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Several months later after Nina and Jack’s wedding, Damian held a party for Evelyn to celebrate their fifth anniversary.

Unlike their wedding, this event was grand. Damian had decided to introduce his heir, Aiden Hill, the future Mafia boss of his empire.

The Country was a much safer place with most of his enemies behind bars and the streets were clean of drugs. Not entirely though but now, he had many on his side fighting for a drug-free Country to protect their loved ones.

Evelyn was dolled up in a silver off-the-shoulder gown that was fitted up to the knees then the rest of the gown was flared, touching the ground. The neckline had diamond details with a plunging slit in the middle, showing a little cleavage. Her curves were hugged perfectly by the dress, painting a picture of poise and grace.

As for her strawberry blond hair, it was raised up into an elegant updo held together by diamond clips that sparkled when she moved. The simple makeup she put on her face accentuated h

Thank you for reading. This is the end. How did you like Damian's and Evelyn's story? Let me know on the main page of this book. I'll appreciate it. I'll leave an author note soon. I hope you enjoyed this book. It was my first Mafia story and I hope I didn't disappoint.

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Adell Watson
This was a beautiful book loved i
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loved it ...
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Awesome. Loved it. Hope there will be a sequel but this time with Aiden.
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