7:03am beep…beeep….beeep

The sound of the morning alarm woke Ann from her deep sleep. She tried to open her eyes, hoping for a beautiful sunlight to welcome her back to earth but she felt like a piece of satin was tied over her eyes and knotted at the back of her head. She tried to move, but the cuffs bound around her wrist held her tight to the bed. “Fuck”. She groaned lightly as she tried to move her legs but couldn't as the bound were restraining her. She tried to move again but couldn't. Her body was splayed and tethered to the bed frame. The worst that made her terrified was the creepy sound of the door being opened and locked.

After a few seconds, she began to hear the sound of someone's footsteps approaching which made her body tremble in fear and her heartbeat pounded in her chest. With the way how quiet the room is, she couldn't think of who might have intruded into the room. She could remember she ended up sleeping on the kitchen floor so how did she end up here.

“Who a
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