Chapter 322

Luca’s POV

When we finally arrived in New York, Sofia was fast asleep– had just fallen asleep about an hour ago, which was why I had to carry her in my arms as I alighted the plane, her time panties stuffed deep inside my pocket. I knew she was going to pout sadly at me whenever she wakes up and realized that she didn’t get to take in how New York looked as she was alighting the plane, but I just couldn’t bring myself to wake up because of how peaceful she looked.

A few cars were already waiting, I got into one in between the two car, which belonged to my guards. There was no way I clumd go anywhere without my guards, for protection, although now that we were all away from home, they were all going to be as de secret as possible in other not to draw any kind of attention towards Sofia and I. Sofia had clung to me after I had settled into the car, still fast asleep and I hadn’t been able to bring myself to lay her on the chair in order to attend ti some important calls, and so I
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