51 Chapters
Third Person POVChurch was full of crowds. Cameras that never stopped flashing, visitors who never stopped smiling and laughing while talking. The elegant white dresses they wear and the supreme black suit of men. Seems like the venue is full of rich, sumptuous with money people.Talking, and smiling with elegance.However, not far away from the church is a group of men wearing bonnets and black tops and shorts, are examining the whole place. Two men was inside the car; one sitting on the driver's seat and one is in the passenger seat."I thought this place is private, why there's so many people?" asked by the on who uses binoculars, sitting in the passenger seat."What do you expect with rich people," said by the one who is holding a walkie talkie, "much more like boasting their feast with plasticity. Seeing how they smile like they aren't having an argument behind the cameras.""Yeah, you're right."Two black cars with no plate numbers are hiding behind the bushes. Five men were
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Everleigh POVOne year later.One year passed and still I can't forget the man who help me escaped that sucking prison. But also one year passed, when I heard the news of Jackson, my soon to be husband was freaking cheated on me!Good thing I didn't gave him my virginity! The hell he is!I closed the my shower and put on my robe. Dad want me to look presentable when his the body guard he hired arrived. The hell! I have tons of body guards!Going to clubs with body guards, sucks!But ever since the tragedies happened, many people says I changed. Hell I care. Who won't if you got kidnapped, you got your beloved boyfriend cheated on you?! My Dad almost got heart attack for worrying about me. I can't lose Dad, Mom is already in heaven. I'm not yet ready to be alone. The fact that I don't have any siblings definitely makes me so bored here at our house. Dad isn't always here, he's so busy.As soon as I went out of the bathroom, I heard a knock. "Yes?""Ms. Scott, the car is ready. Shou
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Everleigh POV "Alright!" I cheered the crowd making them go wild. "Who wants some more!!" They shout with a loud noise they could make. I loved it! "After this, we will have our dance battles!! Let's go!" I scratch the cd and put a hype beat, causing the crowd to wild on stage. My father doesn't know I participate in this kind of parties. Actually, I made this bar like this. I found the normal bar with parties and drinkings boring, so I made up segments. I lowered my black cap to hide my eyes, I do have a white mask on to hide my face. I wore a white tank top with a black jacket on, together with my ripped jeans and sneakers. Rick and Perry was the best DJ's here.I wanted to try ever since, making music, I'm fond it; in result I participated in. Eventually, the crowd loved me. I'm a dancer and a musician, and just a bit singing. "Drinks are up to me tonight!!" I shouted. The crowd never fails to be amused. Loud bangs makes my chest bump with vibration. Crowds voices synchr
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No Emotion Attached
Everleigh POVRaven drives me to school. He look so clean while holding the steering wheel. His messy hair is perfectly fine with his white clear face. His lips looks so smooth with its natural pinkish red. He in his black suit as their uniform. I secretly smiled. He look so hot!Meanwhile, I just wore a simple shirt and jeans, with sunglasses and mask on to hide my face. People from outside of the school shouldn't know I'm here, or else I'll be in trouble."Your paper and envelops are already at your bag. Mr. Hunderson told me everything. I already put other certificates or papers you might need—"I laughed. "Fuck, haha!"He took a quick glance on me. "Your mouth, Ms. Scott. Mind tell me why are you laughing?""Nothing, I just find it hillarious, you act like my maid—ah, no! Morelike my personal secretary! Haha! I should call you nanny,""It's a part of my agreement I signed with you father. I'm just doing my job, Ms. Scott.""Hey, nanny!""Ms. Scott, I appreciate if you don't call
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Third Person POVA spaceful room is divided onto red and black color; ten people wearing their suit intensifies the atmosphere inside.  The room is occupied with a long table provided with twenty chairs, two podiums, huge flat screen television, projector; all was divide with black and red color. Ten people who wear red masks is on the left side, and ten people wearing black masks is on the right side of the table."No any signs, no any traces of code R.A. Can this be a hint of relief?" one man wearing a plain black mask. "Or a sign of to be ready. He isn't called 'Ace' for nothing," one man spoked wearing a red plain mask. The man wearing a plain black mask turned around to the other man wearing a red mask with a dragon designed on the half of it. "We can't be any in this worrisome situation without your teams negligence," he faced he man wearing a plain red mask, "right, code B?"Code B played his fingers on
