Episode 4

As early as 5:00am, Reyhound was already up from bed and the scent from the spicy chicken soup he was preparing woke me up. 

I rubbed my hand on my eyes to see clearly, and I yawned, covering my mouth and sat up on the bed. I looked around the blue world and it looked more beautiful, like it had been repainted and restructured overnight. I exhaled and sighed softly as a sign of relief, from the previous day's stress. 

I scrubbed my butts on the soft surface, as I dragged myself to the edge of the bed, tucked my feet into the puffy bathroom slippers that was already on the floor, beneath the bed, by the edge. 

"Wow" the slippers looked cool and beautiful, as I looked at it and felt it. I moved into the bathroom and put off the robe that was on me. A white big robe, the robe was bigger than me. Obviously the girl that the room was made for, was much taller than me. I hurled the robe and walked into the bathroom to take my bath. 

I was done with bathing and dressing, which took almost a year, as I battled with the new system of bathing, that was inside the bathroom. I couldn't call Reyhound that moment because I was butt naked, and I made use of almost all the tools, and items that were there, and at last I was done with it. 

Then I followed the aroma that was coming from the dining room. I walked hastily to the dining table and waited for Reyhound to come join me, so we could both eat together and then he came in from the kitchen door with two apples. 

"Take this and eat" Reyhound said, giving me the apple while facing the television show. "Eat that and meet me in that room." He pointed to a room that was behind him. The talk confused me as I stared at the table and at him again repeatedly. Three times.

"Who owns all these dishes that are on this table?" I asked meanly as I tried to stand up from the chair I was sitting on.

"We." He took a bite from the apple he was holding, and chewed. "Why do you ask?" He asked with mouthful of the piece of apple he excavated from its whole.

"You are giving me an apple to eat, when we have a lot of better food." I frowned my face, from the detest I had from eating the apple, in place of well garnished and spiced chicken soup.

"Hey, pup!" He stared at my face as he swallowed the chewed part of the apple. "These foods are meant for us and nobody else, but you have to eat this apple for your training. I won't want to train a belly filled pup." He said and gripped my hand. "You will have to eat another apple, to give you enough strength." 

We got to a room, that was kind of a special one. The room was filled with sands like that of desert. The windows in the room was enough to contain a whole house, but smaller than normal.

Reyhound closed the door behind and pushed a button, which closed the windows immediately, and the room became dark in seconds. 

"Hey pup. Your training is too to be a very hard one, and you won't like it. But you do need it, to fight for the war which is to come. Soon! So you possess a power that is concealed, unlike any other wolf, you are super fast, strong and can see the bones through the skin. Your vision is great too, and your claws can rip apart a rock without breaking a sweat." As he continued talking, I heard creaks, and whirring didn't stop. "You've got a particular ability that is very unique, and that is the howling super ability, when you howl very loud, someone or something close to you will be shredded in the same spot and same second. All you have to do is to unlock them."

"Wait, why are you just tell... Ahhh!" I screamed as a cuff like equipment nabbed my left leg. "I'm stuck!" I cried.

"Well, unstuck yourself. Only you can do that, in that room."

"That what? Aren't you in the room?" I asked, confused, fearfully and nervous. I almost peed in my pants as another equipment grabbed my other leg. "Ouch!"

"Yes, I'm not in the room anymore. Because only you can survive the training" He replied.

"Oh God! I'm going to feed you your heart if I don't die here, because I can't even see anything"

"Because you are distracting yourself, instead of trying to get out. Good luck pup!"

"My name is Beck!." I said, calmly buy surprisingly, nothing happened. 

"You have to do it like you mean it."

"My name is Beck…!" I screamed and right before me, everything began to take a new shape, shattering anything that it was, which held my legs, without any much stress, thinking that is the worst until I got clawed, as I move forward.

"Ohhh!" my wolf, Hyrand, spoke.

"Come-on get out!" I said as I groaned. For the first time, I went full wolfie. My vision started like Reyhound said, and the room was lit from my view, seeing all the tools that was whirring, buzzing and roaring. "Fuck!" I whimpered. And in seconds, I could shift into my wolf form, and then back again to my human form, without much stress and quickly, which amazed me. 

Only Erl Tyrie could do that, as I heard from the tales, told by grandmother. I ran through all the stuffs, breaking, tearing apart, squeezing and biting off the machines in a minute. Although I got torn, bruised and stabbed simultaneously. All the wounds closed up in few seconds, large and small wounds. 

"Wow, that was a huge task!" Hyrand said. 

"We did a huge task and that's very stressing and tiring." I said as I sneezed.

"Ugh! Wolfsbane." Hyrand said in a tiring manner.

"Wow!!!, I told you you'll make it." The lights came on and Reyhound came in, clapping. And seeing him made me angry, that I walked close to him and thrusted my claws into his belly.

"I told you I will do something bad to you!" I said as I retreated my hand from inside him. 

"Ow! Yes, you said that. And... Ohh" He groaned as he tried to hide the pain he was going through. "Please don't make dark promises again, Beck."

"Why did you call me Beck this time?"  

"Oh that's just a slip of tongue, pup." Reyhound's stomach is back in shape but his cloth was not.

"I have to change this cloth." I said as I walk to the door to get out. "And, I have to take the chicken soup as well." I held my stomach and finally exited the room, leaving Reyhound behind me.

"Oh, brat!" Reyhound whispered from the empty room.

"I heard that." I replied. 

I went to my room to have a shower and as I finish doing that, I had a change of clothes and I moved to the dining room to have the chicken soup. But getting to the room, everywhere became awkwardly silent. I moved around the house and I found no one, then I decided to go look for Reyhound outside the house. And getting there, I felt a pinch in my neck. That was all I felt last and before my eyes shut, I saw my body being dragged by a masked man into a van.


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