Bullets and Wines

Bullets and Wines

By:  Chamilos  Ongoing
Language: English
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Inka was known to be a successful woman. She worked hard for it because she believes that one day, those who had belittled her and left her behind would regret the things that they did to her. Read wasn't the type of guy that changes women every night. He is a man with dignity and morals yet behind his Greek God physique and unreadable eyes is a life that revolves around blood, guns, and brotherhood. What will happen if Read had set his eyes on the most successful woman of all time? Would he take the risk and love her till death do they part? Or would he just forget about it because of his dark life?

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Cheryl Chew
I got sucked in by this story thank you for this amazing fiction book! 🥰 It definitely felt that I was in the story with the main character
2020-12-20 14:27:07
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Mariene Torres Sagum
please upload more....
2020-10-25 00:22:30
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Katie Dobbin
need more chapters
2020-09-10 04:56:31
33 Chapters
"It wouldn't be the same," I whisperedHis eyes darkened, I could see his emotions swirling around, the pain, betrayal, longing, and hope.I know, I made a wrong decision. In his eyes, on the empire's views, I was a traitor, without them knowing that I just sacrificed myself just to protect them, to protect him and his mafia."F*ck it Inka! I don't care about everything! I need you! I would do everything just come back to me, love!" Tears brimmed on his eyes, he clenched his jaws. I shook my head, stopping myself from crying."If only I could, Read. If only I could but I couldn't." I whisperedThe wind blew my hair, blocking my view of him. I stepped back and turned around."Remember the deal, Inka. Leave him." The f*cker said on my earpiece.I looked back at him, seeing his pain. "I'm sorry." I softly said tears strolled down upon my cheeks. I jumped from the top of the building as the f*cker's men caught me with ease."I would take a bullet for you just to prove my love," I whispe
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Chapter 1
"INKA!"I turned around as I saw Nova running towards me. I smiled at her and raised my wine glass as an offering but she shook her head."Yup?" I asked"I just missed you!" She exclaimed and hugged me. I laughed, silly girl. We just saw each other yesterday."Anyway, I just noticed that the man over there keeps looking at you. Do you perhaps know that man?" She whisperedI discreetly turned to the way she pointed and saw a really hot guy. He is looking at my direction."Uhh No, I don’t know this guy." I told Nova and looked at her. She nodded and shrugged her shoulders."Well?" She teased and I was suddenly confused."Well what?""Well! Congrats of course!"I laughed and thanked her."This wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for you. You know that." I said to her and smiled."Babe, this dinner party is a gift for your another successful career. Like hello, you already have what? A LOT of bar and restaurant branch around the globe. " She said, I humbly shook my head and smiled.It took me yea
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Chapter 2
Inka's Point of ViewIt had been 3 months since the Dinner and the Auction happened. Apparently, when I walked out of the comfort room I didn't see Read anymore. Nova told me that he suddenly went out while talking to Mr. Davis and I just shrugged it off.I am at my office today signing a lot of papers and reading some proposals from different companies. A beeped interrupted my thoughts as I heard the voice of my secretary."Ma'am, there's someone in here that wants to talk to you but doesn't have an appointment." "Who?" I heard some muffled voices then my secretary answered."He said he's Mr. Choi." I facepalmed myself. What does this guy want from me? I heaved a sigh and answered my secretary."Let him in." The door to my office opened and there he was, wearing some light blue dress shirt, light cream trousers, and leather long-wings shoes. I eyed him as he walked towards my desk wearing his famous smirk.Curse your smirks, Read Choi!"What can I do for you, Mr. Choi?" I asked p
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Chapter 3
Inka's Point of View"Who's this brother?" He askedHe looks like an anime character-- right! Tadashi Himada! The guy on baymax."None of your business." Read coldly answered and pulled me away. He literally dragged me away from that guy."Remember the code, brother!" He yelled then laughed.Code? What code?"Who was that?" I asked Read as we approached his diner area."My brother. Don't mind him, he just likes to mess around." He said and offered a seat to me.I nodded and looked at the foods. He put some on my plate as I accepted it."After this, you could go back to my room since I have some things to do." He stated as he took a bite on his steak."Oh. Okay." I answered and nodded.I never intended to sound disappointed but there's a part of me that I am. I don't know but I just feel safe when I'm with Read.I haven't felt this ever since I ran away from my parents, every day feels like danger for me."You seem disappointed." He suddenly blurted out."Its nothing," I answered quickl
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Chapter 4
