#Chapter 86 Tea

The thought terrified me. How much time did I have before they showed up? Maybe I didn’t have nearly as much time as I needed to figure out where Francium was and where Claire was. Francia didn’t seem nefarious, but how much of that was a stall tactic.

I would have never thought Francium was capable of killing anyone, let alone Claire, but I’d heard it, and I was here trying to track him down to find her.

I still wasn’t entirely sure what that vampire wanted from me or wanted to do with me. Did he want to turn me the way Francium had turned Claire, or did he just want to kill me. Maybe it was related to my mother.

I had no idea and I wasn’t ready to find out today. I was still recuperating to some degree.

I almost regretted this ploy to make Candido jealous. It seemed like it was turning back on me quickly.

I pushed that thought away. How could I know that Francium’s mom was probably in league with the vampires that were out to destroy everything that werewolves had built.

I had
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