Be mine

Be mine

By:  Lucy  Ongoing
Language: English
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Intertwined stories examine the complexities of the one emotion that connects us all: love.Among the characters explosed are Dray the owner of a firm who happens to be her neighbor who falls in love with a receptionist Lucinda who never believed in love her entire life but falls in love with him unexpected.

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Very interesting and engaging ❤️❤️❤️
2021-07-16 04:59:15
5 Chapters
Chapter 1
Love is something special we all deserve to be loved ,we come across bad people but our human nature allows us to love again.Nomatter how hurting it might be sometimes we move on and love again.Loving feels great ,makes one so happy,it makes one explore more.We all want to love and be loved everyone deserves happiness.This story is about a graduate by the name Lucinda who is going to get a job at a firm who never believed in love until  she met a very good looking man who gave her true love.He showed her that really love shouldnt hurt,he had his imperfections but he tried so hard to be good for her always she finally fell in love and since then she believed in love.Lucinda grew up in a family of four a little brother who was still doing his high school,her mother is a bank manager and her dad is a mechanic at his own company.It was a happy family as Lucinda was growing up she never talked about boys she always focused on her studies and that's all that mat
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Chapter 2
Lucinda is very excited to be moving out of her parent's house at the same time she is fighting the thought of leaving her parents.Mom and Dad I will miss you so much ,she hugs them with love .Mom can I take the pink blanket with me Lucinda asks her mum already holding the blanket ,yes you can her mom replied.I am ready to go Lucinda says as she caries some of her bags outside ,Lucinda can you leave me your black T-shirt Daren asked standing by the door way holding Lucinda's black T-shirt ,yes you can Lucinda smiled at him thank you Daren said as he rushed to put it on.Diana calls out to Lucinda who is outside packing her bags in the car ,Yes mum Lucinda responds as she walks towards her mum who is holding a few clothes in her hands you forgot these Diana says as she hands them over to her .Is everything you need packed yes mum Lucinda responds smiling .They lock the doors and walk towards the car where Derek and Daren are busy playing loud music and they seem to b
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Chapter 3
Mrs Klein and Lucinda are busy sitting and talking whilst watching TV ,they talk for hours until Lucinda's parents arrive to take her home .As she hears the car wheels outside she stands up and runs outside to check if its them and its them ndeed.Hey mum ,she hugs her tightly. Hey Lucinda you alright ,yeah I am ok mum .Hey dad ,hello Lucinda are your bags ready her dad asks her .Everything is ready where is Daren she asks her mom well we left him next door with his friend.Let me go and collect the bags Lucinda says as she goes into the house to get the bags ready.Mrs Klein walks out to the car where Diana and Derek were,goodmorning mrs Klein says smiling ,good morning ma'am how are you Derek replies.I am good thank you ,I see you have come to collect my best friend they all smile well so sorry for taking your best friend away Diana replies.She been complaining almost everyday about the job and I been telling her it would get better but looks like it got worse and I am proud of her t
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Chapter 4
Derek wakes up early in the morning the next day ,his company calls him and let's him know about an emergency that required him to be there as the boss. Hello sir there is a company here with a few vehicles and the director wants to talk to you,ok tell him I will be there in a second Derek says as he rushes to the bathroom to take a shower.Diana notices that Derek is a bit late and takes out the clothes he should wear and gets everything else ready for him.She starts the car ,polishes his shoes ,and gets food ready .As Derek leaves the bathroom and noticing that everything is ready he gets so happy hugs Diana and kisses her thank you so much Derek says as he puts on his clothes and puts on his shoes Diana Hell's him out with the tie ,after dressing up he goes to the table where Diana had served an appetising breakfast ,his favorite he couldnt get enough of kissing her .You are such a lovely wife ,I am so luck Derek says as he starts digging in his food.He eats as quick as he can so
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Chapter 5
Lucinda is still busy watering the flowers she really enjoys this more than anything Dray is still working out and checking her out every second he really can't resist staring at her every second.Lucinda is really trying so hard not to look at him cause she really feels like he is watching her .After a few minutes Mrs Ney comes out holding a chair and walks towards Dray and sits next to him with a bottle of water. Lucinda suddenly removes the earphones cause she knew somehow Mrs Ney was going to say something to her in a few minutes Mrs Ney asks her if she already met Dray ,and he suddenly stands up after doing some pushups and smiles at her yes mum we have met already she is a nice girl he says smiling at his mom also.Mrs Ney seems so happy to know they already know each other like she knew her son had interest in Lucinda .Yeah we have Mrs Ney Lucinda says smiling at her,Ooh so your name is Lucinda huh I thought you said you guys already talked how come you don't know her name Mrs
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