Bad Romance

Bad Romance

By:  zety  Ongoing
Language: English
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Adapting to her current life and wanting to change for good. Angela Wilson, found herself stuck in between what's right and what's wrong and until the day she met the mysterious man who had ruthlessly entered her world as if it belongs to him and she found no way out of his grasp. ___ "You are not going anywhere Angela" My body stops moving as his deep and husky voice sounds so clear in my ears. My mind was in thought, how did he enter my apartment? how did he know where I live? but no words left my mouth. My breath hitched when his shoes tapping on the floor, alerting me that he was walking in my direction. Fists clenching when his presence felt so close to me. "You can't avoid me, My Angel"

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pretty good so far when do you update
2023-07-20 08:41:43
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Breanna Nickerson
when are the updates : )
2022-07-09 09:29:31
20 Chapters
chapter one
"Love exists between a woman pretending and a man pretending" "So who's the host?" I asked the girl who stood beside me while clutching my arm a little tighter over the loud chatter around us. Glass hitting against one another and people's voices fill the big hall, a soft and vague melody coming from the band playing as a piece of background music. Rosa, my stepsister or more like my best friend giggles as the look of discomfort contorts my thin makeup-covered face. I didn't feel good today to put on heavy makeup over my breakout face but what can I say when Rosa De Luca, the girl who wouldn't shut up if I refused her offered of this great idea to accompany her to this- another one of the party. I mean is not that I hate parties but is it just not my thing- especially when I am struggling with the girl problem right now but since I've been isolating myself in my small apartment over the past weeks- why not. She gasped an exaggerated gasp when I asked her that but I ignored her litt
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chapter two
Stepping into the hallways again with now fewer people around crowding the big space like before as the clock now strike 12 in the midnight. One hand clutching over my phone securely with my small bag hanging on my shoulder. I strolled around the big hall again with my half sleepy state as my eyes wandered around the room to look for Rosa around the place and when I couldn't see her I dialed her number hurriedly. beep- ; Rosa ; Angela! where are you? ; I'm going home now ; Wait- I cut the call off without waiting for her to reply and stride toward the big mahogany door again when I feel it, My stomach twists like never before making it harder for me to stable my position. I bent my body a little to the front and held onto the cold tiles walls. Inhale-exhale, I repeated the same action over the past minutes until the feeling started to fade away a little when another pain struck my stomach and my breath hitched. shit. I stood silently at the corner of the empty hall as I tried
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chapter three
Despite meeting him twice yesterday, I still didn't know who he is and it seems like my brain couldn't recognize him at all. I remember the pitch black and dark brownish eyes color of him looking into mine but the memory was hazy in my brain. Furrowing my eyebrows in confusion. I couldn't remember when I came up here last night and how. I remember falling asleep right on the kitchen counter but no memory of me walking up here invaded my mind. I woke up not in my best mood this morning with a slight pain still in my stomach that makes me hiss a little in irritation. I stayed on the bed for almost two hours straight staring at the beautiful ceiling facing me from above. The thought of a blurry face occupied my mind as I tried hard to remember the man's face. I don't know what's wrong with me but I can't seem to let the thought of him go. This is stupid. Distracting myself with other thoughts, my body jolts on the bed into a seat position while glancing at the clock hanging on the
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chapter four
Weeks pass in a blink of my eyes and I am back to my daily and dull life where every day I will have to wake up early in the morning and get to my workplace. In the evening, I will have short classes for the language that I am taking. Currently, I am learning a new language for future use. My boss said that it will be easier for me to communicate with my client in the future although I have no interest whatsoever. I should have probably just stopped taking the class. I scowl at the thought of the man. His name itself gives me an unpleasant feeling. The day continues as if nothing had happened just a few weeks ago and I am glad that I finally can let the thought of the only person lingering in mind long enough then it is supposed to be out of my mind. My classes ended earlier than I thought it was supposed to end, considering how I keep losing my focus during the class. I use the time left to relax as all the studies make me have a headache and sore muscles all over my body. I roll
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chapter five
I was told by one of the girls from the club that someone had accompanied me yesterday when I asked them who took me to the hotel room and the answered remains the same which left me to grimace by the confusion and slight disbelief. They all had gone home and left me here all alone with a stranger? No problem. I ignore the teasing the girls are throwing at me inside the group chat in irritation. Can't they tell that I'm angry right now? I feel even more irritated when I couldn't remember the man. But something feels strange when I tried to remember yesterday's event. The man feels familiar but then with my situation yesterday, I'm not so sure anymore. What's wrong with me and keep forgetting? I'm not like this. I let my guard down too much and the thought doesn't satisfy me. I hold a piece of paper in my hand, the words are well written and neat on the paper surface and whoever left me the note is stupid. 'You are lucky I didn't lose control yesterday' -Vince My frown gets dee
