Revenge of the Hideous Lady

Revenge of the Hideous Lady

By:  Moonlight  Completed
Language: English
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Three years ago, she was a poor judge of character. She was willing to donate her kidney and become disfigured for an a**hole. However, not only did that man cheat on her, he had even nearly caused her to lose her life!Three years later, she regained her beauty. Upon her glorious return, she swore to make all a**holes pay for what they did.It was widely known that Stanley Batton, the wealthiest tycoon in Atlantis, was a cruel man feared by many. Although he had the facial features of a passionate man, he was known for his heart of ice.People constantly speculated on the kind of woman who would be able to open his heart.However, to everyone’s surprise, he kneeled on one knee under the spotlight, and in front of every known media company, to tie a butterfly knot on her shoe.“Stanley Batton, what do you really want?” She seemed panicked and flustered.He laughed at himself. “Xyla Quest, no one else but you can take my life away!”

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Revenge of the Hideous Lady is a romantic love story about a strong-willed heroine. Xyla Quest, out of love for Tom Sullivan, donated one of her kidneys to his ailing mother. The medical side effect disfigured her body. Tom breaks up with her and goes after her sister Emily instead. She restores her beauty and once again receives Tom's attention. But wait, the cruel Stanley Batton has expressed strong interest in her. Why does Xyla always end up attracting the worst men around? Or will Stanley prove her wrong?

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Mari lou Pacwayan
Very interesting book. I love you it.
2023-09-17 10:58:22
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Pearls Wrld
Beautiful, I also enjoyed pearl Maxwell's Gwen.
2023-08-22 03:12:12
user avatar
why did the audio stop at 500 chapters plz fix it
2023-04-11 11:33:44
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Trina Selheimer
Although the story is extremely long, I highly recommend reading this. Well-written as the author draws in the reader to feel the emotions of the characters.
2022-11-24 19:22:08
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Eura Caingcoy Mainit
it is a very interesting sotory, i can't resist to read it even during work hahahah
2022-11-19 12:07:45
user avatar
I highly recommend this book everyone! ...️...️...️
2022-10-20 21:48:03
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Anjanette Briggs
Love the book so far.
2022-10-04 17:55:19
user avatar
Esperanza Padonat
nice story........
2022-09-26 17:01:25
user avatar
Mei Amor
Like it much!!!
2022-09-16 18:08:57
user avatar
Dy SaBRy
So far I love the storyline of the book
2022-07-30 01:09:01
user avatar
Shayla Feathers
very good book
2022-06-08 02:45:39
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Shiela Tahil Smat's Olshoppe
ur story is gud but sumtymz confusing.d last tym dey eat 2gder, her family knows spcially her grandpa she got perfect score. its just that she didnt write the formula.. her grandpa is even so proud or her correct? then y chapter 158-159 her granda thinks shes not gud at skol and got zero results?
2022-05-23 12:28:25
user avatar
The book was called the ugly lady strikes back
2022-05-17 09:10:43
user avatar
I didn’t read this book here but read on another site and has another name. However, it was an amazing read just never ending story. However, you will love it!!
