Ascension of a Gamma

Ascension of a Gamma

By:  C.C.  Ongoing
Language: English
Rainal ValentinaMate: Rainal Valentina
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(Completed)I always knew who I was born to be, but the Goddess had other plans. She deprived me of the one thing I needed to fulfill my duty. I disappointed my pack, I lost the ones I loved, and my purpose was losing its worth.I persevered for years, waiting for the day I could leave my pack. But my plans were thwarted yet again when She fated me as mate to an infamous Alpha. It would’ve been alright had I not known about his dirty little secret.Lost and confused, who would’ve known that I would one day stumble upon something that would undo everything I knew about the past. And because of it, I’d find myself asking about my real identity and destiny.I’m Anna Bella Fiora, future Head Gamma of the White Lake Pack. Well, at least I thought I was.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*This contains both parts:Part I: Broken Hearts and Fragile SoulsPart II: Cures and Soulmates---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WARNING: CONTAINS MATURE THEMESINTENDED AUDIENCE: MATURE ADULT (18+)(Locked on 12/04/2020)Book Cover Designed By Saii Designs

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user avatar
Absolutely loved this story, hoping that there will be another book after this one …absolutely loved the love between Liam and Anna. KUTGW ...️
2023-11-11 19:16:28
user avatar
Violet Chiang
what's the ages of Anna and Liam? I'm guessing Anna was 20 when they met but Liam's age hasn't been said. ...
2023-03-07 13:43:08
default avatar
Anita O
I ugly cried through the last few chapters. Hope their story continues. Loved the book!!!!
2022-06-15 02:36:41
user avatar
Tabitha Groves
Will the story be continued? Dying for more here!
2022-06-09 05:23:57
default avatar
Barbara Jude
Love this book!! Wished there were more!!! Continuing from where Annal’s has came back. It broke my heart when she died.
2022-04-25 13:15:31
default avatar
Love that she came back but you can’t leave us hanging like that. Like where was she? Did the moon goddess give her a wolf? It can lead to many questions this can’t be the end
2022-02-15 01:33:31
default avatar
Jamie Sutherland Deneka
This book has caught my attention so far and I am looking forward to reading more
2022-02-04 15:17:12
user avatar
Kristine Johnson
Confused why the summary says completed but it also shows ongoing when you get to the epilogue. No explanation for how or why the mother would be returned 5 years later.
2022-02-03 22:22:30
default avatar
Lori Nunez
Love this book. The story kept me captivated.
2022-01-27 09:20:52
user avatar
Can I use someones login to read the rest? I’m too poor and can’t wait for the end of next week when I’m paid next to top up ...
2022-01-23 16:21:01
default avatar
Jonna Hooper
Wow, disappointing ending! Where the rest of it!? I don’t recommend, the ending is frustratingly abrupt! Would have been a great read!
2022-01-23 08:12:58
user avatar
Jeni Damon
I loved the ups and downs of this Book. I even cried at the end. Definitely a must read!
2022-01-23 04:35:05
user avatar
Christy Lambert Gilbert
This is the first book on this app that has made me cry, laugh, get angry...all the emotions. Thank you for the great ride/read.
2022-01-05 08:03:35
user avatar
Tanya Higa
I enjoyed this book I hope it goes a little more it would be nice to see Anna and Liam watch their kids grow together
2022-01-01 03:01:45
user avatar
Elizabeth Craig
One of my favorite books so far. it keeps you intrigued the whole way through. I loved how the author tied everything together by the end.
2021-12-31 14:20:49
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84 Chapters
She could count it.One.Two.The first light of day brightened her surroundings, and she drew a deep breath – it was time to go. She slid a thumb under each backpack strap and whispered goodbye. This was it. There was no going back after this. Standing on the territorial borders, a couple of steps and she’d be branded a rogue.She exhaled loudly and just as she was about to take the first step, a rustling sound came from behind her.“Stop!” a voice boomed, and she suddenly couldn’t move. Her legs wouldn’t walk forward as she wished so she simply stood, awaiting the next command.“You’ve never used the Order on me, Alpha Fraser,” she said flatly, hiding her annoyance. He only ever used the Order on kids, an
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Part One: Broken Hearts and Fragile Souls
Chapter 01 Fated One~Anna~I found solace in these early mornings - alone and covered in darkness. The deafening silence comforted my soul as the cold gnawed on my skin. Music flowed in my ears, the soft pitter-patter of rain outside and the constant dripping sound of the droplets that leaked from the roof’s tiny holes.In these moments my thoughts would drift from one to another, often a recollection of the past. I remembered everything as if it all happened yesterday.I made a promise and after the passage of roughly three years, this day has finally come.
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Chapter 02 So-Called Psycho