Inka's Point of View"So what did you get?"I groan as I opened my eyes. The first thing I felt was the massive headache then the muscle pain.I rubbed my eyes and looked around. Where am I? This is not Read's bedroom."You're awake."I looked up and saw Read entering the room. He was wearing some maroon long sleeves and black slacks.The dragon is looking through my soul."What happened?" I asked him as he took a seat at the edge of the bed."I found you unconscious outside of my brother's room."His brother's room.A sudden flashback crash at my head. I remember now.I remembered how I heard the noises, the groans, the gunshot, Read's brother, the guy, the blood.The guy."Oh my gosh! Read! T-There was a guy a-and he-- oh my gosh!"I was hysterical. I can remember how he laughs, I can still hear it. It was imprinted on my mind, like a broken record that keeps on going and nothing can stop it."Shh. It's okay, everything is okay now. Don't cry."Cry? I am crying?I felt how Read's arm
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Chapter 5
Somewhere in the city of new jersey, a group of men where busy shipping some weapons and drugs."Sir, the shipments had been completed." His Second in Command said at his phone."Well done, how about our other objectives?" A voice so deep answered."We already burned his headquarters, Sir. His brother is already dead and some of his men are quitting out."A dark laugh was heard until the line went out.**Inka's Point of ViewI heaved a sigh for the ninth time as I arrange some of my paperwork. I looked at my phone and there was still no notifications, no messages, not even some missed calls.Read had been busy this past few days, our last encounter was when I was at his penthouse. Though he didn't tell me anything, I saw how determined he was when Wayne left.After that day, he dropped me off at my condo unit, bid goodbye then left.I don't even know why I'm being clingy towards him. I shook my head and focused back at my work. Maybe, I need to let out some steam since it had been a r
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Chapter 6
Inka's Point of View"Are you sure that you are okay?" Read asked for the hundred times, I rolled my eyes and laugh at him."Yes, Read. I am. Quit asking okay, I'll tell you when I feel something is wrong." I assured himHe nodded and continued driving. I leaned back at my seat and looked outside.Berserker? I wonder what that means.*Flashback*"What are you doing here, Andrew?" Read asked as he was eyeing Andrew like he did something wrong."Am I not allowed here?"Read didn't answer him, he just stared at him like he is reading him. His jaw clenched, fist tighten."No. Anyway we should get going, I'll see you at our headquarters." Read said and looked at him one last time before dragging me out of the parking lot.I looked back at Andrew and saw him smirked at our way then he turned his back and walked away.*End of Flashback*I took my phone out of my bag and opened my online dictionary. I typed 'Berserker' and a lot of meanings appeared but there is one thing that caught my attent
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Chapter 7
Inka's Point of ViewI looked around Read's Penthouse to find something that will lead me to know who Read is. I mean he is one of the billionaire in this country but I think there is more than just him being a famous rich guy.I opened a door and found out it was his office, looking around I observed that there are no cameras in here.I guess it is hidden. Knowing Read, he wouldn't just let his office off guard specially that this place have some important files and documents.I walked inside and tried to figure out what to do first. I acted like I was just looking around so that I wouldn't be caught sneaking in the camera.Okay, Inka think. Would you actually risk yourself and look around for some files in his table or get out of this room and just give up?I heaved a sigh and stretch my arms. Okay! Time to dig up some information.I started looking at his table, I found some documents about a certain company called Choi Enterprises. Oh, I guess this is the documents of his company.
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Chapter 8
Inka's Point of ViewWhat's with all of these guys and their nicknames. Like seriously! Prodigy? Alpha? Gentleman? Berserker?Maybe they have some group? A pop star group?"What's with the nickname? I heard Read was called the Berserker." I said as I chopped some onions and garlic."You don't know?" Joshua said as he took the last bite of his apple"Know what?" I asked and looked at him.He was just looking at me intently, like reading me. His eyes showed confusion then it became cold as he smiled a little."Its what we are called on our group of friends." He answered and nodded. He was like convincing himself more than me."Are you sure? Cause your face shows it doesn't." I commented and raised a brow at him.He just chuckled and shrugged his shoulders before turning his back and went to the living room."If you want to know something goes ask Read. He knows more than I do." He said and sat at the couch.He's right. I wouldn't even be in this situation if Read didn't take me out of my
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Chapter 9
Inka's Point of ViewI saw how his eyes flashed showing some glimpses of his emotions. Shock, confused, then pain after that it came back to his own dull and lifeless eyes."Where did you heard that?" He askedI sat up and looked at him."I heard it from Andrew, he called you that," I answered himHe sat back up and leaned back at the headboard, he heaved a sigh and just looked straight."Its a name with a dark story." He started"Can I know the story?"He glanced at me then looked straight ahead. He started talking, telling me the story as his eyes looked foggy. Like he was having his own flashback as he tell me every detail of that certain name."F-Father! I can't!" the little boy yelled to his father who was standing behind him.The boy was holding a sword, a perfect sword made for him to kill. To inherit the throne of his beloved father.His father went down to his level, gripping his both shoulders while looking at his eyes."Look straight into my eye, Read." His father whispered
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