Luna Of The Abated Prophecy
Luna Of The Abated Prophecy
Author: FavoriteGirl




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Stretching my lazybones on the bed after the night bell rang, the time was fast spent. No, there was no school and I'm one person who wasn't supposed to do anything in the farm as I was too young to join in the house activities. 

And why would I when I had it all? 

The day seemed a bit off as I woke up in the middle of the night. I heard loud screams from outside our house. My heavy eyes couldn't bear not to peep at what it was that erupted such a loud noise and thumping. 

I groaned and finally fought the dizziness while I sat up on my flat bed made of silk, laid on one another and placed on a high brick bed. My bed was beside the window.

I sat up and tilted, leaning to the window, my blurry eyes couldn't see clearly, the bizzare situation going on outside. At first, it seemed like a festival where people were dancing and jubilating with unique dance steps. Before my eyes could take a clear glance at the happenings, a very hard bang at the front door which reverberated throughout the house drew my attention. Swiftly, I switched position and wheeled my head backwards to know what was happening behind me. 

Whispers suddenly crept into my room from my doorstep, and I shifted my gaze over. It was my dad as he ran into my room, grabbed and pulled me along with him. 

My unconscious state couldn't grasp what was going on. 

Little me…

Innocent little girl…

I didn't know the difference between a war and a street fight. I haven't experienced one before; I only heard of them from my dad's mum. 

Mama Beth, she sometimes or most times rather, told me bedtime stories and made sure I was well taken care of. She will make sure everything I need was at my reach, and she was telling me stories of warriors who died protecting the little children and the old people alike. Erl was my favorite of all the warriors she talked about. The thought of her tone suddenly crept into my being and overshadowed my mind.

Erl grew to become the greatest werewolf in the town and he besieged packs, centuries ago, and made all became a full village people, till we grew to become a town which is now in a state which I couldn't point out the reason for the screaming and state of unsettlement in the town.

My dad's hard palms gripped my sweaty, thin hands, "ugh!" I shrieked as he dashed me out of the room. He swung his left leg which pushed away the fifty years old wooden stool which served as a stumbling block on the way to the door which was left open, and almost ripped off the wall when he came in furiously, without minding who or what was behind.

"What if I was standing behind the door on my way out? Well, lucky me.. I would have broken some limbs by now!" I thought.

The clanging wouldn't stop even as men dropped dead when we got out of the house. I whimpered as I saw pool of blood and silver blades driven into the hearts of our people. 

My mother joined us outside with four other guards and two maidservants who held some golden vases and cups which glittered as the lights from the burning fire reflected on them. 

"Don't let her go, hold her tight and never look back!" dad instructed mother who swung me up to her arms and in a glimpse, dad cocked his head and shifted into his werewolf form; one of the strongest among others in the town. 

Apart from Erl the great wolf, my dad is next in line that I looked up to. The path was becoming clear as dawn came nearer, jumping in the arms of my mum as she ran and her panting echoed in my ears as she inhaled and exhaled endlessly. 

We were miles away from home and yet, mum wouldn't stop a second to catch her breath. 

"Mum, Haira is tired looking." I said as the maidservant in charge of carrying the golden vases ran a bit slower than normal.

"Hey, Haira!" my mum turned to her as she slowed down to check on Haira. "If you won't be able to finish the race, take a break and buy us more time. The Dojras won't stop and they will make sure we all die before they back off. So, stay here and regain your energy before they meet up with you!" Mum tossed me down to the ground, and held on to Haira's head as she kissed her forehead. 

And in a blink, mum dug her hand into the bag of Haira and brought out a piece of wood and an orb, sharpened the edge, and gave it to Haira and she took the orb with her as she wanted to move away, but Haira dragged her and thrusted a silver blade into her heart. I screamed, grabbed Haira, and began to shake her mercilessly.. but before Haira could flinch, mum slew her throat with the same blade and turned to me, "run..!" she said in a low, broken voice as her eyes blazed red.

Looking at the way the other servants fought each other and bloodbath, I chose to listen to what my mum said, 'run'. 

"I am on my own now!" I said to myself, expanding my eyes even more. And as I went through another route, my own made route, running as fast as an adult wolf would do, being chased and hunted by grown angry wolves, I didn't know what the orb I held was for, but I rather held onto it than let it go. It was my mum's last present to me and I had to run or be devoured.

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