Karina Vazquez
I think the goddess should have made an appearance to show her approval of the female’s petition

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