Auctioned for the Billionaire

Auctioned for the Billionaire

By:  Noely Silva  Ongoing
Language: English
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Virginia and her best friend Mariana find an unconventional way to change their lives and fulfill their dreams: They put their virginity up for auction. When Virginia receives an offer of one million reais, she doesn't think twice about handing over her only "asset" to the highest bidder. What she doesn't expect is that fate will play a trick on her, and what was supposed to be a simple business deal will turn into a torrid night of pleasure with unpredictable consequences.

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Delinda Schumacher
165 chapters 8-3-23
2023-08-04 08:32:22
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Padma Narayan
i thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. I used to wait eagerly fir tte updates as it was so engrossing. Loved the author's way of writing.
2023-06-29 19:31:54
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Got hooked by the cover. I think of this as a great read. ...
2023-04-23 10:11:54
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
39 chapters 3-24-23
2023-03-24 23:35:04
246 Chapters
The walk from the bus stop to my house was tiring, even more so after spending an hour and a half in a crowded public transportation vehicle. But it was part of my routine and I could only accept it.I came home longing to sit down and put my feet on something, because they were throbbing in my sneakers. No matter how comfortable the manufacturer insisted it was, there was no possibility of spending almost the whole day on my feet in a pleasant way. "Mom!" I called out, after throwing my purse onto the hard, worn out couch in the living room of the modest house where I had lived with my parents for twenty years. " Mom!” She didn't answer and worry soon took the place of tiredness and I practically ran out of the small house, looking for some sign of Ms. Beth, popularly known as my mother.   I could only breathe normally again when I saw that my mother was just sleeping peacefully in her bedroom.  She was probably so exhausted from another day of work that she had gone to bed early
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Chapter 1 " The Auction
Virginia When I entered the Season Hot club with Mariana, nervousness took over my whole body, but I closed my eyes and thought about the money that could change my parents' lives and when I opened them again, I filled myself with self-confidence and went for it. I would do it.  Mariana had discovered a secret club, which had a very unusual form of entertainment for those who had a lot of money. The club offered auctions where men could bid on various types of "goods", from a date with the woman of their choice, to a night of sex, or even someone's virginity, which could be from either a woman or a man.  Although the practice was something that I could consider very grotesque, all the people who were at the auction had come on their own, just as my friend and I had come, but of course the motivation was money, since the values could reach thousands of reals.  I understood that although everyone was there of their own free will, the fact that a man was bidding for sex or, worse,
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Chapter 2 " The Biggest Lance
Murilo I knew myself well enough to know that I was an extremely competitive man, and the truth was that I never entered into something to lose. And that night was no different.   When my cousin invited me to accompany him to a club for drinks, I quickly accepted. I had no idea that the club I had been invited to offered very "unusual" services.   Aquiles invited me to participate in an auction and I just accepted out of curiosity, since he did not tell me what the auction was about. When there were only a few minutes before the main attraction that was going to take place in that hall was about to begin, since the Season Hot club had other rooms, I saw my main competitor, Ethan Constantino, approaching the table next to ours.   We had been business rivals and had become declared enemies when my fiancée left me to be with him, just a few months ago.  I still hadn't swallowed that story and it was choking in my throat, that was the truth.   So when they announced the beginning of
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Chapter 3 " He'll give up!
VirgíniaI removed my dress, wearing only the lingerie I had chosen for this moment, as we were instructed, and the cold made me shiver. I thought about turning off the air conditioning, but when I turned to look for the control, I was facing a huge mirror that showed my whole body. I now felt a shiver of excitement at seeing myself dressed so sexy and remembered the man who had bid me the highest. I couldn't see him clearly, but just looking at him and hearing the way he spoke while bidding brought a new shiver to my almost naked body. I walked over to the side of the bed, analyzing the entire bedroom, which was decorated in shades reminiscent of summer, and the bed sheet itself was a very bright orange color, as were the curtains.I was about to smooth out the bedspread when I felt, rather than heard, the door being opened. I turned my body in that same direction and saw that the winner of the auction had entered the room. "Hi... " He spoke and his tone of voice was clearly indec
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Chapter 4 " You want me too
