Accidentally, I Slept With Lycan King!

Accidentally, I Slept With Lycan King!

By:  Virgolicious  Ongoing
Language: English
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On her 18th birthday, Giselle Primrose ended up sleeping with a man while intoxicated. Unfortunately, that man happened to be a Lycan King named Damien Nightshade, who was an enemy of her werewolf pack. As Giselle tried to cover up her mistake, she was caught by her own mate, who happened to be the Alpha King. Unfortunately, the Lycan King who slept with her was actually 10 years older than her. What would happen to Giselle next? What would become of her fate as a mate to the Alpha King, while having engaged in a one-night stand with a Lycan King?

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5 Chapters
Chapter 1
In the modern era, several people started to enjoy various technological advancements. Traditions and cultures slowly disappeared due to the numerous technological changes that continued to invade the progress of time.The impact of time's development is not limited to human beings only; it extends to the traditions of a group of werewolves as well, thanks to the evolving era.When werewolves reach the age of 18, they used to celebrate marriages to unite their destined mates within their pack. However, things were different this time. At the age of 18, to signify a person's maturity, a grand birthday party was held.Just like the extravagant 18th birthday party held at a luxurious hotel for a girl who was the mate of the Alpha King in her pack. The beautiful girl wearing a red dress looked stunning, even standing out among the guests attending her party.Not only werewolves but also the girl's friends, who were ordinary humans unaware of her true identity, came to liven up her birthda
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Chapter 2
The evening was getting late. One by one, Giselle's friends started to leave the location of her birthday party. It wasn't just Giselle who decided to stay at the hotel, which boasted the most luxurious and expensive facilities in the city."Giselle, we have to say goodbye now. My parents have come to pick me up," said a girl who happened to be one of Giselle's close friends.Giselle, already drunk from consuming a lot of alcohol, could only smile and nod. Her awareness was on the verge of fading, and she had even stumbled a few times if it weren't for her friends' support."Y- yes! OUCH! Okay! Be- careful! Bye!" Giselle stammered, even bumping into a friend next to her."You should go back to your room, Giselle. You know Alpha is waiting for you there," said one of Giselle's friends, who had just left with her friend who said goodbye to Giselle.Giselle simply nodded, "Don't worry! He'll definitely stay up until late at night!" she exclaimed with a sometimes high-pitched and smiling
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Chapter 3
The next morning…Giselle slowly began to stir from her slumber. She blinked her eyes, trying to clear the haze of sleep that clung to her mind. As she shifted in bed, her senses started to return, and that's when she noticed something unusual. She was completely naked, and her memory of the previous night was fragmented and blurry.Confusion gripped her as she looked around the dimly lit room. It was unfamiliar, and she couldn't recognize any of the furnishings. Panic began to set in, and she clutched the blanket that covered her body tightly.Desperate for answers, Giselle turned her head to the side, and there, on the bedside table, was an unexpected sight. A stack of crisp $100 bills, totaling $500, lay neatly arranged. There was no note, no explanation, just the money.Her first thought was that it must be from Vexeon, a gift or a gesture from the man she had spent the night with, or at least she thought she had. A sense of relief washed over her momentarily, and she allowed hers
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Chapter 4
Meanwhile, on other side…The sleek, two door luxury car glided smoothly through the open wrought iron gates of the expansive estate, its polished black exterior glistening under the afternoon sun. The car's powerful engine purred softly as it maneuvered gracefully along the cobblestone driveway, flanked by impeccably manicured gardens that showcased an array of colorful blooms.The luxury house, a magnificent structure dominating the landscape, was a striking sight to behold. Its exterior was predominantly adorned in various shades of black, giving it an air of elegance and mystery. Tall, arched windows with ornate ironwork grilles punctuated the facade, and the slate roof added a touch of grandeur to the overall design.As the car parked in the circular driveway in front of the house, a well dressed man stepped out. He exuded an aura of sophistication and refinement, and he walked with purpose towards the entrance, his footsteps echoing faintly on the marble path.Inside the house,
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Chapter 5. Remember Me?
Giselle savored the warmth of the morning sunlight streaming through her window as she woke up, the events of her birthday party still lingering in her mind. With a yawn, she stepped out of her room, the familiar creak of the door serving as a gentle reminder of another day.Downstairs, the aroma of brewing coffee filled the air, drawing Giselle toward the heart of the house. Gilbert, her father, sat at the dining table, engrossed in the morning newspaper. Mia, her mother, was bustling around the kitchen, putting the finishing touches on a hearty breakfast."Good morning, my dear princess," Gilbert greeted, looking up from the newspaper, a warm smile on his face.Giselle returned the smile, "Good morning, Dad," and took a seat at the table.Mia emerged from the kitchen, carrying plates of omelette and grilled meat. She placed them in front of Giselle and Gilbert, saying, "You're welcome." The aroma of the food wafted through the air, enticing Giselle's appetite.They began their break
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