Epilogue Frankie 1

Six Years Later his POV

I don’t care how many times I have had to do this, I still detest meetings of any sort. Alpha Kendall along with his Beta and Gamma (you’ll meet them in his story) Tatum, Marcus and I are meeting with architects, builders, and the port authority to update the shipping docks. Our business is thriving and with growth we need to update and streamline for efficiency.

After the battle and reorganizing his pack, Kendall came to me to say that the human authorities would not allow him to continue to operate Rip Claw Corporation. It was because he was the direct descendant of a known criminal. I knew that would put his pack in financial jeopardy to be without its main source of income. We were allies now and I couldn’t sit back and watch them suffer for something that Hollis had done.

So I came up with a proposal that Cold Moon Incorporated would purchase the docks and that Kendall and I would share profits at a 70/30 split for 5 years, so that Cold Moon would recover
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