MuriloI tried to act in the most correct way possible, but I couldn't. Now, all I could think about was being completely inside the beautiful brunette who had awakened a dormant desire inside me and getting all over her delicately perfect body. I held her heavy breasts with one hand, dividing my attention between one and the other, and moved the other hand down her body, until I reached the triangle perfectly fitted between her beautiful and shapely legs, delighting in her pulsing vulva between my fingers. "You want me too" I felt her lubrication as I withdrew my fingers from her remarkably tight slit and took them into my mouth, tasting her flavor and delighting in her startled expression "Very tasty.” I kissed her lips again, so that she could taste herself in her mouth, and despite her expression of astonishment at my gesture, she returned my eagerness with equal passion. If only a few kisses from her managed to arouse great pleasure in me, I was already anticipating what it w
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Delightful evening
VirgíniaI was extremely upset with Murilo when I spoke honestly about what I thought of the sexual relationship we had, and he did not take me seriously. However, after taking a refreshing shower that removed from my skin the traces of what we had done a few minutes earlier, the feeling of light overcame any other feelings. I returned to the bedroom and Murilo immediately went into the bathroom, leaving me full of unholy thoughts. I removed the bedspread from the bed, leaving only the sheet underneath, and lay down with the towel robe I had on.My body was soon aroused by recent memories and after a quick analysis of the situation, I concluded that if I'm in the rain, then I'm going to get wet and decided that I wanted more. I wanted to have Murilo inside me again, I wanted a little more of that dizzying sensation of lewdness taking over my body and bringing me to the peak. With this in mind, I took off my robe, lay completely naked on the bed, and put one leg on either side of my
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No goodbye
MuriloI woke up with an unusual feeling of emptiness, and the previous night's events quickly came to mind. I ran my hand over the mattress of the bed and looked around the strange room, searching for the brunette who had managed to charm me from the first moment I laid eyes on her. I didn't see her anywhere, and I feared she had left without having a real conversation. Furthermore, I wanted to know more about her. One night alone had not been enough to cure all the desire I felt for the girl I knew only as "Summer. I hadn't even asked her real name, and now I was feeling like a complete idiot for not even doing that. But now it was too late to dwell on that fact. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom, to check if she was not there anymore, and found that she had indeed left, without even a note or anything. I looked at my watch, verifying that it was still very early, not even six o'clock in the morning and I imagined that she did this on purpose because she did not want to b
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Dreams in practice
VirgíniaMy life changed completely, in a positive way, after I participated in the underground auction and I didn't regret what I had done to achieve what I had dreamed of so much. That if I had followed the natural course of things, I might never have performed what today had become reality.Since I started working in a department store, I had dreamed of having my own, with my friend Mariana, who always had a tremendous talent for sewing, and I was sure that we could achieve success if we made a partnership.We thought of starting a small business, which in time would become large and profitable, but even something like this required a minimum amount of money, which we did not have.But after we each managed to earn a high amount, unconventionally, by the way, we were able to do what we wanted, and now our dream has come true. Today we will be inaugurating our store in great style, in a shopping mall in a noble neighborhood of São Paulo.Mariana and I resigned the day after the auc
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VirginiaDespite the promise I had made and the many times I had tried to talk calmly to my best friend, days passed without Mariana, and I was being able to talk as calmly as I wanted to. We were living in a constant rush, for all our expectations had been exceeded, and our store was a total success, attracting many people daily to get to know our distinctive style, thanks to Mariana's talent.We had conquered a very diverse clientele and several people complimented our space, for the simplicity and at the same time, good taste with which we decorated the store, leaving the place in a way that everyone seemed to appreciate. I didn't even know that I had this talent for decoration, but now, in front of so many people congratulating me and praising my efforts, I was happy.Many and diverse were also the compliments to my friend, and several people had already made it clear how much they liked the clothes Mariana created, and that it was even necessary to hire more seamstresses to hel
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MuriloAfter several nights going to the Season Hot club without finding out anything about my brunette, I gave up going there again, because I realized that it would not work out.I decided to return to my normal routine, which consisted of working as much as possible and sleeping as much as necessary to get through another day of work, my only entertainment being the times when I went out for a walk with my dog, a Siberian Husky.When I returned to my apartment after a long walk with Brutus, I found my cousin, Aquiles, sitting comfortably on my sofa, watching something on my TV." You're too lazy" I commented in a displeased tone, "Don't you have your apartment?”My cousin had been living in an apartment on the same floor as mine, in an elegant residential building in Paulista Garden in São Paulo, since we turned twenty-one and Mrs. Dinorá decided that we should have our own space. Dinorá is our paternal grandmother and raised us since we were too young to remember anything else.Di
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