Lilith Addiction(A mafia book)

Lilith Addiction(A mafia book)

By:  Mandy   Ongoing
Language: English
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He closed the gap between us and his hand travelled to my waist, pulling me closer to himself. His cologne filled my nostrils and he cupped my face in his hand gently. The look in his eyes whenever he looked at me always seemed like he was watching something so ethereal and now wasn't any different. I was supposed to hate him, to not be able to stand him. But why was I letting him do this? And why did I like it too? Love it even? He smirked at me, leaning down with our lips almost touching, his minty breath fanning my face. "I'm fucking addicted and obsessed with you if you haven't noticed." He paused as he studied me while I took a deep breath. "Are you sure you can't stand me?" He asked. "Or are we going to keep on lying to ourselves, babydoll?" ~ Vittoria Belluci, popularly known as 'Lilith' is short tempered, bossy, fiesty, poor social skills and a beautiful resting bitch face. Roman Argentero, Brooklyn's popular mafia don known for his playboy status, cockiness, flirtatious behavior but also ruthless and finally his Greek god appearance. A one night stand in the past, an arranged marriage, a stupid bet, a hatred she has for him and his family, and an addiction he has to her. Will she find out how her sister died? Or who keeps wanting to kill off her family? And doing all that with a fragile promise to herself to not fall in love. What happens when a Belluci falls in love with an Argentero who is already addicted to her?

