The Vampire King's Captive

The Vampire King's Captive

By:  Anya Ivy  Completed
Language: English
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His expression darkened when his eyes fell to her lips. ”What are you doing to me?”“What do you mean?” She whispered, her eyes trained on his firm lips. She willed him to kiss her. Willed him so much that if she’d had her powers, he would already be kissing her that very moment.Just when she thought he was going to close the remaining distance between them and kiss her, he shoved her away so hard, she stumbled for a bit before righting herself. "Get dressed."------When Bran comes back from war only to find out that his parents have been killed and his sister, captured by a powerful sorceress, he captures her, bringing her back to his castle and locks her up, torturing her. But as time passes, the seductive sorceress refuses to break and Bran begins to realise that his feelings for her aren't as malicious as they used to be. With every heated look that passes between them, every stolen kiss and every accidental touch, Bran's resolve begins to crumble. When he captured the sorceress, the plan was to torture her until she gave him his sister's location, but, Bran isn't so sure what the plan is anymore.They are supposed to be enemies. She is his captive, and he is her captor. They shouldn't want each other.But they do--with a passion that burns hotter than their hatred for each other.

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M Tavakoli
I really enjoyed this book ,great plot and characters!
2024-04-21 20:49:58
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Madeline Gabrielle
I really enjoyed this book. Well written and not overly cliche
2023-05-03 03:54:39
default avatar
Loved this book and author ...️...️...️
2023-04-06 07:12:51
user avatar
Such a piece of gold!. It's a smart and a very well written story. The characters are lovable, with some sparks of complexity, very refreshing.
2022-10-12 14:27:12
default avatar
Wowww! It's pretty cool. Revenge, misunderstanding, regrets, there are different situations and feelings which all together create a seductive atmosphere, I can't stop reading. I have to say, until now my favorite is Maria, she is so lovable. I really recommend this story.
2022-09-12 13:18:33
default avatar
Incredible story! the characters are amazing, the tension in every chapter grows in a way that I can't stop reading.
2022-09-06 22:45:55
user avatar
Ebunoluwa Ademide
It is not the usual story we all read every time. This is different. And the fact that the vampire genre is in it! I love it!
2022-08-20 05:54:20
user avatar
Nikki Hayes
Thoroughly enjoying this, well written and the storyline has me hooked with it's originality and surprising twists. Highly recommend this, I can't wait to see what happens. I appreciate that it's updated regularly too (I know that can be hard), I can be a harsh critic but this is really well done
2022-08-17 06:53:08
user avatar
This is the second update I read after Midnight Muse’s Her Alpha’s Betrayal. This book has so many wonderful twists and turns that I am constantly surprised and intrigued. I have definitely fallen for Maria and Bran!
2022-08-16 03:48:56
user avatar
I am loving the sexual tension in this book! I love how Maria and Bran find each other almost irresistible. Great plot and Dr open t of these hotttt characters.
2022-08-09 11:31:23
user avatar
Nita Ogueri
Pop offf! This book was so damn good, the few chapters I read, magnificent. I really can’t wait to see how things go between Bran and Maria..........