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chapter six
The sound of shoes tapping against the floor followed by his every movement welcomed me while he made his way toward my direction, closing the gap between the two of us and I stood there motionless with eyes stuck to him. To say that I was surprised was an understatement at the sudden appearance of him in the room. I mean- I never imagined him as one of the tattoo artists here besides Nicolas. Rosa never mentioned this before? I shake my head at the thought. It's not like I care and it's none of my business but- okay. Why am I so surprised now? I examined him from head to toe, although aware of his eyes watching me, my mouth was kept shut. His legs moved fast towards me and within a span of a second, his tall figure stood in front of me. I've been coming here several times over the past month and the only person I know around here is Dominic and Nicolas, of course, besides their other friends. Even though they all seem nice, I just don't want to get involved. These guys seem da
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chapter seven
I left the middle looking room after a long minute of contemplating with myself, the embarrassment that I felt after knowing that didn't disappear from me instead it made me flush in embarrassment with every second passed, knowing that the said person is outside of the room. Nicolas had left me alone in the room after telling me the shocking information. The grin never left his face and before the door was shut behind him, a deep chuckle escapes from his mouth. My mind was playing with a lot of questions and I have no answer to any of them. Exhaling a deep breath, I put on my unbothered face and pushed the thought off me before I made my way out of the room, ready to make a run from here. Not even a second step that I took, my legs came to a halt in an instant and only to be greeted by a bunch of men sitting in the room, and my breath stopped. All the seven eyes in total turn to look at me once the door creaks open and I stood there dumbfoundedly. A total of seven gorgeous men we
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chapter eight
"Vincenzo" before I even realize it, my mouth pronounce his name slowly and the sudden rush of relief overcome my body at the presence of him around me. Dry tears were felt on my cheeks but I didn't bother to wipe them away, too occupied with the feeling that I felt building inside of me. My eyes shifted to glance around us to see if someone was still following me but to my relief, no sight of anyone was around. We were surrounded with emptiness and I couldn't be any calmer to know that I am saved, at least, for now. Vincenzo, on the other hand, was looking at me strangely but a hint of concern decorated his face as he keeps pulling me tighter into his solid chest to comfort my shaking body. His hand never stops stroking my hair. "Are you okay? what happens" His voice was heard deep as he asked me before both his hand's cups my cheeks up, eyes examined my pale looking face in worried if I was hurt somewhere before he let out a sigh when he saw nothing but my dry tear on my
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chapter nine
Vincenzo I woke up due to the sound of my phone ringing nonstop beside me and I groaned in displeasure. The phone rang not once but many times without stopping and I pray for it to stop within a second which did not apply to my expectant. My thought drifted to the girl sleeping beside me. Secretly don't want to wake her up from sleeping peacefully on my side as the reminder of yesterday rushed into my mind and secretly don't want to interrupt this peaceful atmosphere that surrounded the room. After a few times, it stopped before I could even reach for the phone and I sigh in relief. Mentally cursing the person who had woken me up from my deep slumber but I don't bother to check who it was from. My hand reaches to feel the presence of her on the other side of the bed and my heart almost drops when my hand touched the empty bed beside mine. In a swift, my head lifted only to see her sleeping further away almost at the edge of the bed, her back was facing me and my lips knowingly cur
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chapter ten
My body is in complete soreness and so do my legs as I could feel the throbbing muscles all over my now sweaty body. I stink of sweat and I grimace in disgust at myself. Oh my, I need a shower. I haven't been going to the gym for a long time due to the busy schedules and having a little exercise here and there sure did something to my unproductive body. Rosa inviting me with her had made me go to the gym today in which I was left in complete remorse. And I never regret coming with her as much as I regret it today. She keeps whining at me because I refused to accept her offer at first. I mean, can't she tell that I'm lazy? and it's the weekend, no one wants to spend their only free time going to the gym! or at least not me, and she asked me the night before. In the end, I gave up and with a happy scream of her that almost make my ear deaf, she hung up on me and of course, after thanking me multiple times. I sighed at her childish behavior. The next day, I had woke up extra early
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