I closed my eyes and sighed. I had hoped that at least my morning would go chaos-free, but fate certainly had other plans.

Jannet was the first to turn around and said, “Stay away from her, Nat. Why don’t you go and mind your own business?”

Natalie scoffed, “I am not wasting my time talking to a psycho like you. Didn’t I tell you and that phony friend of yours to stay away from these matters? Or did you forget what we did last day?”

I looked at Jannet who avoided eye contact with me.

Did they bully them too?

“Jannet? What did they do to you and Candice?” I shook her arm, but Nat came in between,

“Just showed them their place. It was so fun, you should have seen it.” she winked at me and I grimaced,

“How dare you touch my friends?! I will—”

“Do what? Suck your Alpha’s cock? That’s nothing new, sweetie. We thought we were spreading rumors but you proved it today. So you have really decided to use your body to gain some money? Disgusting!” she looked down at me as if I was dirt,

Since I h

Sorry for this short and unedited chapter. I did not get much time to write so it turned out bad. I promise to edit and make it better. Thank You.

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