It's the fact that he said like it was nothing. Like those men had every right to shoot me and no one would even bat an eye. Like he was a god whose every word was law.

Nonetheless, I panicked.

I found my feet shooting forward, faster than I'd have liked and half-convinced that maybe my life did, in fact, depend on it. Before I could stop myself to think or rehearse or even process what was happening, I was standing readily before him.

And for the first time, I had a perfect view of this man.

This insanely handsome stranger with power on his fingertips.

My heart skipped an excited beat once my gaze fell to his face – breathtaking, reeking of danger and charm, the perfect combination to bring any female to their knees, ready to please.

Sharp silver eyes, ignited with a flair of boredom and mischief, pierced through me, almost like he could see beyond the flimsy leather that covered my skin.

Like he could possibly see right into my soul, right into the dirtiest parts of me.

Goosebumps surfaced down my body and I sucked in a sharp breath, still in awe at this captivating man. His masculine jawline was covered in a dark stubble, cut clean and attractive.

They matched his midnight black hair, tousled to perfection in a way that made my fingers itch to touch them. In his expensive crispy black suit with the top buttons popped open to briefly reveal his tight toned chest, I could swear that Mr. Odd Suit Guy must have been carved out to be every woman's sluttiest fantasy.

He was an exotic mix of charm, danger and sin, and in that moment, I wanted to do more than just kiss him.

"Don't." The tone of his authoritative voice snapped my mind back to consciousness, and it was then that I'd noticed that his guards were about to furiously pull me back – perhaps for daring to come this close to their boss.

At his command, they held back, each glaring at me warily. I gulped. What exactly had I gotten myself into? Perhaps this was the best time to pull out of the dare? Maybe apologize to him for the misunderstanding and get the hell away.

I could tell Sage and Nadia that I lost my way, and demand a different dare. That could work, except the fact that they would both never believe me. Sage would laugh and mock me to scorn. Nadia would confidently state that she knew that I couldn't do it.

And just the thought of that sent a burst of fury through me. I wasn't a chicken. I carried over 3 A.P courses in 12th grade, and I didn't get less than an A+ on each.

If I could do that, then trust me, I could do anything.

Including kissing a stranger who just threatened to kill me in a minute.

"30 seconds, Angel." He drawled out. "I'd hate to have your blood on my floor."

My heart sunk and before another wave of overthinking takes over, I took another bold step closer to him, his dark gaze fixed on my every move as I drew all the more closer.

He didn't flinch, didn't even seem concerned or bothered on what I was probably up to. He only stared at me with those cold gray eyes, unmoved. In fact, I was the one who was unnerved.

Without his permission and with my nerves on their ends, I lowered myself to his level, even daring to pull myself to his lap and straddling him in the process.

At that point, I expected him to do something - maybe yank me off himself and instruct his guards to carry out his wicked biddings. However, he remained stoic under my body, aside from the quick spark of curiosity that danced through his eyes.

I pulled myself even closer into him, feeling the hard contours of his muscles beneath me. His hot gaze never left my face even while I steadied myself and eventually met his eyes.

"Um...I know this might be really weird, but I swear, it's my friends that put me up to this. I have to prove that I'm not a chicken-"

"10 seconds." He cut me off, his minty breath fanning my face, silver eyes burning through me.

He didn't care.

If he didn't, then why should I?

"Okay, fuck you too." I glared at him before leaning forward, basking in the addictive fragrance of his cologne, and taking his supple lips into mine.

Our lips merged into one and a flutter of excitement bubbled in the pit of my stomach. He tasted as good as he looked and I found myself craving more of it.

Heat surged up my skin and although he didn't respond to the kiss, only stiffening in that moment, something pushed me to the point of biting down lightly on his lips, hooked and desperate for more of him.

Or whatever I could get. 

My heart raced and warmth spread down my body, filling me with a certain kind of high I never knew I needed until now. Once I'd lost my breath, I pulled away slightly, tingles on my lips and heaving lightly.

My mind was running on a million thoughts at a second and a furious blush crawled up my cheeks when my eyes returned to his now intense ones. His ruggedly handsome face gave nothing away, and that was when the embarrassment hit.

"Okay, so maybe you weren't wrong for thinking that I was insane. But hey, before you call the police on me, it was a dare. My friends... My friends, they are even more insane assholes, and they thought it would be a great idea to make me kiss a complete stranger. It sounded smarter at that moment. Or wait, it didn't actually. The point is that...well, there is no point, just don't have me reported for harassment. Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top? Or whatever does it for you...?"

I avoided his gaze at all cost, settling instead to fix my eyes on the collar of his suit. Up close, I noticed an unidentifiable tattoo that peeked from beneath his shirt. It also gave my imagination a tempting view of the strong flesh rippling beneath them. I could just imagine was he looked like bare.