2022-06-20 17:30:37
96 Chapters
Chapter 1 : A Stranger In The Courtroom
MARIA Perhaps there were a few things worse than having your nails forcefully pulled out, Maria thought.Hiding her revulsion, she stood with her hands hanging by her sides, ever ready to be summoned by Ariti when he needed them. It was never a matter of if, because he would always be in need of them, rather, it was a matter of when and from the looks of things, it was soon.She would rather be anywhere else in the worlds than standing in the courtroom, witnessing the death that was soon to take place. A death that she would, of course, deliver. She was positive she would pick having her nails removed over this, except that she knew the torture wouldn’t end there.It never did.The teenage girl sitting on the floor of the palace with her hands shackled behind her, wasn’t ready to co-operate.Despite having being dragged in here and harassed, with over twenty battle-hardened men, all watching her impatiently with eyes that promised evil, she had not shed a tear. In fact, she still man
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Chapter 2 : Maria Is Captured
MARIA A loud crash rang through the room.At first, no one knew how to react. Where had the noise come from? What was the source and most importantly, what the hell was happening?Distracted, Maria’s hand dropped as she whirled around, causing the blade that had been suspending over the teenage girl’s neck to clutter to the ground with a clang.At the back of her mind, she was relieved that this disturbance had taken their main focus off the girl, even if it was just temporarily. Maria could work with that. Hopefully, she would be assigned to detect the source of the disturbance and put a stop to it.And then if the killing would still take place, Maria wouldn’t be in charge of it anymore.She wasn’t sure that she could stomach it.At the forefront of her mind, however, was the cause of the crash. The palace workers weren’t known to cause a nuisance when Ariti was having one of his sessions. At least not anywhere near the courtroom anyway. They stayed as far away from it as they coul
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Chapter 3 : Cells and Faded Glamours
MARIA Maria came to in a cell.An actual cell with a small cot on one side of it and a toilet—at least it wasn’t a bucket. She stared at the thick iron bars, preventing her from her from getting the hell out of this place in disbelief.She was actually being held in a cell. Preposterous!Did that man know who she was? To toss her on the ground of this disgusting cell like some commoner? He hadn’t even taken his time to place her on the dingy looking cot that looked like it would snap under the slightest weight.On second thought, she was glad he hadn’t dropped her on it. If he had, a landing on the floor was what would have woken her up.She looked around the cell, rising from the ground. She wanted to dust the dirt from the ground off her body, but there was no water in sight and she couldn’t risk leaving her palms dirty.“Hello?” She called out into the darkness. There was no response. The only light she could see, came from the window of her cell. Other than that, it was completel
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Chapter 4 : Attractive Sorceress, Vampire Flees.
BRAN “You have a call from Corey.”Bran turned towards the sound of the voice. Edgar stood a few feet away from him, cradling a phone a phone in his hand.Bran’s phone that was currently lighting up with a call from Corey.He sighed, walking over to Edgar and collecting the phone from him. He had wanted to call Corey and let him know the status of things after the first interrogation, but apparently, the son of a bitch was turning out to be even more hot-blooded than Bran.He wanted his own share of the Maria Hatzi. And he was going to get it.If only the fucker could just wait and let him have his own piece first.Bran had barely lifted the phone to his ear when Corey spoke.“How’s the witch?”“Still alive.”“Is she still in one piece?”“Yes, although not for long.”There was a pause. Then, “You sick fuck. What exactly do you plan to do to her?”“Hell if I know. What I do know, is that there’s going to be a lot more torture, and a lot less chit-chat.” Bran decided to answer truthful
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Chapter 5 : Unexpected Visitors.
MARIAA rat scurried over to the crumbs on the plate. Maria tensed, making sure not to move a muscle, so as not to chase the rat away. She waited until it had grabbed a piece of the food before she moved, then the rat ran away. Today was her fifth day in this cell. Her fifth day away from the palace, her fifth day away from Ariti and her fifth day away from her mother. She was in this dungeon left with nothing to do, but stare at the window, watching as the sun faded away, giving way to night and then morning again. It was a cycle that never ended and the longer she sat in the cell, the longer she believed that she was going to continue watching the sunrise and fall every single day of her life. At least until she died. She couldn't believe that she was actually going to die. She just simply couldn't believe it. She couldn't accept it. Maria Hatzi did not just go from being the most powerful sorceress in this world to being a common man's capture. And then to think that he had p
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Chapter 6 : Where's My Sister?