2022-05-17 09:09:52
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Sofia Rizvi
Why so many chapters … unnecessary dragged
2022-04-24 23:10:45
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2513 Chapters
Chapter 1
In a warm pink-colored room that seemed like a young teenage girl’s, Xyla Quest looked giddily at a man’s watch, occasionally glancing at the chandelier above her.This was a worldwide limited edition watch she had carefully selected at a shopping mall.She believed that Brother Sullivan would like it when he returned and saw it.Beep. Beep. Beep.Right then, Xyla received a video call from her little sister, Emily Quest.Xyla Quest immediately picked up the call. Closely after that, Emily Quest’s proud chuckle could be heard over the phone.“Dear Big Sister, did you really believe what Brother Sullivan has said about being busy today and therefore, could only return to the country tomorrow?”“What do you mean?” Xyla Quest looked confused.Emily Quest was barely wearing any clothes in the video call. She seemed annoyed, and her laughter was getting louder.“Haha! You deserve to be cheated on for being so dumb. This is my gift to you. Keep your eyes wide open and have a good look, you p
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Chapter 2
Three years later, a stunning woman opened her eyes slowly as she stretched her arms in a big, soft bed.While Xyla Quest could feel an aching sensation in her body, she heard running water from the bathroom. Through the frosted glass, she could vaguely see a person's figure moving around in the bathroom.After stretching her arms yet again, Xyla murmured, "Hmm… Georgie, what time is it now? Why does my body hurt all over?"Xyla sounded very soft, almost as if she were like a marshmallow.Creak.When the bathroom door was opened, a tall man appeared before her.With only a white towel wrapped around his lower body, his muscular chest, sexy eight-packs, and perfectly firm abs were fully visible.Meanwhile, droplets of water that slowly slid down his neck made him look even more alluring.Such a perfectly sculpted face without a hint of warmth in his cheeks made the man feel very unapproachable.Despite being the apex of beauty in humanity, he was also far unreachable.Xyla sud
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Chapter 3
After the engagement ceremony ended in Silver International Hotel’s high-class dining hall, Emily Quest and Tom Sullivan joyfully followed behind their parents as they approached each table to raise their glasses.However, wherever they went, people rolled their eyes at them after they had walked away.Unfortunately, the Quest family and the Sullivan family were clueless about what had happened, and they kept a smile on their faces.Meanwhile, Emily Quest, who had a lot of make-up on her face, was smiling from ear to ear. She seemed proud of herself, no doubt accentuated by the long, red gown with an alluring tube top.The Sullivan family owned a food company that ranked top five in the world. Compared to the Quest family and the other famous women and their families, the Sullivan family was financially much better positioned.As the fiancée of the Sullivan family, Emily would undoubtedly make everyone in the circle of famous women jealous.Meanwhile, the fact that Tom Sullivan had man
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Chapter 4
When Emily Quest’s hand moved downward, Xyla Quest quickly grabbed Emily’s hand and stared right into her eyes. “I don’t know what you are talking about.”When Emily caught sight of Xyla’s eyes, she shivered.Emily felt that Xyla had changed.Although Xyla’s physical appearance was the same as before, she felt somewhat more heartless.“Xyla Quest, stop denying it. You are only pretending to be calm today. In actual fact, you are extremely hurt that I got engaged to the man you love the most.“You’re just jealous that Brother Sullivan and I are in love with each other. That’s why you’re doing all this to destroy my life.”Xyla could not help but laugh coldly.What a joke. Was she jealous? Did an a**hole like Tom Sullivan even deserve her?“What are you laughing at? Do my words ring true? Is that why you are speechless?” Emily asked.“Emily Quest, you are the only one who could be happy about being married to a trashy person. You think everyone in the world would be jealous of you.” Xyla
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Chapter 5
There was a clear record of Emily Quest purchasing marketing accounts to spread various false rumors about Xyla Quest eloping with another man and a few screenshots of transfers made through her account.Jeremy Quest felt a burning rage in his heart.“Someone, bring me my whip!” Jeremy exclaimed angrily.Emily Quest immediately started panicking. “Dad… You… What are you doing?”Jeremy did not respond to her.May Conner grabbed Jeremy’s hand tightly. “Darling, Emily has very weak limbs. How could she possibly stand being whipped? Please don’t do it.”As soon as she finished speaking, a bodyguard brought a whip over to Jeremy.Without saying a word, Jeremy accepted the whip and whipped Emily mercilessly.Responding out of fear, Emily attempted to dodge the whip. However, it still landed on her back.The pain caused tears to fill her eyes.May immediately hugged Emily tightly and cried out, “Darling, Emily knows that she is wrong. If you must hit someone to vent your anger, do it to me!”
