The next morning, I woke up and found myself in Dominic’s bed. He was nowhere to be seen. My head felt a little heavy.

Stepping out of the bed, I made my way to the washroom and took a warm shower to clear my head. The warm water helped to ease the nerves that were bothering me. Last night was difficult to digest.

I wanted Samuel to be punished but the sight of his body completely disfigured was not on the list of ways I thought he would be punished. It was a shocker and it had taken a lot of strength in me to watch the whole thing unfold.

I stepped out of the washroom and jumped on my feet when I saw a tall figure standing in front of me.

“Good morning, kitten,” he had a light smile on his face, which, in no way, reflected any emotion on what he did last night.

I stiffened and the air to breathe on felt thin. Was I angry at him? No. But was I scared?


“Good morning,” my voice came out hoarse and my throat went dry.

His jaw twitched an inch before he stepped forward, and my feet

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