His hand was snaked around my waist and his chest connected to my back. A delicious shiver ran down my back, his body was comforting and aroused emotions in my body, which I had no name or explanation for. I had never felt like this before.

I took deep breaths to calm the jittery feeling in my body, but to make it worse, his hand moved beneath my shirt and now was touching the skin of my bare belly. The warmth sailed up my body like a trail of fire ignited and I bit my lip to suppress a moan. This… shouldn’t be good. Then why did it feel the opposite?


“Hush,” he whispered on the shell of my ear, “Sleep, kitten,” I felt his nose on the back of my neck, covered by my sprawled hair. He took a sniff and a low growl escaped him, which made my legs wobble. Thanks to the bed, I was not in a vulgar position. Or was I?

“Did you change your shampoo?” his voice came from the back, vibrating on my skin.

“Mhm.” How did he know? When I checked the bathroom, which was technically his bathroom
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I agree Lori I don’t think these kids are too smart even though they’re in college. Looks like they’re about to get schooled properly lol
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Lori Ramsdell
You would think those kids would be scared after what happened! Guess if her bag of notes and projects were burnt maybe some girls will be burnt next cause Dom don’t mess!
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They better be ready to catch her hands. You don’t mess with a girl’s gpa

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