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45 Chapters
Chapter 1
~ VITTORIA ~*Two days ago*One, ruining my pretty expensive Yara or Vos Nadia's shoes. Two, when a crook failed to keep a deal.These were the two things that always built up my irritation rapidly. It also didn't fail to make my mood go from zero to hundred in a split second.None between the two was a lesser irritation than the other so fortunately or unfortunately, the second was the problem at the moment."Start the car right now and don't waste my fucking time, god dammit!" I hissed, doubling my steps as I left the casino."Ma'am, he is in down South Brooklyn right now, the Argentero Territory at the moment." Nicola, my wingwoman reported, doubling her steps to catch up with mine."Did I ask?" I spat out, turning to glare at her. "No Ma'am." "And do I look like I care?" "Certainly not, Ma'am." Nicola replied. "Now start this damn car!" I hissed again making Nicola run to the driver's seat. "You!" I beckoned to a tall heavily built dude who had been standing outside the casin
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Chapter 2
~VITTORIA~*Present*"What were you thinking, you bitch?! Going to stab an Angentero?!" I was used to him calling me a bitch. I could almost bet on him that he sometimes forgot my name for real. And when I thought about it, how else was a bitch supposed to act? Exactly like one. Like a bitch. I rolled my eyes at my father, Tiziano knowing it would infuriate him more than he was. I took up my hand from the top of my crossed legs and stared at my fingernails boredly. If only he knew about me and Roman Argentero, he would have been thankful to me, that I had in fact attempted to inflict the littlest pain on him. "Are you trying to start a war, Vittoria?!!" He yelled in my ear which threatened my ear drums' health a bit. That was a pleasant surprise. I scoffed. "One point for you calling me by my name. Who knows before the end of the year, you would have earned one more." He slammed his hand on the table in front of him but it did not make me flinch. I was used to him. And I was u
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Chapter 3
~ ROMAN ~I spread out my legs and pushed down the girl's head on my hardened dick, letting it hit the back of her throat. She gagged and I fisted her hair in my hands, repeating the same motion. She took it like the good girl she was and gagged once more, before sucking me off. "You're doing better today, Jes," I said and she shot me a look which immediately told me that she indeed wasn't Jes. I chuckled at that as she continued to please me, not saying a word. With her hair still fisted in my hand, I pulled out her head making her wince in pain while I stood up. She was still on her knees in front of me but I was holding her up by her hair to look at me. "Didn't you like this, Goldie?" I asked her, tilting my head to the side. She licked her lips and giggled a little. She was high as fuck. "My name's Grace." She replied before winking at me.I chuckled again. I didn't care that much to want to remember whatever her name was. She was going to be useless to me in the next few minu
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Chapter 4
~VITTORIA~Three, two, one. The door opened. Then immediately got shut in my face. "Go away." Yara, my cousin said from the other side of the door. "Always a pleasure to see you, Yara," I replied to her, sarcasm dripping from my tone. The door came open and she stood in front of me, eyeing me in disgust. "With the way you come often to this house, someone might think we share the same father." "I would wish that. Except being your sister is my worst nightmare.""Touche." She commented, turning backwards to strut into the house while I followed. "Where's uncle?" I asked watching her go to sit on the counter at their house bar. Some paper files were beside her and there was a laptop on as well. She rolled her eyes. "At his office obviously. Where else would he be?" "At least you're helpful," I said turning to go in the direction of his office. "Screw yourself, Lilith." She called from behind and I clenched my Jaws together, flipping her off. She knew how much I hated to be calle
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Chapter 5
~ VITTORIA ~A thud from inside Simone’s office made the whole room fall silent and dragged both me and Roman’s attention to the door. Another noise followed from inside making Yara walk over to where we were. A thud from inside Simone’s office made the whole room fall silent and dragged both me and Roman’s attention to the door. Another noise followed from inside making Yara walk over to where we were. “I think they’re fighting.” She stated like it wasn’t obvious enough. Every Argentero in the room had their eyes on the non- Argenteros and before we knew it, some of them had started to drop their glass cups. Roman hadn’t moved from his position and I was still trapped by him, unable to stand or do anything. Another thud followed again and a shattering sound was heard. Roman sighed looking back at me. “They just had to ruin this. I was actually enjoying it.” He said before straightening up. “Might as well go over and prevent some bloodshed yeah?” He asked and without waiting for a
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Chapter 6
~VITTORIA~We took cover behind one of the front pews with Roman holding my hand tightly while a pool of blood was rapidly forming next to the dead priest.It was a hassle as everyone tried to figure out what was happening. The Argentero side which was more populated was still in a state of confusion as the men tried to shield the women, Simone and younger teenagers.There were then some gunshots from the Argentero side and two of the Masked men dropped to the floor.My eyes darted to where Uncle Quinto, Yara and Tiziano sat. It wasn't any different from the Argentero side, except at the moment, one of the Masked guys was walk- running towards Tiziano. I wasn't with a gun and in this commotion, my knife wouldn't really help me.Uncle Quinto fired at him and he fell to the ground immediately.I made to stand up but was held tighter by Roman and I turned to see him looking at me. "It's not safe to go out yet." He said with a head shake. He aimed at one of the masked men and shot at him,
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Chapter 7
~VITTORIA~I watched Tiziano lay unconsciously later that night in his room. The doctor had said his head injury was severe and he would take some time before regaining consciousness soon so we just had to wait. The house was heavily guarded and his wingman and most trusted soladatos were there as well."You don't have to be so worried." Uncle Quinto said passing me a glass of alcohol.I gulped down the whole thing in a flash and handed it over to one of the housekeepers to take away. "As if. I'm not going to act like I care that much honestly. Plus it's his fault for making this stupid business deal with that family. Merging territories? Expanding businesses? Of course, they'd want to kill us off and take everything for themselves."Uncle Quinto sighed. He looked exhausted and he still had his clothes from the wedding earlier. While I had changed out of my wedding dress immediately after I got home into a more comfortable dress and had even had a couple of drinks before deciding it w
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Chapter 8
~ROMAN~I observed Zaed Stokes as we discussed business. He was composed, thought before he spoke and most importantly the perfect person for the kind of work I wanted to do with him. I was impressed I couldn't lie and the aura of authority that surrounded him lived up to his name."That would be all," I told him, gulping down the remaining alcohol. I stretched out my hand and Diego handed over some documents to me. "Look into it and let me know if there's something you find unfavourable," I said setting down the envelope in front of him.He nodded, blowing out some smoke from his cigarette. "I see the Argenteros really don't go well with the Bratva. That can be fixed with one meeting. Leave it to me."I smiled at him. He did know how to rub people the right way. "That would be appreciated," I answered as I checked the time before standing up. I had two other appointments to meet up with, first to go see my mother and secondly, to pick up the woman who wanted to make herself a widow s
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Chapter 9
~VITTORIA~I stomped out after I was told Roman had come to the house to see he was still in his car. He had come with Diego, who was leaning on the car, arms folded as the sun rays hit the windscreen leaving a blinding reflection on it.Roman came out of the car, then proceeded to take out a large bouquet from the back before walking towards the front porch where I stood.He was dressed casually, in an undershirt and a jacket thrown on top with a pair of jeans and boots. It was the first time I was seeing him dressed in anything that wasn't a shirt neatly tucked into his trousers or a suit. And as much as I hated him and hated to admit, even to myself, he really looked good.He beamed while waving at me and I rolled my eyes at him. "Hey, Mrs Argentero!" He called out, walking past Tiziano's men who were scattered at literally every point of the house."It's Vittoria Belluci." I corrected as he stopped in front of me, smirking."You still holding a grudge huh?" He asked, handing me th
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Chapter 10
~VITTORIA~"Says who, babydoll?" He asked, making another turn nonchalantly as my eyes scanned every corner of the road."I'm not bad with directions. This wasn't where we were at last time." I replied, suddenly alert."I'm taking you to my house." He said stressing out the 'MY'. My eyes went back to him just as I felt the car come to a halt. All these while I had thought that I was going to be at his family house because I assumed he lived there and that was what I had prepared myself for. But I had never imagined I would have to live with him. Differently. Alone."Don't worry, I wouldn't kidnap my wife." He said with a wink.I rolled my eyes away from him and looked to see we were now in front of a different gate. Some dudes opened the gate and we drove in.We stopped in front of his house and he got out. I did the same too, not waiting for him to get the door for me. He came to me and shook his head. "Already in a haste to see what our bedroom looks like?" He asked putting his hand
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