By:  Victor Nnamdi  Completed
Language: English
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Brought into a whole new state of life, Dale kept trying to find her way out of her present situation, tried letting go but it kept hunting her. The battle continues as the hunter remains hunted.

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Wow, great story, love to read more of this.
2020-07-31 12:29:19
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Gift Odulesi
Awesome story.??
2020-06-11 01:30:31
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Faith Odulesi
Well, yay to 70 hehe
2020-06-10 14:58:15
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Nice story. #support. #love ??❤️??
2020-05-19 02:52:54
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Faith Odulesi
Good luck dearest! Great story ???❤
2020-05-18 18:46:54
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Laura Jump
Weak storyline. Not very enjoyable. Mistakes made making it difficult to follow. Needs editing properly.
2021-04-15 05:31:47
55 Chapters
chapter 1
It was almost midnight at East bay. There was not a single soul in sight except for the crickets bargaining at a high pitch.A glowing figure emerged from the darkness, easily identified by anyone who knew her, as Nicky."At least leaving those God forsaken motherfuckers is better than playing humble.” She heaved a sigh of relief. She had the habit of rubbing her neck constantly. It was an act that brought to one's notice the new heart tattoo she had got on her twenty third birthday.She kept walking, creating a pattern to the ears on every step with her boots, wearing a victorious smile.She had left home after a rough argument with her parents who wouldn’t let her be. Nicky felt finally free, she had always wanted things to go her way.She kept walking, possessing a step which made her backside wobble, as she was well endowed and always a subject among men whenever she passed by.As she walked along the path, she got drawn to the music coming from a near-by club.“That’s more like it
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chapter 2
It was a bright day, the sun smiled down on anything visible. "Where am I?" Ken struggled in thought.He felt himself falling deep down in his mind, it was getting hotter, darker. He kept on sweating as multiple voices clouded his mind. Trying to escape this scenario, he cried out in frustration."He spoke... And he blinked!" Came a familiar voice. "Yo Man, God Dammit! You had me worried, I thought we'd lost you man, welcome back bro." It was Benny, his most trusted gang member dressed in a green vintage shirt with the gang Bandana across his forehead, he had a funny accent."Hey nurses, my man is back!" Benny stood perplexed, wearing a mighty grin as he beckoned joyfully to the nurses, as they came running with trays containing injections, and some syrups."Calm down mister, can you see me?" Asked the chief nurse in charge, as they tried holding a confused Ken trying to flee their touch."Where am
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chapter 3
Luckily enough, they permitted a visual of a swollen stomach before blackout, which he never seemed to realize until then.The next day, reality dawned on Ken as he fully remembered, all that had happened.He kept on looking at the motionless body of Nicky, fixed with various life support machines, multiple fluids injected into her skin.At first he felt sympathetic, readjusted his pillow and took another glance, reflecting about his kind of life. It was far tougher to be with a baby if he cared to admit. He had a rough life to live. Ken led a dangerous life.From the various gang parole, to the various attacks they kept on planning just to keep up the business of dealing with rival gangs. "I have to be there to maintain the business." Ken warned himself."Goddammit I shouldn't have drank that stuff." He kept on lamenting quietly to himself, pounding his fist against the guard rails of the ho
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chapter 4
The next morning Nicky woke up with a high fever and a throbbing headache. Every time she moved her head, the pain got worse and so she laid still, trying to recall where she was and where she had been."What’s going on?” She muttered, squinting her eyes to accommodate the blinding illumination. Everything seemed so bright. "Welcome back miss." Came an elderly voice. It was the doctor standing beside the bed she was in."How did I get here Doctor?" She muttered. She kept scanning the room amidst confusion."Ouch." Nicky felt a sharp pain on her head, her body seemed to grow warmer.Nicky watched in disbelieve as she saw her bulging belly."How did this happen?!" Nicky screamed, reflexive tears rolling down her cheeks as she pulled herself from side to side."How did this?" Nicky screamed. "How... How-" She seemed unable to maintain a complete statement, stuttering i
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Chapter 5
