worst nightmare

Its been hours into the day, Daciana haven't heard from Alpha Connor.

Sincerely speaking, she is glad he didn't call on her but she is worried about his wellbeing.

Is he still in that foul mood from yesterday? Maybe that's why he has forgotten about her for the time being.

If anything is wrong or happening to the Alpha king, Daciana isn't supposed to get worried or even care about it but here she is, doing the exact thing, getting worried over Alpha Connor.

She had tried hating him just the same way he hates her but she couldn't. She couldn't bring herself to hate him.

With all she is going through, she finds it hard to have anything against him.

Maybe it's because aside his hatred towards the Omegas, Alpha Connor is a good person.

Daciana has seen how much he cares for his subjects, he can lay down his life to protect them if need be, well aside Omegas.

The curiosity was getting to her, she wish she knew why he hates omegas and rejected her due to that reason.

Daciana felt
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