I played Cheap Thrills on my phone as I got ready for the day. I was so happy!

My mission was successful and Sam could not mark me. Now I could focus on my grades and make a plan to get out of Wilfair. With this plan being successful, I had some confidence and looked up to the brighter side of my future.

“Av, have your breakfast.” My mom chirped as she slid the plate towards my side on the table and I was surprised to find waffles with chocolate syrup on it.

Even my parents were in a good mood today.

Last night, they interrogated me for almost an hour on how I met the Alpha and how lucky I was that I got to dance with him. My mom did not leave the chance to brag about it to our neighbors who surely were jealous. I didn’t care what our neighbors felt, but after such a long time I saw my parents being genuinely happy.

I was slowly getting at their good side again. Maybe things would go back to normal as they used to.

Once I was in Winterville, I met Jannet and Candice and we all la

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thank you for the comment. I will definitely edit this book to make the flow better
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I can’t wait to see what he does to Sam and his mate!!!
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Lucy Schulz
Oooosh... Next! ......️

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