33 Chapters
Preface Book 1
It all started when I first met him when I was 18 years old, I just finished college with my master degree of an entrepreneur; basically running my own business of whatever I want. I had a few degrees up my sleeves but that's the one I say to people. As I was working in my coffee shop for the moment, when he came in and ordered his original: triple shot espresso with whip cream and a cream filling glaze donut. His order came to $15 and he left me a $5 tip each time he ordered his meal.He would come in at least 2x a day 5x a week. And each time he would come in, it was the same each time. He would flirt, joke with me about everything. And yes, I would take his flirts, what woman wouldn't right? He was a cute young man, built very tough like he used to do football in high school or college or even do that now. But then I thought about it, they say he eats these donuts there's no way he's a NFL player. But I never asked.About a few months after I had opened my shop, he c
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Chapter 1
I was a little girl who dreamt of big dreams of becoming what I want in life. I was only 7 years old. My parents always told me to dream big or don't dream at all, because I won't succeed in life. I always believe that.So by the time I had finished grade schedule and went to high school, I joined every club that I could. I was a very smart girl at my age and yes I got picked on but I didn't care. I didn't let it faze me one single bit. But for my smart cuteness, a lot of guys would hit on me ask me out but they only would use me to help them get their grades up. Some would try to get into my pants but I wouldn't allow them too.By the time I had graduated high school with a GPA of 4.7 and only being 15 years old, was a shock to some. Even when I went to college, my head master was shocked when she read my transcript but was very pleased.She asked me what I wanted in life, what I wanted to accomplish? I told her I want it all, I want to accomplish everything in lif
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Chapter 2
About a few weeks of my store being open, I've been having people left and right coming in and asking for my coffee. Some would just come in and use the wifi or watch the news when it was on to pass the time. But I didn't care, what they were doing as long as they were coming in.My first few nights, it was okay, it was slow but only because I just opened. I wasn't expecting it to be busy. My family came and saw the shop and said that they told all their friends about this place and they've even put it on their Facebook. Which was a great idea. So I done the same thing. I went to make a page and a group of my business and even paid the money to broadcast it all over. I've even put it in the papers at some of the newspaper companies and after about my 3rd week, I was bringing in business. It was all unbelievable how fast this was coming along.By my 2nd month, I hired two people. One to help cook the foods that I had put on the menus which was small easy stuff for n
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chapter 3
I didn't have a lot of money to my name and with the shop, it took a lot of the money I had saved up. Something bad would happen, something would break and need to be fix. It would just put me in more dept that I didn't need.And with all the tips that the store made in the day, I had made a goal for us to have at least $50 but some days we wouldn't even make it there. But what tips we got, me and the crew both agree to save them for the shop to get what we need fixed until then its not our money.As promised, I did come into work looking cute just for a certain person. But I feel like I'm trying too hard. I don't even know his name, he could have a family, or even be gay all I know. There goes Kyle's shot to him. Which made me laugh just thinking about that. Someone I liked turn out being gay and he takes him from me.But I spoke too soon, he came in one evening where there was a few people drinking their drink and eating whatever they ordered as they watched the n
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chapter 4
A year into this shop, I've got it where I want it all. I've hired a few more people to help keep the shop running with me, Kyle and Kylie, so one of us can take more than one day off, which was very greatful. I've also changed the hours since there's more people as well and since I've done that, I've got like 50% more people than I was before.Thanks to Mark, he's helped me fix everything that needed to be fixing in this small ass shop. After I got everything where I wanted, Mark had asked if I was willing to expand my store to either make it bigger or get another store. I did think about it and I did want to get another store but not right now. I want to get more into this more before I could find the money and courage of making that big leap. I mean I had faith in myself just if I moved to another area, how am I gonna keep boh of these places running on my own. Yes I could hire more people but money is the answer.Mark was willing to help me with everything but
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chapter 5
Once the driver got me, we went into town. He drove me to a shopping mall that I would never find myself going into. When he pulled up, he got out and opened the door for me. As I got out, a lady in her middle 40's came out and greeted me. She told me that Mark had called her and told her to tell me find something cute, no sexy, in his words, for me for tonight.I nervously nodded my head as she grabbed my hand and towed me with her to the back where the the dressing rooms were at. When I got back there I saw two racks with dresses on it. One had long sexy dresses and the other was short simple cute dresses. She pulled out two dresses, one of each and placed them in front of me and turned me towards the mirror. They both were cute, mo what was I kidding, they were sexy. Again something I wouldn't dare wear because I don't have the money. But he was paying for this for me."So what colors do you like, I might just have for you." She asked."Red, blue, and purple. Som
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chapter 6
After the awesomesauce date, it was back to business once again. It was back to the real world now. Even though Mark would come into the store to see me and get his order, I felt like we've headed to this direction that we both like each other but I'm scared to see where that gonna take me.When we first met, he would come in a day or two a week, then twice a day a few days that week to coming almost everyday just to see me. At first I thought he was a stalker or just a man who likes my coffee and cakes but it was just more than that. After our 1st date, he had came to my job to bring me flowers every day, which brought a smile to my face and some of my customers would just smile and be all awe, how cute. Yes it was cute and it made my home and my store smelling good on top of my food and coffee. But that didn't end there. Even though I don't live far from work, its just a 5-10 minute walk, he would have a driver waiting for me to take me home. The first time I tr
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chapter 7
A lot has happened to me in my life since I can remember. From pre-k to elementary school to middle/high school then to college. It was rocky for me in middle/high school but once I got away I saw it all. And just being with Mark, I see everything. On our one year anniversary, he took me with him to a work convention in Paris, France. I left the store to the girls to be in charge while was done and I trust them.When he was at work, I would walk around and sight see the most magical things that I would never expected to see in my life. The food was great, the people were nice and friendly. And when it came to shopping, he told me whatever I wanted use the black card and god I did.I bought some cute dresses that he would love when we went out to eat together. I got some cute everything to be honest and mostly some really sexy lingerie that I would never see myself wearing and well, he was bringing out a whole new me. I got shoes, jewelry that was cute. I probably spent
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chapter 8
After coming home from our little trip, it was back to business for everyone. He was doing what he done best with his company and well; staying away from me. I was worried a little but I knew how it was when you're busy.The guys kept me company, when they could along me working my butt off. When I wasn't working I was at home keeping to myself until one day he had came over and told me why he was away for so long.While we were away on our trip, something had happened durning that time and he had been staying at the office to make sure everything was getting back to normal. But he said all I needed to worry about was him, when he was coming back to me. Other words, just do me. Which I had done.When I wasn't at my shop, on my days off, I would visit him at his office with lunch or dinner if it was late. And which it was some nights.Every time I bought it up, he would ask me to come after work hours so no one would say a thing about it. Because there was some n
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chapter 9
4 months of being engaged, still figuring out what I wanted for this wedding, he came home tired as always. Usually he stays at his office or goes home to his place, but he came home to me. If felt good having him home with me in my bed. We laid there talking over the wedding plans, drinking a few glasses of wine.Which lead to things that, usually I wasn't in the mood for but tonight I was. I was like an animal. I tossed my tablet on the floor and just jumped on top of him and started making out with him. This wasn't me, but I sure did like it. And I believe he did as well.After the 4 hours of love making, crazy sex, we fallen asleep in each other arms like always.The next day he has came home early telling me he had to go on a few day business trip that he'll be back. And he told me when he got back, that there was a work ball/dinner thing going on and he wanted me to be there. I told him I'll go just tell me when he was gonna be back so I can go get me a dress
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