~Liam~“Hey baby, dance with me,” a chick said as her curvaceous body moved in a wave-like manner. Her dress hugged her torso tight and it shimmered in gold glitter and sequins, despite the low lighting. Its length ended mid-thigh, and my eyes traveled from her long legs to the promised heaven in between them. The plunging neckline exposed the top of her supple chest, enough to make a man lose his senses.I wrapped an arm around her waist from behind, until she could feel me poke her ass. My head settled at the crook of her neck and I took in her jasmine perfume. She didn’t irk away from my hold, instead, bucked her hips against mine.This little tease. You want this, don’t you?My tongue flicked at her soft olive skin, tasting her.Fuck. Her sweet arousal tastes so good.I’ve lost count of how many women attempted to seduce me tonight, most of them intoxicated. But this little tease didn
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Chapter 03 Threatening Alpha
~Liam~Continuous rapping on the door woke me up. I spent the night in Lexy’s room and she in mine, after a briefing with the pack yesterday.My head throbbed from the hangover and the pounding sound only made it worse. Annoyed, I opened the door to give whoever is behind it a scare, but I was instead greeted by a cheery face in pigtails.“Good morning, Sir. We regret to inform you that breakfast will be a little late. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience,” she chirped.“Did something happen, dear?”“Only a minor issue at the kitchen, Sir. We’re working on it as fast as we can,” she said like she was reading off a script and I chuckled.“Tell me, dear. Would you like to play a game?” I said with a smile, a proper one so as not to scare her.She stared at me for a few seconds, her eyes clearly saying yes before they directed their gaze on her shoes. Looks like there was more
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Chapter 04 Obliviously Sweet
 ~Anna~ Bright light hit my face andwarmth covered me. It felt so nice and I wanted to sleep more but the strongsmell of antiseptic wouldn’t let me. Opening my eyes, I found myself staring notat the usual dark ceiling.My chest felt constricted and when I placed a hand on it,felt that it was wrapped in bandages. Memories of last night came crashing intomy mind and my heart immediately ached.Are you happy now, Flynn?Is this what you wanted?Is this the Alpha that you wanted to be?I didn’t want to know the answer, to continue to feelsympathy towards hi
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Chapter 05 Second Chance
~Anna~I wanted to scream but my throat felt parched.
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Chapter 06 Self-Imposed Punishment
 His anger receded when he sawher. Flushed cheeks and disheveled hair. He questioned why she was in such astate, worried that Liam hurt her, but knew he had no right. He caused her painover the years, and his deeds last night were unforgivable.Her honey-glazed orbs stared at him in fear and… somethingelse. Something she kept hidden since that day, a promise, but he could neverbring himself to ask her.He saw his reflection in her eyes – a monster. There was atime when he wanted to see in those eyes the Alpha, he secretly promised he’dbe, for her. He missed how she looked at him with adoration and love. Now allhe could see was the kind of person he swore he’d never be, and he blamed it onher. She did this to him.He’d be lying if he said
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Chapter 07 Our History
On a rocky cliff that oversaw a wide expanse of the woods, three teenagers kept their eyes on the horizon, yellows and oranges streaking the skies as the golden celestial slowly retreated from view.It was the last day they spend together as ‘normal’ humans. All of them would be going through the coming-of-age ceremony that year to awaken their wolves. Their training would intensify as they enter the second phase, to prepare them for the responsibilities they would bear in due time. Each born into the top positions of the pack, they gladly accepted their future and from a young age understood the importance of their roles.They were raised and trained differently from an o
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Chapter 08 Missing Mate
~Liam~She slapped me! For what?Is she rejecting me?No, she doesn’t know it yet. Fuck!“Get off me,” she said.I didn’t like the tone of her voice.No one disrespects me.“Now!” she screamed as she raised her hand to land another slap, but I caught it by the wrist.Not even my own mate.I turned my head to look down on her and fuck it if I scared her. She was already afraid of me, to begin with. But her eyes held me frozen in place. They burned with rage but behind it was pain. It wasn’t caused by me but by someone else. Luca flashed his canines in my mi
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Chapter 09 Empty Bottles
 “I miss him, Anna,” he sobbed,pulling her closer to him. It wasn’t her fault. Even he wouldn’t have been ableto stand up against a large number of rogues then.He should’ve protected her, claimed her as his. Instead,he tainted her honor and treated her as an outcast.“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for it to happen,”she sobbed.He didn’t care when she didn’t shift at the ceremony. Hisfather, his mate, his best friend, his pack – he let everyone down. A disgrace,he didn’t deserve to be Alpha.With a sigh, Alpha Flynn pulled away and wiped his eyeswith the back of his hand. He sniffled as he recovered his composure. Lookingdown, her body trembled in anticipation of his next move.
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