70~ Her husband

“Congratulations Eve. You got us all worried.” Nina said to Evelyn.

She was seated by her bedside while Damian was holding the baby and Jack was making peek-a-boo faces at him.

Evelyn smiled weakly. “I was scared too. There I was waiting to meet my baby and then I suddenly lost consciousness.”

Nina held her hand. “I’m glad you’re ok now. You should have seen Damian. He almost lost it. The man really loves you and I can tell he will make you happy. If anyone deserves happiness, it’s you.”

She was referring to how Evelyn spent unpleasant years in the orphanage. She had been bullied and there was no one to protect her. When her uncle came for her, they pretended to care for her but when her cousin Mark harassed her, they turned a blind eye.

“We both deserve happiness.” Evelyn remarked.

The medication she had taken was making her drowsy so she found herself dozing off. Damian noticed this from a distance and approached her.

“Sleep, my love. I’ll take care of Aiden.” He promis

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