Two female wolves who were highly ranked in the Blood Moon Pack stepped forward with a bucket in their hands. They walked over to the two girls who were Natalie’s minions. One of them pulled out something from the bucket and it was mud. The mud was applied to both the girl’s faces and they screamed.

My body stiffened at the sight. The wolves then went further and forced the girls to eat the mud. They cried as their mouths were shoved with mud and my body trembled. It was not because I felt bad for them. It was because those two did the same with me once.

My face was smeared with mud by their hands and they had forced me to swallow mud. I cried and asked for help but nobody had come to my rescue. My friends were in their classes, unaware of what happened to me. This act was not in the video.

Then how did Dominic know?

Next, the guy whom I had seen in the ball dancing with Jannet came forward. He was the same man I had seen in my house the day Dominic came to take me. His hair was ti
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Amanda Knight-Black
Fck yeah, you will punish Sam yourself! ............
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Juicy Miss
Her parents should be getting punished too. They not only didn't try to help, but they actually blamed her for it!!

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