Fated vs Chosen

Alpha Kieran POV

As I hung up the phone with Alpha Hollis, I mind linked my Beta and Frankie to come to my office. Frankie was now sitting sprawl legged into one of the chairs in front of my desk, while Beta Bill sat tensed in the other.

“I received a phone call from Alpha Hollis. He wants to set up an alliance, but was reluctant to tell me the terms by phone. He and his heir will be here at noon tomorrow. I can’t say that I am not concerned that he didn’t want to talk terms over the phone, but I want to us to be prepared for him to drop a metaphorical bomb on us.” I told them.

Frankie sat up and said, “Why is he bringing Kendall? He’s almost as much of an asshole as his father is and as worthless as tits on a bullfrog.” “Well son, I don’t know, but I think it would be best that you were here as well. Bill, I want you and Xavier posted right outside the office, so whatever adjustments need to be made for the training schedule needs to be decided and posted immediately.” I answered
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