Chapter 8

A minute after Nurse Williams placed the sphygmomanometer around Naomi’s upper arm, it beeped, and she noticed that her patient’s blood pressure was still high. “Your pressure is high.

It’s 190/100, we need to continue to keep you on observation before it gets out of control.”

That wasn’t what Naomi wanted to hear, but bad luck seemed to be what was out for her today. “What is the normal rate?”

“It’s supposed to be like 120/80. Your systolic is like 70 unit up and your diastolic is 20 units higher. Please, I need you to get some rest, try not to think about anything, and when I say nothing, I mean nothing, okay?”

Naomi nodded indolently. “I will try my best. I need to get out of here too because I have a lot of work at the office to take care of.”

“And if I may ask, what type of job do you do?”

“I am a Lawyer.” Naomi answer.

Mrs. Williams looked back at Daniel, her eyes squinting as thoughts ran through her head.

Is this the lawyer on Daniel’s case? And if so, what brought her to the
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