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"PLEASE FUCK ME DOCTOR". ANN BEGGED AS SHE CRAVED FOR HIS TOUCH IN-BETWEEN HER SPLAYED LEGS. //DARK ROMANCE// WARNING! THIS BOOK CONTAINS STEAMY SCENE IN EVERY CHAPTER, IF YOU ARE BELOW 18 AND YOU FEEL INSUCRE ABOUT READING EROTIC BOOK, PLEASE DON'T READ. IT CONTAINS HIGH SEXUAL CONTENT!!!...THOSE WHO WISH TO CONTINUE, PLEASE DO BECAUSE YOU WIL REALLY ENJOY IT, IT'S WORTH IT! … I am Ann hamburger. A sex maniac. I mean, I love having sex. And I am a fan of one night stands. My parents and ex boyfriend thinks I am cursed but my body is just highly sensitive. It was all fun to me but I got to thinking that they might be right. So my best friend introduced someone to me—A sex doctor . Marcus Morris. She says he is my last hope. My question is, am I really cursed? Can a sex doctor help me stop being a sex maniac? Well flip through this pages and read the story of my life. The shades of Ann...

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S Ophia Steph Nichols
Love this book it’s a good read
2023-10-22 17:39:40
user avatar
Bebe Liz
Love this book interesting read
2022-12-29 12:28:08
user avatar
Chinwendu Esther
please can you undate part 2, already ...
2022-12-07 05:15:02
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I just found this story today and have completely caught up! I couldn’t put it down!! Absolutely love it
2022-11-28 15:57:42
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Chinwendu Esther
please it will be nice if you would be updating a little bit fast
2022-11-24 07:01:25
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Is their something wrong with the app I can’t find no book for any of the authors
2022-10-20 03:14:25
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Hoping new charters soon I love this book
2022-09-29 05:49:57
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Morrison Lawai Ngau (RySoNz)
good .nice story
2022-09-22 19:27:30
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Hello everyone, I will be editing all the chapters so new updates might be delayed. thanks for reading...
2022-09-11 18:19:01
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Eva Sasha Govender
this is really a steamy one to read... your imagination can definitely run wild...
2022-09-09 06:22:38
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Prologue says the doctor’s name is Diamond Gavin and in the next chapter, it says Marcus Morris.
2022-09-08 10:25:55
user avatar
highly steamy...I couldn't stop reading!
2022-09-06 06:42:22
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If you are looking for an erotic, pant dripping novel, then this is the right book for you. I assure you will love each moment of it....️...️ Highly rated and recommended ...
2022-08-19 17:21:01
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rahina sanni
Really interesting.
2022-12-01 06:58:23
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Linda Tom
you started a new story without completing the 2nd book of ann . we have been waiting for updates for too long since you said you would bring a new chapter for her . just say if you are doing it or not we don't want to keep any expectations and wait for so long for it .
2022-12-18 00:34:25
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114 Chapters
HIGHLY RATED 18+; IF YOU ARE READY TO TAKE THE RISK OF READING A WELL DETAILED EROTIC BOOK, THEN CONTINUE..... "Please doctor, please fuck me please". Ann begged.Her hands were handcuff below her knee which made her legs to hang up in the air . Marcus observed her cunt that were spread wide open for his eyes to feast on. His cock hardened and tried to break free out of his pants but he tried supressing his urge as he stared at her wet entrance with lust filled in his eyes."Please touch me doctor, please touch me down there doctor it hurts so baaaaaad.....". Ann begged, she tried touching her cunt but the handcuff around her wrist were depriving her.Marcus smirked, he strode to the bed where she was position at the edge of the bed and crotched down. His face, facing her swollon pussy as he maintain direct eye contact with her drippy wet entrance."Ahhhh... doctor touch me...touch me please.... ". Ann begged as she felt his hot breath fanning her cunt. Her breath quickened and her n
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Ann hamburger is her name. She's tall and has a perfect body shape that every man admires; big ass, big boobs. She has well tanned skin and long red hair that reached the level of her back. She’s a twenty six years old woman and people who don't know her might think that she is eighteen due to her flawless and tender body structure. She is twenty six years old and a sex addict. Her body is highly sensitive to every man or woman’s touch to the extend that she finds it hard to control herself nor her sexual desire. Her boyfriend had dumped her during the weeks because he had caught her cheating on him numerous times and when she tried to explain to him, he didn’t care to listen so she had no choice but to move and let him go. Until her best friend, Silver introduce her to Marcus Morris, the popular sex doctor in California and all over the united state. She had told her that he was the only one who could help her and had explained to her how he had helped a lot of women in this kind of
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Ann couldn’t believe Marcus was a forty years old man, that is half times her age and he has a strong body feature that doesn’t even shows that he is in his mid age. He has flexible muscles and his hands, fingers were so huge and thick. She could imagine those fingers pumping inside her vagina so fast that it made her wet. She bite her lower lips unknowingly as she was lost in her daydream. “Miss Ann, are you done staring?”. Marcus asked with a smirk, seeing the way she was staring at him with total lust obviously written all over her face. Ann gulped in and released her lips from her mouth, she felt embarrassed that he noticed. “Uhmm..uhmm…I’m sorry”. She apologized and he smiled. Those lips gave her an electrifying tingle all over her body. She was hot now and desperately needed his hands to touch her down there. She clenched her thigh tightly, trying hard to control her body that was burning in sensation. ‘Oh damn it’ she soliloquizes. “Are you horny?”. Marcus asked with a smirk
