Madison and Mason aren't in school

The twins were done with their food and they obediently followed their mother to the car, on their way to school, they kept talking about how they can't wait to write their exam that's happening today, Madison and Mason kept arguing about who's going to pass between them and Stella could only just listen with a smile.

Suddenly a huge van appeared on their way and blocked them from moving and before Stella's driver would come out, like about six masked men holding a gun, rushed toward them.

"Mummy, look armed men are coming" Mason looked scared as he pointed at them. Even Stella looked surprised but she just had to hug her children tight.

"Open the car now!" One of them ordered the driver and out of fright, the driver opened it. "Open the back door too, be fast about it!!" The masked man ordered again and the driver did as told with shaky hands.

"Mummy" Madison began crying as she hugged Stella tight. "Hey what do you want from us, leave us alone!!" Stella yelled out but they ignored.

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