Chapter 10: Eli

I hate that I don’t have the money to support Grace. It’s really bothering me. I realize I’ve spent my life on the run and that I’ve been in one of Liam’s cells for the last six months, but it doesn’t sit right not being able to take care of our mate.

What’s worse, she and her mother seem to have stockpiled money over the last six years since they ran from Grace’s father. How can Louis and I prove that we are worthy mates if I can’t even afford a bus ticket and a place to stay for longer than a week?

I’m laying in the dark, staring at the ceiling and contemplating what I will need to do once I have her safely within the borders of Rik’s or Liam’s territories when I hear her voice.

“Are you awake?” She whispers. I was pretty sure she hadn’t fallen asleep. Her breathing hadn’t changed to that deep breathing a person gets when the drift off to dreamland.

I sit up on my elbow and look over at her bed. Whether she did it intentionally or not, she put herself in the bed farthest from the

What do you think about Eli's promise to Grace? Do you think he should force his mark on her if she's at risk of being marked by others?

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Deborah Dowling
Better the devil you know than the devil you don't
goodnovel comment avatar
Trudy Mitchell
I don't think it will be long before she willingly lets him mark her! I really like Eli!
goodnovel comment avatar
Melissa Wilson
This book really has me on the edge of my seat!!

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