02~ Escape

Evelyn trembled in fear, looking around the tiny smelly room she was kept in. 

‘What are they going to do to me?’

From the peeks she stole as they rushed her in from outside, she was in the basement of a nightclub – a place she had never been to, and never had the intention to go to ever.

“Keep her here so we can have a little fun ourselves later,” the man who was in charge of the little group laughed, showing his yellow teeth, “the boss cannot know about this, understand?”

Damian had one rule, no harm to women or children.

“We are in deep shit if the boss finds out…” The little guy hesitated. He looked nervous.

“No harm is done if the boss doesn’t know,” The leader smirked in a dangerous tone, “right?”

The guys around him nodded quickly.

‘The boss doesn’t check this basement. I’ve sneaked in a few toys occasionally so he wouldn’t know of this one too.’

“Mmmm,” Evelyn groaned when she was suddenly dropped to the ground harshly. “W-what are you going to do to me?” She asked nervously, scooting away from them.

The basement had a weird smell as if somebody died in there. But she could no longer hear the loud music in the nightclub, so she doubted if anyone could hear her scream for help, let alone rescue her.

“What do you think?” The man called Titus said with a sly smirk. “You disrespect me, then you need to pay the price.”

"What price?” Evelyn murmured, gulping. 

“What do you have besides that delicious body?” The man laughed.

Shivering, Evelyn realized she was in real trouble now. She used to be defiant to the bullies in the orphanage and school, but never against the real mafia.

“Now, let’s talk about your punishment.” The leader smirked, licking his lips as he unzipped his pants, “I just might let you live and get you a job if you please me today.”

"I don’t need a job…” Evelyn answered automatically, her brain refusing to process what the man was about to do to her.

“A job as a whore here!” The men burst into laughter at her murmur when Evelyn realized in desperation that the basement didn’t even have a window to give her a glimmer of hope of escaping.

Titus unbuckled his belt, advancing towards her slowly while Evelyn scooted away from him until she hit a wall. There was nowhere to run to now. She was doomed!

“Don’t fight it, the less you resist, the more pleasure for the both of us. But if you continue being stubborn, it WILL hurt.”.”

Evelyn would rather die than lose her innocence here to these thugs. She never really understood the word “mafia”, not until now. They are worse than the devil!

Just when she thought her life was over, a loud ringtone burst out in the silent basement, making Evelyn jump up in panic. 

The guy eyed his men to grab her as he took out his phone with a frown, but then his frown turned into a horrified panic.

He glanced at his men sullenly and they quickly covered Evelyn’s mouth tightly.

“Yes, boss?” The man answered his phone with utter awe in his tone. Evelyn rose her eyebrow at seeing the terrifying man being timid.

“Hmm, I’m…” The man hesitated, and before he could stall more, the door to the basement suddenly burst open. 

The men grabbing Evelyn quickly pulled her under the stairs of the basement, hiding.

The man who kicked open the door had his black hair combed back tidily, his phone still held to his ear, frowning as he glanced through the room.

“Boss!” The leader panicked, staring at the man on the stairs. He was right above Evelyn’s head.

Evelyn’s ears perked, her heart racing. She was wondering who the man was for the vicious men to act so scaredly. 

‘He must be Damian.’

“Knew you are here. Brought yet another toy here?” The man said coldly, “I thought you learned your lesson last time, Titus.”

Evelyn could see the man through the crack of the stairs. According to their conversation, she realized they couldn’t afford to have Damian know what they were up to, so she tried to make some noise but they held her down tight.

“I just came here to grab a lightbulb, boss.” The leader, Titus, said with a shiver in his tone, “Nothing more.”

“The meeting is early.” The dark-haired man glanced around the room again before he turned and left for the door, “Come up quickly.”

“Yes, boss.” Titus said before the door was shut, and so did the glimpse of hope in Evelyn’s heart.

“Were you trying to fuck me up?” Titus slapped Evelyn hard on her face, “You try anything else, you are gonna beg me for a quick death!”

Evelyn curled under the staircase, her cheek burning hot in pain. 

They taped her mouth and tied her hands together behind her back before they hurried out of the dark room, leaving her laying on her side on the dusty floor.

Evelyn swallowed her tears as she tried to struggle out of the rope, knowing she would be doomed once they came back. 

The rope wasn’t the real problem, the man called Titus was. There was no way she could escape the club on her own, not to mention they know where she lived. But she just might find Damian in time and let him know what his men had been up to.

