Greedy Stephanie

When Stella got to the bar,she didn't get enough chance to drop her bag when Arya rushed up to her. "Stella, OMG I've called you countless of times why didn't you pick?" She asked with a worried eyes.

Stella creased her brows and decided to check her phone only to find out that it was powered off.

"You powered your phone off?" Arya asked.

"It must have died" Stella muttered with a dry look before going to take her sit.

Ofcourse the phone must have died early this morning because she didn't charge it last night probably because she has been trying to call Charles who was still mad at her even up to now but she deserves it though, even when she knows that he was still mad at her, she was still here, planning to come for the night shift again but no worries because this night would be her last night here.

"So, I notice your eyes since yesterday when you came back from your date with Charles, you refused to talk to me so I thought it's better I ask you today" Arya sat beside Stella as she
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