Head Injuries

Frankie POV

“I just messaged the Alpha that we found the girls.” Marcus said. “Good. Is everyone okay here?” I asked. “Nikki is unconscious, she lost some blood. We don’t know if there are any more injuries yet.” Charity replied. 

I took two strides and was standing beside Nikki looking down at her still body. I removed the torn piece of cloth from Nikki’s head and could see that it was still very lightly bleeding. I bent over and began to lick the head wound, “What are doing, that’s gross Frankie.” Silvie said with absolute disgust. “Alpha saliva, Silvie. The saliva of a true Alpha blood or a mate can help healing. And since she isn’t old enough for a mate and I am the next Alpha of this pack, I can at least stop the bleeding.” I answered.

“Are you two girls okay?” Marcus asked. “Would you lick me if I said I wasn’t?” Charity replied. “Oh, I'll lick something alright. Except I am Gamma blood and since you aren’t of age, the most you’ll get is moaning out my name when I do.” Marcus taunted. 

“ENOUGH!” I shouted and then lowered my voice. “Okay first things first, how long has Nikki been out? Second, how did she get the gash on her head that knocked her out?” I asked. 

“We don't exactly know a specific amount of time, but maybe if I tell you how things went, we could figure it out.” Silvie said. “Okay Silvie, just talk fast so we can determine how best to help Nikki. Tatum, can you link the pack doctor and have Dr. Lynn bring a stretcher and a transport vehicle?” I asked. 

“Okay, we left right after the apex like we said we would. It must have been about 5 minutes after we left and heard the attack start. We took off running to get further away, since we didn’t have our wolves to help. When the pack warriors came running towards us, heading for the battle, we ducked behind a big boulder to get out of the way. Then we remembered the old mine wasn’t far and took off running in this direction. Nikki was in an all out sprint and must not have seen the minor drop and went flying. She landed and hit her head. Charity and I picked her up and brought her in here. And she still hasn’t woken up.” Silvie recounted.

Alpha Kieran, Beta Bill, and Gamma Xavier walked in just ahead of Dr. Lynn with the stretcher. “Tatum, Marcus, walk the Richards twins home and then you guys can go speak to the warriors and tell them how this mess started. After we get Ms.Gaffney to the pack hospital and settled, we’ll all meet up.” Alpha Kieran ordered. 

“Okay gentlemen, I put a neck brace on Nikki here and we just need to slip the stretcher underneath carefully and transfer her to the transport vehicle.” Dr. Lynn said. “Dr. Lynn, do you think there could be more damage? Charity and Silvie had to pick Nikki up to move her in here to safety?” I asked.

“Don’t worry just yet young Alpha, the neck brace is just a precaution until we can get Nikki in and do an MRI to see if there is more damage than what we see on the surface here. She must have bounced or rolled seeing as the bruise is on one eye and the gash is on the opposite side of her face.” Dr. Lynn said, trying to be calming in the situation. 

“Uhm… the bruise was there before the fall. Charity and Sidney had words and Nikki pushed Charity out of the way of Sidney’s fist. So the black eye was separate.” I said, a bit sheepishly. “Sounds like it was quite an evening even before the attack happened.” Alpha Kieran said, arching his eyebrow while looking at me. “Yeah, uhm I will fill you in on the details later.” I replied. 

“It looks as though the gash on her face is already healing, so that looks promising.” Dr. Lynn said, while checking Nikki out in the lights from the back of the transport vehicle. “She was still bleeding a little when we found her and the twins, so I licked her.” I said, a little embarrassed. “That was good thinking Frankie. Alpha Kieran, you taught him to think clearly even in stressful situations.” Dr. Lynn said, very matter of factly. “He is very level headed, his mother and I are proud. Once he finds his Luna, I can retire without hesitation.” Alpha Kieran said, while patting me on the shoulder.

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