Damian was her only hope.

Evelyn listened for any noises coming from the other side of the door and when she was sure the men had left, she let out the breath she didn’t even know she was holding.

She sighed in relief when the rope finally loosened and she was able to free her hands. Now she just had to find something to help pry open the door and escape from this wretched place. 

For once in her life, Evelyn was thankful for her hard life at the orphanage. Because she needed to protect herself, she had come into contact with many people and learned all sorts of survival skills.

Picking locks was one of them.

It didn’t take long for Evelyn to lose her way in the club. But she didn’t expect to make it out, she was searching for the boss. 

Although she was unfamiliar with such places, it wasn’t hard to know she needed to try her luck with those fancy rooms on the second floor.

Trying to remember the dark-haired guy, Evelyn staggered along the smokey hallway. Some of the doors were open with men and women drinking and dancing together, drowning in alcohol and smoke.

But none of them looked fancy, unlike the door on the end.

Evelyn made it to her destination, only to hesitate outside the door. Her heart thumped in her chest like a drum as she lost the courage to knock. 

She was looking for THE mafia boss for crying out loud!

At that moment Evelyn just wanted to turn and run, but she knew the guy Titus would only return for more and there was no escape for her, not even the cops. Just then she suddenly heard a familiar voice, the evil voice that demanded sex in the dark, smelly basement—

Titus was right around the corner!

Evelyn took a deep breath and burst through the door, locking it behind her, separating her and Titus safely.

Several men and women in the room were busy with all sorts of things. 

There was a group playing poker by the table, some man took a couch by himself and was having a good time with a naked lady in his arms.

Evelyn’s face paled, looking at the young women donned in skimpy skirts with the upper part of their chests bare. Their breasts were left in the open for the men in the room to grab and suck as they please. It was a nauseating scene for her. These men behaved like animals. Or maybe they were.

The whole room quieted down, and all eyes were suddenly on her.

“Hmm,” Evelyn forced out her voice, hiding the fear, “I’m looking for Damian.”

She turned to leave the room. Trying to escape from Titus, she ended up in the lion’s den instead. 

“Where are you going little whore? I thought you are looking for Damian. I’m Damian!”

Her heart raced when she heard the man’s voice as the whole room burst into laughter.

“I’m sorry I got the wrong room!” Evelyn hasted, panicking. She found the courage to enter, and she found the way to escape Titus, the only thing she didn’t anticipate, was that it wasn’t the right room.

“Yeah… don’t just stand by the door. Come on in!” The other men in the room began to yell, and only then did Evelyn notice the white powder on the table—

They were doing drugs!

“Bro, she looks innocent, maybe she’s a newbie!.”

“Lucky you Bob, you get to enjoy a fresh one!” The derogatory remarks reached Evelyn’s ears, making her feel disgusted.

The man began to drag her to the couch, “come on. I’ll take care of you!”

“I’m not a whore! I’m sorry I got the wrong room! Let me go, please!” She screamed, feeling helpless.

“Oh, they all say that honey. Don’t worry… I’ll be gentle.”

“I’m Damian’s woman!” Evelyn shouted in panic, borrowing the mafia’s name as she swung her arm, “You dare touch me, you are in deep trouble!”

The room burst into laughter and the man gripping her laughed: “Ohh really? Do you know how many women the mafia boss has? You?! Haha—”

His laugh suddenly stopped when the door opened and a guy stuck his head in. Evelyn turned to look with watery eyes, and the guy glanced at her with a confused look. 

It was a handsome man with obvious muscle under his white shirt. His dirty blond short hair was like the warm sunlight in May to Evelyn because he brought her hope…

“Please help me, sir!” Evelyn grabbed his arm, “I entered the wrong room! I’m really sorry, please help me!”

The man paused for a second, then his eyes fell on the white powders on the table. He pushed open the door fully and entered the room, and the man dragging Evelyn let her go instantly.

Evelyn couldn’t move her eyes away from him, there was something about him that attracted attention in the way he carried himself… so calm and collected, he looked polite and it seemed like he was incompatible with the club, especially with the expensive fancy suit he was donning. 

However, he emitted a kingly aura that kept people at arms-length. One would not be able to hold direct contact with his ice-cold blue eyes.

 His whole demeanor oozed power and dominance, making people want to bow to him involuntarily.

“So, you are Damian’s woman?” The man turned to Evelyn, holding his hand out to her politely.

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