Back at Maribel street.Commotion stirred up in Ken's apartment as noises were heard, no one dared to intervene, to avoid bloodshed. It was a regular occurrence. It had begun shortly after Ben’s arrival.Ben got to the main entrance. He was sweating all over, pacing from side to side. He thought in fear what to do or say. “Ho shit, damn it, God help me.” Ben begged and bowing to no one in particular.“Get in here at once!” Screamed Ken through a speaker hidden somewhere at the main entrance.Ken had the compound wired round with CCTV cameras and hidden speakers, he paid utmost attention to security fails.“Shit.” Ben freaked out almost losing balance. The doors opened revealing Ken in a black T-shirt as he, sat backing Ben at a corner of the room.The living room had expensive furniture all over, a center table littered with packets of c
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Chapter 6
Life in Mrs Helen's quarters was a happy one. It was distinct from the constant bickering she suffered back with her parents, who probably didn't care that she had left. Nicky had just had a bath and headed into the bedroom where Mrs Helen was waiting."Hello darling, don't you look beautiful." Mrs Helen welcomed her, raising her arms to help Nicky have a seat. She wore an elegant smile on her face.Mrs Helen had bought Nicky some outfut, one of which she wore. She was dressed in a fine blue gown and seemed completely at ease in the grandiose setting; enormous chandelier hung from the ceilings and swathes of Holly and ivy decorated the large bay windows. Nicky sat feeling shy, and kept looking at the flower arrangements or gazing at paintings planing how to start her appreciative speech until, to her relief."So how are u feeling today?" Mrs Helen spoke first."I'm fine, thank you so
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chapter 7
The premise became visible to Nicky. Two duplexes stood firmly beside a garage. She began to take in the vicinity. From the colorful and well designed pool to the fleet of cars parked, the fountain which stood at the center, and the colorful flowers."Gosh." She stood perplexed, moved by material things. She had fallen in love again."This bastard is freaky rich!" Nicky spoke, still lost in thought.The waiting driver had sensed the need to intervene as it was seeming clear that his client was basically hypnotized. He drove closer and honked his horn, jolting Nicky back to reality.
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Chapter 8
"Ugh!" Nicky let out a scream with the capacity to make the ears bleed. The agony she felt was indefinable, a pain she bore for something against her wish. She had no idea what had to be done.She clutched on to the bathroom tap and the toilet seat to support herself, grinding her fingers into the metal tap, she pushed through gritted teeth and shut her eyes. Her veins were palpable and she stopped pushing to catch her breath. She panted heavily, coated in sweat, her eyes rolled all the way to the back of her head. With one last strength, she pushed with her might and it seemed the pain eased. The stunning cry of a baby filled the bathroom while darkness enveloped her in its warmth.*The church service was over and Mrs Helen was heading home, the church was two streets away from her residence. She kept on soloing the Amazing Grace, she had a great voice and was once a choir leader."Bles
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Chapter 9
The den seemed to have added a new look as a large swimming pool was built in front of it. The gate was heavily guarded but Nicky was wise enough to play the bad girl part, she rolled up her sleeves, knotted her T-shirt, she wore a revealing crop Jacket, giving a view of her flattened belly. She got a cigarette and chewed gum excessively. All these attribute coupled with the right behavior granted her an access.   She took on a cool spot and sat at a corner of the bar, sipping her drink. She watched the naked whores moving their body to the rhythmic flow of the music as lust-filled men drooled. Men drinking and laughing out loud, boys and girls rocking on the dance floor. Nicky hadn’t fully regained her health, she felt dizzy and covered her head with the pull over from her jacket and slept not bothered by the loud vibrations coming from the speakers.    She had a dream, finding herself among Ken’s entourage in style, she had her choice
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chapter 10
 FIVE YEARS LATER  Mrs. Helen smiled at the child, she was proving to be a kid determined to survive. Daniella was her name. Mrs Helen had given it to her, with the quote that she was going to be a survival through all that life had to offer. She was a happy child, proving to live above her reputation.  Six years of age, tall and had a rapid growth. Always daring among her peers, wanting to know all things, beating up boys who trashed their feminine flow, she ruled amongst her female counterparts and was nick-named the fairy princess by the neighborhood for her good manners and beauty. 
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