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Chapter 6
“You… Why are you here?” Xyla Quest asked in a panicked tone while she turned the engine on.Stanley Batton was slightly surprised to see her here so coincidentally.“Stop talking! Drive!” He said in a demanding tone.As he spoke, he stepped on the accelerator with his foot…Within a second, the sports car dashed forward. Xyla immediately grabbed the steering wheel before kicking his foot away to step on the accelerator herself.“Go to the nearest hospital,” he commanded.Xyla nodded before flooring on the accelerator.***Once they arrived at the hospital, Xyla Quest was shocked to find that the man had three gunshot wounds on his body, with two on his chest and one on his abdomen.After staying with him while the doctors tended to his wound, she pushed him into his ward.Despite being covered in blood, his good looks and charm could not be hidden.Carefully, Xyla helped him to get into bed. “Get your family to come and look after you. I have something else to do, and I have to leave
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Chapter 7
Xyla Quest turned around calmly. “What is it?”A long time ago, this man used to be like a religion to her. Her heart would pound whenever she saw him.However, when Xyla looked at Tom’s face now, she felt nothing else but disgust and hatred.Tom quickly approached Xyla and tried to reach for her hand.However, Xyla immediately avoided his touch and took a step back. “You can talk to me, but do not touch me.” She frowned.“Xyla, I’ve given it a serious thought. I don’t care if you did all of that. I’m ready to forgive you. Even if you did it, consider it an act of revenge for how I hurt you in the past. It’s all fine. Xyla, will you please give me a second chance?” Tom Sullivan sounded very eager.Chuckle. ‘Can this man be more of a jerk?’“Have you heard of a discounted key? You’re not even worth the price.” Xyla looked at him coldly while she snapped her fingers together.Tom was not used to her cold rejection and proud attitude.“Xyla… You didn’t used to be like this.” In the past,
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Chapter 8
After that, Zack Cassidy brought the two bodyguards with him and approached Xyla Quest and Mary Sullivan.After Zack nodded at Xyla slightly, he pushed the golden-frame of his glasses slightly upward before looking at Mary Sullivan. “Miss, what is your name?”Mary frowned a little. “Mary Sullivan. What is it? If you want to flirt with me, please find a better time. I’m kind of occupied at the moment.”Zack frowned slightly in response. Upon a closer look, this woman appeared like a ghost just as his Fifth Master had said. Even though her facial features were not great, she still had a lot of make-up on. It was a horrifying sight.How could a person like her be self-obsessed enough to think that Zack was flirting with her?“Miss Mary Sullivan, I’m sorry to inform you that you have been included in our shopping mall’s blacklist. From today on, all shopping malls in the globe that belong to our Fifth Master will no longer provide you with any further service…” Zack Cassidy said coldly.He
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Chapter 9
Very soon, Jeremy Quest walked in.After making his way through the door, he pulled a chair out and sat in front of the computer.After that, Jeremy Quest sighed helplessly before softly brushing Xyla Quest’s hair. “I spoke too harshly to you yesterday. I would like to apologize.”Xyla shook her head calmly. “Dad, it’s alright. I know you were just too upset yesterday.”“To be honest, I thought about it after calming down. Even if you did those things, I think it’s reasonable…“After all, they were too mean to you.” Jeremy gritted his teeth when he recalled what those people had done.Xyla was touched by what her father said. She then leaned her head against Jeremy’s shoulder and said softly, “Dad, thank you for being on my side.”“Silly girl, I’m your father. If I weren’t on your side, whose side would I be on?” Jeremy asked.Xyla smiled like a naïve kid.“Sometimes, I think about whether I have made the mistake of remarrying after your mother passed away.“If I hadn’t remarried, you
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Chapter 10
“That’s right… Dad, look, this is the list of top achievers in our class. That’s me.” After that, Xyla Quest scrolled through the pictures of her results one at a time, showing them to Jeremy Quest.She came first on nearly every single list!Jeremy was pleasantly surprised. Although Xyla did rather well in high school, she was definitely not talented enough to get into a university like this.However, after leaving home, she had gotten into this university, she was even the best performing student.“My baby girl, you are outstanding!” Jeremy could not hide the pride in his smile.Now, all Jeremy could think about was Xyla’s excellent performance in academics. Clearly, he had forgotten all about Emily Quest being in the top fifty in her stream.The feeling of being ignored and outshone made Emily feel very miserable.Although Atlantis University was a famous university within the country, it was not worth mentioning compared to Summerland University.Emily gritted her teeth. “What’s so
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