You just slapped a famous man

The alarm kept ringing nonstop, indicating that it was time for Stella to get up from bed but as lazy as she was, she was finding it really hard to, even though she was inwardly awake but after seeing that there was no use in pretending to be asleep anymore, she lazily stretched her hands towards her alarm clock and turned it off.

It was another day, another morning that was going to be like the usual morning, a morning that will be filled with nothing but pure stress. It'll start with her getting up and going to the bathroom, brushing her teeth, showering, drying her hair, looking for a corporate cloth to wear for her morning shift but before that making sure she prepares breakfast for her mother and her brother.

Letting out a cute yawn, Stella found her way out of her bed then dragged her lazy ass to the bathroom to brush her teeth, she doesn't know why but she was having the kind of vibes that says everything about today is going to be sour but who's she kidding. This is the kind of vibes she does get everyday, on a normal note she's always the grumpy kind of person that gets moody and emotionally down for no reason but she always has Charles and her Jace to cheer her up all the time.

Just thinking about them made her smile,her mood brightened immediately and she immediately spotted the toothpaste out of her mouth, after rinsing her mouth she took off her nightware and went to the shower. She's also the kind of person that loves singing while showering but one thing she doesn't know is that she can't really sing, each time Stella volunteers to sing for any occasion in the family, her mother and brother would usually disagree with her. There was a day when she wanted to sing for Charles on his birthday and he disagreed too, not just on his birthday but on any kind of special occasions and still, Stella hasn't gotten the message yet.

Finally Stella was done showering, changing and fixing her makeup, what remained for her to do was to make breakfast especially for that foodie they call Jace. Among all of them in her family, he was always the one that loves food the most. Every morning, he would always be the one to wake her up before her alarm and this got Stella wondering about why he didn't come wake her up today.

Stella got to the living room and was surprised to see him sitting at the dining with his face glued to his laptop screen like it deserves his full attention. "Krm.. krm" Stella cleared her throat, hoping that she can finally drag his attention to her but the boy didn't bulge not even a tiny bit.

Creasing her brows, Stella decided to move closer to check what's up, how can Jace not come to wake her this morning or even pay her some attention, just what the hell was he so engrossed with? She finally got to him and peeped at his laptop from behind and almost couldn't believe her eyes.

"This..." These were some pictures of her at the bar yesterday when she had slapped that rich CEO. "Jace.. you.. where did you..." She didn't even know what to say for the fact that she had long forgotten about this ever since last night so just how come it was all over the media now? Just what kind of people are these that call themselves reporters or fans, must they always spread every gossip they see?

Jace finally closed his laptop and turned to face her with an unbelievable look present on his face. He was not blind to see that, that woman in the picture there was his sister and that man was none other than the CEO of McClure Investment, Davis McClure. What had happened between them?How come he didn't know?' Were the thoughts running through Jace's mind as he stared at his sister.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" Stella couldn't handle the stares anymore so she had to ask. "Sis, that was you right?" He asked, blinking and staring at her, observing her facial expression closely as though he was trying not to miss any reaction from her

"Well.. what's the point of asking when you already know that it was me" Stella casually replied as she slowly took the seat beside him. Jace stared at her with widened eyes and mouth.

"So this means that you must have transferred your aggression to him too?" He said slowly and Stella pouted, looking like a baby that was trying to explain herself. "Well.. well, why are you attacking me, don't you wanna know what he did first?" She asked with her usual pout.

"That doesn't matter sis" he replied and she stared at him.

"That doesn't matter, Why?" She asked but Jace kept staring at her, from the look on his face, Stella could tell that he was not going to talk anytime soon. "You are not gonna talk are you?" She asked in a deadpan tone and slowly Jace cheeks began expanding as it was forming a wide smile.

"What?" She asked.

"Sis" he stood up from his seat and held her shoulders tight, "You just slapped a famous man, my role model and do you know what that means?" He asked, excitedly. 

Stella stated to him like he was going crazy before shaking her head not understanding this sudden and funny behavior of her brother. "Sis we are going to be famous!" He screamed happily and released her then ran to the entrance and began doing some happy dance.

Seriously!?, Stella could only just face palmed herself. Was this what these were all about? This damned brother of hers! She rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to his laptop.

"Who's going to be famous?"..

That voice made Stella shut the laptop close, she stood up from the dinning and ran to her brother and before he could reply, she immediately blocked his mouth with her palms.

"Stella" , a middle aged woman that looks exactly like both Stella and Jace called and Stella flashed her a kind of sorry smile. "Mom, good morning" she greeted slowly.

"Finally you're back, where were you last night and why are you covering Jace's mouth?" She asked. Stella looked at her palms on Jace's mouth and she immediately released him. "We were just playing mom" she flashed an awkward smile.

"Okay forget about that one and tell me where you have been since last night?" Hannah, Stella's mom, asked as she stood akimbo.

Stella could already sense this question so she had no choice than to reply with, "I was with Arya last night, she bought some new stuff last night and I was helping her fix it" she repeated the same lie she had told Charles last night.

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