chapter 15

A few days being in the hospital and I was glad to be home. Home with my family. I had moved back with Cynthia and them so they can help and watch over me.

Joey, Chris, and Carlie went over to my house to grab my stuff. It was gonna be just the boys but I didn't want them going through my underwears so I asked Carlie to go for me. Cynthia and the doctors want me to rest at home for awhile.

And by that, no going to school for awhile. But there was only a month or two left. But Cynthia said that maybe it was a good thing that I took the rest of the school year off. Start off fresh and new for the next school year. Start off Senior year off with a bang.

God Senior year, I can't believe how much the past 3 years has past by. Me only being 15 about to be 16 end of this summer gonna be a Senior. Only if my mother could seen me now. Hope she would be happy for me. At least I've been trying to get where she wanted me to be but losing hope in the long run half the time.

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