Chapter 28

Helena's POV

I have mixed feelings as I walk away from Duncan's house. He finally let me go. But I felt joy and sadness at this moment. I am happy because I am finally free and will be able to find where my family is. But I also feel sad because I am sure that I will miss Duncan. No matter what he did to me I still love him. I love him but I want to find myself so I want to leave. And another thing is that I still haven't forgiven him for hurting me even though he was also a victim of Auria's manipulation. If that woman hadn't troubled me and Duncan, I would have asked for his help to find my family instead of leaving his house. Because I know that being alone in the forest and traveling with no company is very dangerous. But I have to be brave so I could find myself.

I looked back at Duncan's house and I saw that he still looking at me with a sad face. I feels that I want to go back and hug him but I stopped myself. What he did to me was a strong reason for me to go and leave him.
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