A Handful Of Stars

A Handful Of Stars

By:  Ash  Ongoing
Language: English
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Shayla Sengupta is the type of woman who has that razor-sharp smile, a devil-may-care attitude and has the type of beauty that poets write sonnets about. She knows it and also knows just how to use all of it to get what she wants.But after a handful of most unfortunate incidents where she almost ends up drowning in the dangerous waters she tried to tread on ; Shayla faces the danger of dying due to thirst. Does a certain blue eyed boy with the voice of a nightingale prove to be the water for Shayla when she is stuck in the desert?

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152 Chapters
00 | epigraph
━━━━━━ ❝ I can say with great certainty and absolute honesty that I did not know what love was ;until I knew what love was not. ❞-P.T. Berkey. ━━━━━━  Extended description :After taking a break from his overwhelming career, Cameron Taylor decides to return to his hometown with his parents, and live in some peace. But fate seemed to have other plans when the charming Shayla Sengupta's path crosses with his' and both are forced to take the same journey ; where love starts to blossom.After battling against their demons and dodging all the curveballs that life throws their way - they finally take a breath of fresh air and swear to give themselves the perfect happily ever after that they could afford in this imperfect
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01 | rain, come again another day.
SHAYLA'S P.O.VThe water droplets slid over the glass lazily, as if they couldn't be less bothered to submit to the will of gravity.Perhaps it would be fun to sit inside those droplets and make a gravity propelled ride straight to the earth soil, slow slow slow. I laughed quietly to myself at the thought as I opened the window by an inch and stuck my hand out. I tilted my fingers up, watching the remnants of the drops run down my fingers like tiny rivers.I retreated back, leaving the window a bit open so that I could hum quietly to the steady drumming of the raindrops while reading my book.It was how the rainy days were here but I still wasn't quite used to it. Quite a bit of change from the ruthless rhapsody of rain in Mumbai, I had to admit. Ah Mumbai, a place with some of my dearest memories. One of them was me talking about cricket and having steaming cups of tea with Farhan on Mumbai's rainy days, when the rain played orchestra on the cedar roof.But my little bubble of peace
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02 | adiós , tonto niño.
SHAYLA'S P.O.V "Mhmm. Jesus Christ." I whispered as I felt Easton grip my hips harder and press another hot kiss to the scorching skin of my inner thigh, even though we had just finished a round that left both of us quite satisfied."Shay, all my life I was under the influence that you and your family practised Hinduism - and yet here you are, taking Jesus' name. Has my whole life been a lie?" Easton chuckled against my skin and I felt the vibrations pass through my skin."I don't think of which God's name I am taking when a guy goes down on me, Easton."He shook his head, pressing more butterly kisses to my thigh. "Taking God's name while sinning - you're going to go to hell, Sengupta.""Duh. Need to explore the hell of every religion, you see.""Mhm, I don't know if you will see me there, though." He muttered, shooting me a sly smile,"I am such an angel.""Of course, you are.""We are talking about such things while fucking, I can practically see our names being underlined in red in
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03 | too much of beauty should be considered illegal.
SHAYLA'S P.O.V The dinner was nothing short of awkward, for me at least. 
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04 | not giving a shit.
SHAYLA'S P.O.V  I woke up with this bloody ray of sunlight dancing right on my face ; that had unfortunately escaped the trap of the thick curtains and was somehow successful in wreaking havoc and ruining my elysian sleep. 
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05 | a pretty little ray of pitch black.
SHAYLA'S P.O.V  "Mom, this is enough. It has only been three days but I am sure I can't reside in the same room as Cameron anymore!" Camille yelled as she stomped into the living room where Tracy was narrating me stories about her teenage. 
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06 | charms of a belly dancer.
SHAYLA'S P.O.V  "I hope you are not bailing out on me, Cameron," I smiled at him as I joined him on the couch. "You
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07 | in which her smiles contaminated his mind.
SHAYLA'S P.O.V "Come on, Mille! Dance! Move your hips. Free your inner enchantress!" I shouted at Mille as she threw her arms up awkwardly and tried to do a hip twist. 
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08 | tales of a hopeless romantic.
SHAYLA'S P.O.V  When the words tumbled out of Zeke's lips and Cameron seemed to freeze at his words, all I could see was red. 
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09 | the fine art of seduction.
SHAYLA'S P.O.VI did not wear any heavy emotion well. I have always had this habit of dressing up the darkest of my emotions in tight, costly fabrics ; too much of eyeliner and the boldest strokes of lipstick, and high heels. I tried to shove all of such feelings deep down, hoping they would go away. But the dark, heavy emotions always left a trail, and it lingered there. They burned into my memories. The feeling was always undeniably there, swirling beneath the surface, threatening to burst out at the softest of words & gestures. It was a very ugly thing that screamed for attention, demanded to be freed, but I couldn't let it out. So instead, I smiled and tried to revel in the glances that were always thrown my way. So instead, I thrived and seeked solace in the temporary intimacy offered by casual hookups. Last night had left me quite frazzled. And a little (lot) flustered too. For the first time in my life I felt all flustered for kissing a guy on the cheek. And so, to lighten m
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