Lilly POV

“It‘s all right, honey,” my mother said, smoothing my hair. “We‘ll be alright. Just stay quiet for a bit longer, and then the wolves upstairs will go, and we‘ll be safe.”

I looked up at my mother and nodded, but wasn‘t sure I believed her. We had run down here, my older brother, my mother, and I, about an hour ago, when we‘d first gotten word from the village guard that there were unknown wolves spotted in the woods near our homes. Some of the other villages nearby had been attacked recently, so we‘d been on high alert. None of us had slept for the last few nights.

We‘d heard that there were more warriors on the way to protect us, but so far, we hadn‘t seen any.

Upstairs, the floor creaked, and some glass broke. I held my breath, terrified.

I thought about all of my friends from school. Would I even be there tomorrow? We were supposed to have our seventh–grade assessments.

It should‘ve been the last thing on my mind.

“We should shift, Mom. Me and you need to be in our
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Ines Di Paolo
Is this the end? Is there a book 2? what Is It called
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More update please
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Hi when will you be updating please
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