The Pure-Hearted Princess and the Kiss of Darkness

The Pure-Hearted Princess and the Kiss of Darkness

By:  Moonlight Muse  Updated just now
Language: English
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Kataleya Tamia Rossi is a twenty-year-old young woman known for her tender heart and passionate desire to help all those around her. Many say she is the mirror of her mother, Kiara, in more ways than one. All of her life she's had one goal, to find the boy who protected her and showed her kindness in her darkest moment. A boy who lost everything in the process. Kataleya has spent the latter years of her life working hard on a project that took root in her mind as a child - a project which has now been brought to life. The time to meet him again has finally arrived. Kataleya knows she'll have to overcome many challenges along the way but she's ready. Even when her own special abilities are at a stage in which they're becoming extremely deadly to her, she doesn't care. She is ready to risk it all and wants nothing more than to take away the pain and hatred that has burdened the heart of the boy she fell in love with years ago. Enrique Ignacio Escarra is the ruthless and cold-hearted Alpha of the most powerful pack in Puerto Rico. His goal? To rule the entire island single-handed. But hunger for too much power is deadlier than an arrow through one's heart and Enrique is already shrouded deep in the abyss of darkness. Will Kataleyas love and determination be able to bring him to the light? Or will his hatred drown her in the poisonous depth of the darkness itself? Book 5&6 of the Rossi Legacies Please note each duet runs under one title. Alpha Leo and the Heart of Fire - Book 1 & 2 The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin - Book 3 & 4 Follow me on IG - Author.Muse

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Y. Jetter
(Not so) patiently waiting for Kat’s 2nd book! The writing & plot development since Her Forbidden Alpha has truly surprised me. Although set in a fantasy world, the characters and their experiences are relatable; I feel as though I know them all personally. Bravo, I give ‘em 2 thumbs way up!
2024-06-21 01:58:35
user avatar
When everyone is at the edge of their seats waiting for part2 you know the book is good. Continued greatness from this author. I suggest that while you wait you go and read all of Author Muse books if you have not already. All her books are amazing. Thank you Muse for this amazing story ;)
2024-06-18 03:58:28
default avatar
Annarose Krone
Can’t wait for part 2!! The slow burn is real
2024-06-15 03:50:56
user avatar
Madalena De Melo Sousa
Muse you are number 1 ! The best! This part 1 was amasing! Can't wait for part 2!
2024-06-14 22:08:48
user avatar
Taib4real Sanni
Only Author Moonlight Muse manages to put my emotions in a whirlwind with her Amazing characters. Kataleya is one Character I have Loved since her childhood and I Love the Pure,Kind, Strong and brave woman she has become. This Bitter and yet Sweet story is by far my Favourite of the Legacies🤍🤍
2024-06-14 19:12:42
default avatar
This book just gets better and better your characters feel real every time you read the book. You are my number one writer
2024-06-14 15:05:36
user avatar
Theresa Clark
Muse always gives us amazing strong female characters. Kataleya would have to be my favourite so far. Intelligent, Kind and caring but I think we are yet to see her true self. Thank you for this well written book. looking forward to part 2..
2024-06-14 12:44:49
user avatar
Camila Castro
Muse please don't kill my werewolf king, my Alejandro :( :( :( Nor any of the characters, I think I will die with them.
2024-06-13 21:38:23
user avatar
Leslie Wright
Your books are amazing and update how you feel you can. Stay strong ... and please take care of yourself first!
2024-06-12 12:49:11
user avatar
Quite simply my favorite author ! Love her books and the universe he creates ...... this one here is another gem.
2024-06-07 16:41:27
user avatar
Jessica Santiago
Muse you continue to amaze me with these mind blowing stories…. It takes us to the story and imagination.. thank you for these lovely stories
2024-06-07 10:01:07
default avatar
I am really enjoying this book a lot :)
2024-06-04 19:50:26
default avatar
Aadya Chawla
AMAZING AND THE MOST LOVELY STORY ONE CAN EXPECT. moonlight muse has outdone herself immensely this time. no actually not true cause i can say the same for all of her books. love her writing ...️...️
2024-06-04 12:31:00
user avatar
Maria Huerta
Another amazing book that keeps you wanting more... Every single book this author has written is absolutely amazing and will continue to pull you into reading her other books which have you hooked and begging for more! One of the best authors I've had and will continue to read of all time!
