🏵️ CHAPTER 58 🏵️

" Wow! "

The quadruplets exclaimed in awe as they gazed at the big room inside the private plane they entered. It was Denzel's.

The cold man decided to take them on a family vacation and when the quadruplets were told, they were more than exhilarated. Actually, it was their plan, to bring Denzel and Lena closer.

After paying each of them $100 like they had ordered, the quadruplets gave the old man some strategy he can use to win his wife over and one of them was taking them all on a family vacation.

The quadruplets were excited. This wasn't their first time on a plane but they have never been to a private plane before and seeing a beautiful room with everything needed inside it, they were wowed.

" Mommy! Mommy! Can you believe it?! " Ava called and ran to Lena who was relaxing in one of the seats.

" What is it, baby? "

" Come and see, Mommy. You will be shocked and wowed " The little girl grabbed her hands and even before Lena could protest, she was pulled
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