Cue another round of embarrassment.

However, I was caught off-guard by the sweet baritone of his chuckle that vibrated through his chest. I forced my head up in confusion, just to catch the wicked glint of mischief and amusement in his eyes. He seemed to be enjoying this.

His lips were tilted up in a devious smile as he placed his large hands over my thighs and slowly pulled me into himself. It ignited a spark of hunger down my skin.

"I've never been kissed on a dare. In fact, I've never been kissed by a woman quite like you."

"Like me?" My embarrassment faded off into a frown. "What do you mean?"

He tilted his head slightly, surveying me once again through his heated eyes, like he was reaching some form of conclusion in that gorgeous head. I felt myself tense up, almost tempted to avoid his gaze once again but I stayed rooted, eyes locked on his.

That was until his fingers traced lightly on the exposed skin of my thighs, leaving a trail of heat and desire on wherever his touch lingered. I squirmed under his expert hands as he took his goddamn time to draw those lazy circles up to my exposed back.

I gasped.

"Blonde. Sweet. Shy. The kind of girl who shouldn't be out on a Friday night, or in a club." He leaned closer to my ears in a seductive whisper. "The kind of girl who has never worn a dress this tight in her life."

My stomach flipped at the proximity, and I could just imagine how red I'd turned. My skin was on fire with a desperate need for more of him. Of this man whose name I couldn't even recall.

All I knew was that in that moment, I was intoxicated by his cologne, his voice and the audacity he had to build this stereotype about me. For some reason, it compelled me to lean deeper into his body, in a bid to prove him wrong.

"What if I tell you that you're wrong?" I whispered.

"I hate liars."

In turn, I loved the way he held me tighter, keeping those devilish gray eyes on me. My core was flooded with heat.

I dared to roll my eyes. "Well, I don't care what you hate."

There was that dark chuckle again, this time around laced with an undertone of disapproval. It did things to me.

"You know, I'm not sure on if I want to slit your throat for that tone, or fuck you."

Mentally, my jaw dropped.


My heart raced, pulse quickened as I took in the silent challenge in his eyes. I was dancing with the devil, letting myself get drawn right into his web of sin.

And I loved it.

Maybe a little too much, given to the excitement that tickled my belly. I couldn't help it, I leaned closer into him - close enough to count his thick lashes, close enough to brush my lips slightly against his.

"Fuck me," I whispered.

Instantly, that wicked smirk slowly left his face. Something seemed to have awakened in his eyes as he flicked his darkened gaze down to my parted lips, then back to my face.

In that moment, I pushed down every thought of Carter that dared to surface. All I could see, breathe and think was this gorgeous man.

"You should go home, Angel. This is a game you don't want to play, trust me." Low and raspy, his countenance was severe.

It was my turn then to laugh lightly, teasingly.

"Why not, tough guy? Are you scared you'd love it too much?"

Maybe it was the alcohol talking.

It had to be.

"On the contrary, I'm concerned that by the time I'm done with you, mio caro, you'd be ruined."

"Hmm, I don't quite like my men cocky."

"What do you like then?"


That devious half-smile graced his lips, like I'd said the most absurd thing. His other hand moved up and in seconds he had those calloused fingers wrapped around my neck. Heat spread from their tips down my skin.

"Well, you're about to find out that I'm not one."

Then he claimed my lips with a passion that rivaled everything I'd ever known. They were as soft as I'd remembered but with him taking the lead, he tasted like mint and vodka as he deepened the kiss, stealing away every last sense of reasoning in me.

My nipples tightened as the warmth from his body travelled down mine, waking a desperate wanton desire within me. His expert hands caressed my skin, moving up to fondle my tits generously, forcing out a tortured moan from me.

He took the opportunity to probe his tongue into my mouth, sucking and nibbling hungrily, like a starved man having his first taste. I was plunged into a sea of lust, addicted to the feeling that made me want to lose myself to this man.

My core tingled, and I couldn't help grinding myself passionately against his groin when he trailed his lips down to my neck, biting down softly on my sweet spot. I gasped out in pleasure.

I craved more of him.


I nearly cried when he pushed himself away from me, backing up a bit to stare into my eyes. His were consumed with a primal hunger. My heart thudded.

"Last chance, Angel."

"I meant every word I said." I glowered, irritated that he'd stopped for this.

"Very well then." A devilish grin lighted up his features. "My place."

From the look on his face, I knew there was no backing out. It was now or never. Regrets could come in the morning.

So as this man took my small hand in his firm ones and walked us out of The Pavilion, a certain type of excitement filled every part of me. Maybe because I knew exactly what was coming next.

What exactly he'd do next.

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