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Ann eyes wide open when she heard him, she was startled and confused as to what he means by the ten days contract with him. “Put on your clothes Miss Ann, while I explain further”. Marcus said. Filled with lust and anger, Ann swallowed hard. She hopped down from his desk and strode to pick up her clothes that were scattered on the ground. Marcus gaze met with her round ass that was facing him when she stooped down to reach for her dress. He allowed his imagination to take over him, he imagined himself taking off his pants and attacking her entrance with his massive cock. But No! That can wait. He assured himself the moment she stood up, back facing him as she wore her bra. He wished she could turn to his face so he could have a perfect look of her huge breast, maybe he could just make up some lies just to touch her breast. It’s too late now, she has worn her bra. Ann sat on the chair and wore her pants before she tried to reach for the hook of her bra but she couldn’t. She stood up
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Ann took off her dress and stripped out of her underwear. She flipped it away and didn’t care to know where it might have landed, all she cares about is been fucked by her best friend. She reclined on the bed and spread her legs wide open. She lightly massaged her two boobs while she waited for her best friend to reach for her pussy. Silver fell on her knees at the edge of the bed and crouched down before she pulled Ann thighs closer to her face. She grasped her hip and incline her face into her freshly opened pink pussy so she could have a perfect look. It was wet and milky. Using her two fingers, she parted her lips open to have a closer look of her wet core. “Ahhh…yess…”. Ann muffled a moan while squeezing her massive boobs. “You’re so wet Ann”. Silver said as she stared at her cunt that was still trickling out wet fluid as the muscles in her core clench. “Just shut up and fuck me”. Ann breathed as she arched her back, her hands were still squeezing her boobs. She fell into he
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It was seven o’clock in the morning when Ann was woken up by the lousy snore coming out of her best friend’s mouth that was wide open. She rubbed her eyes till she could clearly see before she stood up and crawled out of the bed. She went to the kitchen and grabbed a cup from the cabinet before filling it with water after turning on the tap. She turned it off and gulped in the water at once and dropped the cup on the counter. She walked to the table at the edge of the room and took her seat. She has promised Silver that she would accept the doctor offer but she needs to know what she’s getting herself into. She opened her laptop that was on the table and turned it on. She scrolled to the g****e app and tapped on the search tab. “Submissive”. She typed before she clicked on search and waited patiently for the response to pop out, which it did. “Ready to conform to the authority or will of others; meekly obedient or passive”. She read but still found it hard to understand, so she scro
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Ann alighted from the taxis and strode into the chic and doc Café. She works as a waiter in the café, although she’s a graduate and from a rich family but she choosed to work in a small place, where she wouldn’t be disturbed by her families who had abandoned her. She had gotten so many job offers to work in big companies but she ended up rejecting them just because she wanted a small place to be herself again. She groaned when she bumped into Favy, her co-worker. Favy is the same age as her but the opposite of her. Although she’s pretty and slender with short, brown hair that matches her oven face, because it was cut short into a bum. She’s rude and envious. She even envied Ann for getting a promotion to work as a receptionist in the café and because of that she had grown so much hatred for her. Favy eyed her curiously before she half yelled which drew everyone’s attention towards them, ”Are you blind, can’t you watch where you’re going?!”. Ann gazed down at her in observation, her
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Ann looked out through the car window as she recalled how her first sexual encounter with her boss started. It was three weeks ago, after she had been offered the job to work as a waiter. She had resumed earlier the next day and had arrived at the cafe five minutes earlier. Although, Favy was alone inside the cafe, cleaning up the little mess on the ground with a grumpy look on her face. She never smiled, she always had an angry face whenever she spotted Ann around. "The boss said you should clean his office". Favy said as she deepened her hand inside her uniform pocket and brought out the key to Ace's office. Without alerting her, she threw the key which Ann caught off guard. She was lucky enough to have caught it in her hands. Ann wanted to confront her about her attitude but it would be worthless because they had just met and she didn't know much about her. Maybe she is just in a bad mood or depressed. She swallowed her words back and walked past Favy into her boss office. Sh
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"Madam, madam". The cabman's voice snapped her out of her own imagination."Huh?". Ann dumbly asked in response."Are you gonna tell me your address or I...""Here is your money". Ann didn't let him finish, she threw some cash from her purse at him before she alighted from the car. She slammed the door shut and strode down to her apartment.She unlocked it with the card before she pushed the door open and entered. The room was empty and it seemed to her that her best friend had left. She closed the door with her foot and stripped out of her dress. She strolled to the bed and flopped on it.She brought out her phone from her bag and set the alarm lock, reminding herself that she has an appointment with the sex doctor first thing tomorrow morning.************"Dring...". The phone buzzed into her ear and she rolled to the edge of the bed, finding a comfort zone that won't get her distracted while she sleeps. "Dring...". It continuously buzzed louder.She couldn't take it anymore, she s
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Marcus ran his hand on the equipment inside his wardrobe until he finally found what he was looking for, a huge dildo. He brought it out from his wardrobe that were filled with sex equipment before he locked it and turned to face Shina."What is that for? Ain't you gonna fuck me with your cock??!". Shina asked as she placed her leg on the desk and spread her hips wider so he could sight her wet pussy from where he was standing. She thought she could turn him on by just showing him her wet pussy, forgetting that he is a well trained sex doctor who can't be turned on by just staring at a woman's vagina. This isn't his first time because he has seen alot and fucked alot of woman's pussy in a way they could hate sex but here he was, satisfying a woman who thinks that her husband isn't capable of doing to her the same way he'd.He could clearly see her well shaped pink pussy as he approached her. "I want you to lay back". He commanded her with a husky tone of a voice which made her cheek r
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