Allied Mate?

Alpha Kieran POV

‘Alpha, we have just cleared Alpha Hollis and his heir through border security.’ One of the warriors mind linked. ‘Thank you’ I linked back and looked at everyone in the room, “Alright team, it’s showtime. I will leave the link open for Bill and Xavier to be able to hear the meeting, despite the soundproofing. I had the desk chair brought in from Bill’s office, so you can sit behind the desk with me Frankie. It will be your space soon enough anyway. I don’t expect any difficulties, Hollis isn’t an enemy, but I don’t necessarily consider him an ally either.” I said as I gave last minute instruction. “Agree to disagree or peacefully coexist?” Frankie replied. “Exactly.” I said.

As Alpha Hollis was shown into the room, pleasantries were exchanged and then seats offered to the guests.

Kieran: “I hope the trip over was uneventful?”

Hollis: “Yes, quite. 45 minutes through neutral territory, looks as though the humans are doing a festival of some sorts.”

Kieran: “Ok en
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