Chapter 6 : Where's My Sister?


She wasn’t even exaggerating when she said that she was too tired to deal with him.

The meal she had eaten—if it could be called that—was something she wasn’t even sure the servants back at the palace ate. But she guessed it was better than nothing. After all, the worms eating at her stomach walls has ceased for now.

“Stand up.” He commanded.

She would have rolled her eyes had she found the strength. “You realise I don’t have to stand for my mouth to work, right?”

He squinted as if she had sprouted a second head within the space of five seconds. “You realise I’m the one doing the questioning here, right?”

This time, she did roll her eyes. As if she didn’t know that.

“So ask your questions.”

He looked like he wanted to bite her head off, but then he exhaled and he returned to looking like his usual hot, annoying self. She absolutely detested how much she found him attractive. It was simply a fact, staring back at her everytime she saw him that he was good-looking. What sh
Anya Ivy

Hey readers! Author here. Hope you're enjoying the story. I'd love to know what you think of the book so far <3

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Anya Ivy
Yes, she is! So glad you're enjoying the story!
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I am loving this story! I love how they find each other irresistible, and Maria has such great lines!!! She’s feisty!

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