2024-05-30 13:28:17
user avatar
This book is awesome!! My favorite after Alejandro books!! Sadly updates are slower than usual!! I know we all have our personal problems and things going on… meanwhile i started reading other completed books while i wait and the dark side of fate is really good! I recommend it
2024-05-19 10:10:21
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89 Chapters
1. These Emotions
~ KATALEYA ~ ‘Stay away from me!’ ‘W-why?’ The air whooshes from my lungs on a broken gasp. ‘I hate you! I hate the fact that I ever met you!’ Guilt rips through me as tears burn my eyes, blurring my vision until I can barely make out his handsome face, contorted with ruthless fury. ‘You cost me my entire future!’ I clamp my hands over my ears, trying to drown out the harsh cries of anger, but his anguished voice continues to penetrate my mind. ‘I should have left you to die!’ My lungs stop working, the air within them quickly turning stagnant. How could he say such a thing? I’m sorry… It hurts, it hurts, it hurts. ‘It’s your fault that everything went wrong!’ No, please stop. I can’t breathe. I can’t think. I don’t know how much more of this I can take before I shatter completely. ‘I hate you!’ Those cruel words are the last thing I hear, the final blow of agony that rips me from my thoughts and brings me back to the present. I blink rapidly, quickly swiping the tear
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2. My Vow
~ KATALEYA ~ Staring down at the picture, my memories bleed into my reality until I can taste the salty tears that once ran down my face onto my lips. I look away only when the pain in my chest becomes too much to bear. All my life I was treated like a princess, taken care of by my family and our pack. Not only because I am the daughter of the Lycan King but also because of what happened back then, back when our two packs collided. I was six years old when I was kidnapped by them. I still remember being carried away, hoping that my daddy will save me… but he didn’t come and I was locked away by the monster who had taken me; Sebastian Escarra, the previous Alpha of The Fuego De Ceniza Pack. A man who had sold his soul to the devil himself. Enrique, Sebastian Escarra’s own son, had been the light that protected me from the darkness, filling me with the beacon of hope even on the worst of days, one who brought me some solace. Like all things in life, his act of kindness came at a s
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3. Club Jewels
~ ENRIQUE ~ The smell of perfume and alcohol fills my nose as I sit on the couch in the booth in the VIP lounge of the club. A place I come often enough for a little distraction from my own mind, duties, and demons. I swirl the drink in my glass as I watch the three women in nothing but thongs and jewelled nipple coverings dance around the poles, grinding their bodies against one another sensually. For a moment they manage to capture my attention as two of them rub their boobs together, their hands running over one another’s thick ass. They’re curvy, with meat on them just like I like them, but it’s not enough tonight. Even when they glance at me before they begin to kiss each other, it doesn’t manage to distract me entirely. They’re satisfying enough to look at, but it’s doing nothing for me. One of them is my usual, and the other two I selected on my way in, but tonight I’m unable to keep my mind off work. Two women sit beside me, stroking my chest and thighs, promising a good
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4. Taking a Stance Alone
~ KATALEYA ~ “No thank you, I don’t want anything…” I freeze, realising who had just asked me. That deep baritone sends shivers down my spine, and I can’t help but stare at that perfectly chiselled jaw as he looks ahead. Goddess… He looks even more breathtakingly handsome than the picture, and my heart is racing a thousand beats per hour as I take in that tan skin, that rugged stubble, that sharp nose. He’s here… beside me. Those years of waiting and yearning for him, they’re over… he’s right here, just a touch away. There are not enough words to explain this moment that I have dreamt of for years. Time seems to stand still and it’s just the two of us. Gone is the pounding music of the club, the shouting and commotion of those around us… I gaze up at him as he downs his drink. It’s just the two of us… The moment the glass is slammed down, I’m thrown back into the present. Say something! But my lips are not cooperating. Being so close to him has rendered me speechless and a
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5. Amongst Idiots
~ ENRIQUE ~“And you expect me to believe that a woman took all seven of you out?” I ask coldly, glaring at the idiots before me.“Yes, Alpha, we don’t know why she even did that... She first tried to seduce me and when I declined… well, she started acting out.” Idiot number one says.I stare down at the woman who is still unconscious as she’s lying on the couch in my office, with my jacket over her ass. I don’t know why she’s wearing such a revealing dress. It’s obvious none of these assholes could keep their eyes off her, and it’s irritating me.“Why do I feel that this entire story is a lie?” I ask venomously. These men are from the most recent pack I’ve taken control of, and I don’t trust the sleaze balls.“Alpha, it’s no problem. Just let her go,” Idiot number two adds.“Why? Do you have something to hide?” I ask, turning and glaring coldly at the man who had spoken. He’s sporting a bloody nose and I’m no fool… besides, none of them dared answer my question.“No! No, Alpha, not
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6. A Shadow of the Past
~ ENRIQUE ~ The sudden urge to tear her clothes off sneaks into my mind and I tense, pushing myself off her.What the fuck?I quickly jerk away as if I’ve just been burned, glaring at the culprit behind this, yet she lays there looking all innocent but at the same time absolutely fucking sexy and fuckable- a pout on her plump lips as she lays there breathing hard, the faint outline of her nipples visible through her fitted dress.Right… It's too hot in here. Is the air conditioning not working?Frowning, I glare at the woman on the bed. I better bind her before she goes looking for someone to fuck. There’s a knock on the open door and Carlos stands there.“Bind her,” I order, brushing past him, and without a glance back I make my way to my quarters, which cover half of the top floor. I shut the door behind me, the click echoing loudly in the room.Crossing the room, I enter my office, shutting the door behind me before I walk over to one of the many shelves and take down a small wood
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7. A Prisoner?