MARIA She wasn’t even exaggerating when she said that she was too tired to deal with him. The meal she had eaten—if it could be called that—was something she wasn’t even sure the servants back at the palace ate. But she guessed it was better than nothing. After all, the worms eating at her stomach walls has ceased for now. “Stand up.” He commanded. She would have rolled her eyes had she found the strength. “You realise I don’t have to stand for my mouth to work, right?” He squinted as if she had sprouted a second head within the space of five seconds. “You realise I’m the one doing the questioning here, right?” This time, she did roll her eyes. As if she didn’t know that. “So ask your questions.” He looked like he wanted to bite her head off, but then he exhaled and he returned to looking like his usual hot, annoying self. She absolutely detested how much she found him attractive. It was simply a fact, staring back at her everytime she saw him that he was good-looking. What sh
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Chapter 7 : I'm In The Vampire Realm?
BRAN“Where’s my sister?” Bran barked. He did not come here to watch her have an internal debate with herself. It pissed him off because he knew that her delayed replies only meant that she was thinking about lying to him, and he wasn’t going to have that.“Your sister?” She had the audacity to look confused.“Yes,” He snapped impatiently. “My sister.”“I’ve never met your sister in my life.”“Funny. It definitely wasn’t a meet and greet when you and your father decided to come into my realm and kill every single one of my family members, save for my sister whom you guys took with you.”He watched confusion give way to understanding on her face. So she had actually been confused, not knowing who his sister was. How many people exactly had she killed for her to have to struggle to remember who he was talking about?He watched her throat work around a swallow, her eyes trained on a spot on the ground. “T-t-this is the vampire realm?”He didn’t answer her, and that was a reply in itself.
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Chapter 8 : She's Not Yet An Immortal
BRAN He would go to the horses, but he was too miserable to get himself to move. And that was saying a lot.Bran was a vampire. All he ate or drank, was blood, but sometimes, when he was pushed to it or when the occasion called for it, he drank wine. It was something only the oldest of vampires could do.He grabbed the bottle of whiskey, refilling his glass as he stared at the rich brown liquid absently. Filled with the feeling of helplessness, he had resorted to drinking himself into a stupor. It was the only option that had seemed the most pleasing at the time. One of those options was going down to the cells to have another round of questioning with Maria.All of them had proved futile so far. What was the point in going?She was intent on keeping her secret. Keeping his sister’s whereabouts from him. Everyday, when he thought that maybe he would get a bite closer to an answer, she proved him wrong by telling him that she didn’t know, taking him all the way back to the start.He h
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Chapter 9 : Torture Begins.
MARIA Maria jerked up from her bed when she heard the sound of the door being opened. She couldn’t believe that she was actually thinking it, but damn, she was excited to see him. She was actually anticipating this round of questioning.He had not been here in the past four days and although Edgar had been giving her her regular meals, she still felt restless. She wondered if maybe her captor was starting to get frustrated by her answers and had decided to stop questioning her altogether.She wondered if maybe he had decided to kill her seeing as she was of no use to him. But he wouldn’t feed her if he planned on killing her, would he?But then when the door slid open, it wasn’t him that walked through it, neither was it Edgar—although she had not been expecting him. The point was that, it wasn’t anyone she knew.They weren’t people she knew.Two leanly built men traipsed into the cell, both blondes, and the looks on their faces told her that they hadn’t come to chat with her.She sa
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Chapter 10 : I'm Sorry.
MARIA It was in that moment that Maria realised she might actually deserve what was coming for her. Was this how her victims felt when she was about to take their lives? They had to feel even worse than this because it was her hand that was going to be chopped off. Not her life.How many times had she stood before her victims with her arms raised ready to unleash hell on them?Just last week, that teenage girl had sat on the floor of the palace courtroom with her head held high ready to receive her death blow. Why couldn't Maria find that boldness now? Why was she shaking life a leaf as she watched the blade inch closer to her skin? Before today, somehow, at the back of her mind, Maria had conceded that she did evil things to people. But not once had she actually seen herself as evil. Now that she was in this position, a position even more preferable to the ones she had put people in several times, she realised that she was an evil person. Any person who could make another person f
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