My Husband Is A Chaebol? (My Husband Is A Rich Man?)
My Husband Is A Chaebol? (My Husband Is A Rich Man?)
Author: Latte

Will you marry me?

“Hey, Lory!” My best friend Maris called me. I waved at her, and she immediately went to where I was.

I'm here at the bar now, drinking alone and by chance Maris called me, so she found out that I'm here now.

“Wait, have you been drinking here before? Your whole face is already red. You'd better stop that and let's just go somewhere else.” She said as she was just sitting next to me, but she invited me to leave immediately.

“I'm not drunk yet.” I said to her and pushed her hand away at the same time. She took a deep breath and shook her head. She also ordered her drinks from the bartender, but she chose non-alcoholic.

“Okay, tell me now why you're here and why you're getting drunk like that? What's wrong, Lory? Just tell me. Maybe I can help you.” She said, as I just stared at my glass and swirled the whiskey.

“Can you pretend to be me?” I responded in a low voice, but I knew she heard that because one of her eyebrows suddenly rose.

“What do you mean?” Astonished she asked.

“I'm getting married, Maris. I'm getting married soon, but I just found out that my parents have reconciled me with that man.” At once, I gulped down the wine and asked the bartender again.

“That man? Whose man are you referring to?” She was curious, then she turned around and faced me.

“Gilbert.” When I said that, her eyes suddenly rolled in shock, and she brought her face closer to mine.

“Wait a minute. Is the Gilbert you're referring to me is the Gil that I know and your ex-boyfriend who cheated on you then?” She confirmed, so I just nodded my head and drank again. To her surprise, she covered her mouth with both her hands and quickly drank from her glass.

“So, he's the reason you're here right now?” When she said that, I turned to her and took one of her hands.

“Help me, Maris. I would rather not marry that man. If I have to shave my hair just to keep our marriage from continuing, I will. Please, help me.” I pleaded with her, but she just looked down and put one of her hands on mine.

“I'm sorry, Lory. But you know how many connections your father has, and even if I hide you far away they will surely still find you.” She said with a trace of concern in her eyes. I removed my hand from her and again turned my attention to my glass with a frown on my forehead.

It was too late for me to back off. Everything is planned and Gilbert and I will be married in two days. But I wasn't ready yet, and I didn't want to marry the man who had repeatedly cheated on me.

How about me? How are my dreams? And what would my life be like if he was the man I would be with forever?

It's been three years since Gil and I split up. I broke up with him not because he had another woman, but because I was tired of understanding him. He cheated on me not just once but many times, and he kept doing it to me even though he knew I was hurting. After six years of admiring him and enduring everything he does, I finally came to my senses and decided to leave him.

I loved him completely, but I don't see what my future will be with him and also because of him, why I am afraid to love again. But I'm still grateful for the pain I went through with him because that's where I learned that I shouldn't give all my love to a man.

After three years, I was able to move on with him. However I still remember the pain and suffering I went through with him. Even three years ago, I still can’t forgive him and I can’t forget what he did to me then. But now that I know that my parents reconciled me with him, it seems like I just want to suddenly disappear from this world.

Why of all the men in this world did they choose Gil to be my husband? Besides, there is nothing I can do to oppose this marriage because they will surely evict me from the mansion and take away my inheritance.

They knew that I could not live on my own and that I was unable to endure a life of poverty. So, they used my weakness to force me to marry him. After all, I should be at the family dinner tonight with the future in -laws and even Gilbert. But I didn’t show up, and I decided to head here to the bar to hang out.

This way I can forget at least for a few hours all my problems and about my upcoming marriage. I just kept drinking until I realized that I was getting more drunk. Even Maris, who was forced to drink alcohol just, fell down and fell asleep in a state of intoxication.

I got up and left as I limped along the road. I could not straighten my walk because my eyes were spinning, and I was no longer in the right frame of mind. Until I was stunned when I bumped into a stranger. He grabbed me by the waist, and it was as if we were in slow motion. Our eyes met each other and I can’t deny that he was handsome.

I like his narrow eyes, his sharp nose, his small heart -shaped mouth and his smiles on his lips that seem so innocent.

I was stunned by him for a few seconds, and I suddenly uttered the words, “Will you marry me?” 

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