~ KATALEYA ~ I slowly sit up, unable to pretend that it didn’t hurt. His touch lingers, burning my skin where he had gripped my face tightly. I slip my hands out of the ropes I have already loosened and touch my cheek. For a moment I truly felt that he did recognise me… but then it seemed he didn’t… or did he? I shake my head, trying to clear my circling thoughts. Sighing heavily, I rub my wrists gently, watching the bruises fade slightly. Bending down, I make quick work of removing the rope laced with wolfsbane from my ankles. ‘Valentina?’ I call. ‘Goddess! Kat! I was this close to calling Alpha Leo!’ she growls. We had already discussed a plan and I’m grateful she didn’t jump in to attack and followed my instructions. ‘Sorry, but I’m fine, I’m here in his pack house I think…’ I say, looking around. ‘Oh? So how did he feel knowing it was you?’ she asks excitedly, all annoyance gone. ‘He doesn’t know who I am… yet. I think… But I’m fine. I don’t know where my phone is, or if
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8. His Shocking Accusation
KATALEYA. My eyes fly open at those words. “No, not at-” “Don’t lie to me. What is it? Never seen an Alpha with a disability?” He throws at me venomously, his eyes filled with contempt as he sits back in his throne-like chair. He doesn’t even need a throne. The power that radiates off him is enough of a reminder to show who wears the crown here. He is the Alpha, there’s no doubt about that, but his aura intrigues me. How powerful is he? “Are you going to stare all day? This isn’t a circus.” My heart constricts at his words, and I shake my head. “No, it’s not that – I… Having a disability never makes a person beneath anyone or any less capable. My mother has a disability, but it does not stop her from being the most incredible woman ever. I admire her, and I can also see that you too are a great Alpha.” He cocks a brow, scoffing contemptuously as he opens his drawer and takes out a cigarette, deftly placing it between those gorgeous lips of his, and flicking the lighter as he li
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9. Horrid Events
~ KATALEYA ~ I speed up, breaking into a run, not worrying about the three who run after me. I need to get out of here. As long as I’m alone, I’ll be able to handle them. They’re here for me and that’s all they want. “Oi! What are you doing?!” Alondra shouts. I can feel the light being sucked from around us, feel the air becoming heavier and they are oblivious to it. How did they find me here so quickly? Was it when I used my powers last night? My eyes blaze pink as I emit a large part of my aura, a beacon to call them to me, drawing them to the powers that they desire. I’m down the stairs as fast as I can go, my heart thumping when I hear the shuddering rattling of their ragged breath, the air becoming cold. “She’s a witch!” Gabriela shouts, looking at me as she backs away. “Alpha! Alpha!” They may not have picked up on it as fast as me, but they’re sensing them now. It’s hard not to when they are this close. I hear Alondra gasp. The fear in them is only going to make this wo
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10. My Rage
~ ENRIQUE ~ If I thought she was fucking perfect with clothes on… then she was a dream without them. I know I have a type, and that type includes big boobs and meat, but I don’t think I’ve come anywhere close to seeing the perfect body – until now. Every inch of her is made to perfection. Her creamy smooth skin, soft pink nipples, gorgeous fucking hips that I want to grab onto and yank close. Sexy curvy thighs, and a plump smooth, perfect pussy that I want to part, devour and fuck. Deliciously perfect and a complete turn-on. But the thing that irritates me the most - the worst fucking part of this is she is one of them. A Rossi. And she fucking slapped me. I glare at the shut door, which she had just run out through, her big sexy ass jiggling as she rushed from the room. She fucking slapped me! She’s fucking weird. Who screams like a dumb chica with a body like that? What is she? Some sort of hentai chick? Well, she does look like one. Ok, focus. Fuck, this is my house. She
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