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Everleigh POVMy knees felt so weak from bending, as I tried to gawk in father's office. As soon as Dad came, Raven immediately bid for excuse and went to him. He was in a rush, his shouts for something. I always look at him in the eye because I'm really fascinated with those. "Mr. Scott," I saw Raven scratching the back of his hands. "I was...wondering if, I could get advance payment?"My mouth formed 'o'. I remember he is poor and having multiple jobs. "I can be your daughter's regular body guard, I just really need money," he added.Why do he need money? Is he saving? For what? Maybe for his future?"That is—""Fuck!" I almost fell on my knees."—not a good manner, Everleigh,""Goodness! Old man, you startled me!" I held my chest and glance at father's office. I felt relief they didn't noticed us. Mr. Hunderson raised his eyebrow at me and gestured me to follow him. We walk down st
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Everleigh POV"I'll be back at 7:00 am," Raven said, while washing the dishes after I ate. "You should be thankful, I know how to be a maid. Remember I'm alone,"I pouted before leaning at the sink. I watched his hands and long fingers washing the plate. "Nah, I'm just teasing you of being my nanny,""It's okay, I can do it for you everday," he smirked and looked at me. I look at at him, too. "W-What?"What? What does he mean he'll do it for me? Everyday?! O my gosh!Does it mean...he'll take care of me—"As long as you pay me," he put the plates and utensils on proper place.My imagination ends with what I heard. I blink three times. "What?!" I didn't notice my voice tone got high.His brows furrowed. "Why are you shouting, Ms. Scott?" He leaned on the sink, grab a tissue and wipe his wet hands, seductively—or I'm just imagining things?!Fuck!"Of course I'll do anything as long as you pay me, Ms. Scott,""Of course! I know!""Ms. Scott, are you angry?""I'm not! Why would I? The
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Everleigh POVI rolled my eyes for the nth time—360 degrees. For pete's sake!Raven never look at me in the eye, he keeps on treating me with his cold and stern attitude. I felt like a little kid. But what makes me more irritated was his sweet and manly gestures!I heard old man laugh. I looked at him. "Why are you laughing?"He pointed my hands using his mouth. Right I was here putting seeds on flower beds."If you're curious, why not just ask him?" old man dig up some dirt. "He is right, you shouldn't have gone there. What if something bad happened to you? Your father will be sick."I pouted. "He could have just scold me once just like what you did to me. But look at him, treating me like he never heard I said I was sorry. And now he even got out to buy me materials for school. He cooked for me, he cares for me, he watch out for me," my hands started to crumble dirt, "with all his little cold treatment! Is he playing with me?! He is not even looking at me in my eyes!"Old man laugh
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We're okay now (r18)
Everleigh POVI slowly opened my eyes. And the sudden bang of my head."Ow!"My head seems going to explode. What happened? All I remember was I drank, and..."Oh my gosh!" I squealed. "I can't remember what happened, for the first time!"Fuck, this is an achievement!I sit on my bed and was about to wear my sleepers when I heard a voice."You're awake. Is your head okay? Have a headache?"My head immediately turned to Raven. He is sitting on the sofa; messy hair, seems like he slept their. His eyes looks like he just woke up. He walk towards me without breaking our eye contact.What?! Why is he looking at my eyes now? Did I do something wrong again?!"I-I'm sorry!" I looked away. I saw him stopped from walking. "I...drank last night right? Maybe you get pick me up, maybe I did something wrong...again, right? I didn't mean to go alone I just wanted to have me time, so I'm sorry..." I bowed my head."No," he walk in my front. He knelt down and put his hands beside me. "Look at me," h
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Everleigh POVThe class started. Finally, I get to school where I can interact face to face. Homeschooling made so tired mentally. All day you put your eyes on gadgets, and gadgets all day! I'm really bored at home. But for the safety, father initiated this homeschool. I wasn't approving about it, but eventually, I did it. I thought, I guess I have to try. Every night I'll sneak around and visit the bar I'm playing DJ. I miss it. The soug and the vibrations of the songs from the speakers that vibrated inside my chest is so making me excited. I always watch the dance battle competition, in which, it was my fault why they had. I was dancing at the stage with this wild music and a guy approached me—trying to hit me up for the night. But I was drunk and challenge him to do dance battle with me. Crowd step aside and clap their hands with my dance moves. But to my surprise, the guy was also a dancer. I didn't know his name, but we hangout, just chatting about stuffs. He is a good guy aft
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