Third Person POV

Clyde entered on Mr. Hunderson's room. Mike was sipping a cup of coffee while sitting on the sofa, he probably didn't sleep again last night.

"Clyde," Mike strode his eyes behind him, searching if anyone will enter too, "where are the others? Where's Vince?"

He plastered a smile on his lips and sat beside Mike. "Man, I'm here, don't you miss me? Let them hang around themselves everywhere," he laughs.

Mike couldn't react but to laugh, too. "I'm just asking. You and Vince always sticks together, don't you?"

"Hmm," Clyde pouted his lips as if thinking. "Yeah, but we are old enough to never too stick with ourselves to each other. I mean, not all the time is we could always be a ruler away."

Mile shrugs his shoulders before sipping on his coffee, again. "Want coffee? Help yourself,"

"Nah, not in the mood,"

Clyde is mastering and building up his courage—that he thought already build up when he first step inside this hospital—but he was
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