Conqueror of the Seven Empires

Conqueror of the Seven Empires

By:  Meyk  Ongoing
Language: English
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 Speed-up evolution: An unnatural phenomenon that boosts every living creature's adaptation, body, and mind at a high-speed rate... When this phenomenon was in its starting phase, Mike and others are the only ones who receive the power without them knowing.  Knowing that mostly young ones are the ones who receive the speed-up evolution, people from the unknown started their large-scale kidnapping to experiment with the young. However, their plan was ruined when their ships that transport the young ones got sunk by unknown creatures.   Mike who was dragged to this messed was now sinking deep into the ocean as he started to lose consciousness.   (Die? A peaceful death? Like hell, I would let that happen!)    Struggle... Struggle...    With fate that shackles binding him pulling him into the deepest part of the ocean, he who struggles to survive with the resolved to go on the surface of the world once again.   The thing he did not know is that the world is now on the brink of horror as the world was about to change.  Twitter: @MeykCake Buy me a Coffee: Discord: MeykCake#8819

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85 Chapters
Prologue Deep Slumber
In the middle of the vast ocean when the sun still hasn't risen above the dark ashen sky.Sinking deep down into the ocean as one's conscience keeps getting fader.I tried to resist but ended in vain. Losing my hope I look at the sky with no will under my very eyes.Looking up I could see shipping vessels sinking slowly into the ocean as fire ravages the insides and outsides not giving a care if one's get burns to its fiery flame.The chaos that wraps around the ships is all just on top of me.On the ships, hundreds of people are trying to run away with fear and panic from their eyes as they shove people away not giving care as long they survive.They run with all of their might but not because of the fiery flames ravaging the ships as the ashen smoke rise covering the dark night sky. What they are running away from is... a weird-looking fish-like creature with human hands and feet attached to their scale body. These creatures came out of nowhere from the ocean as they climb up to the
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Prologue: Conquerors
Conqueror...A title only meant for people who strive to reclaim the lands from the monsters to humanity. The Conquerors are one of humanity's hope including the adventurers. Conquerors command the people to their glory to reclaim the lands.No Conqueror could have achieved the feat of conquering the lands on their own without an army and no people can achieve conquering the lands even with superior numbers without the lead of a Conqueror.The way to gain the title is by achieving great feats in countless battles and polishing your skills. Harder than being an adventurer could do. Conquerors have skills, strength, intelligence, spirit, and experiences that can only be achieved in decades worth of experience on the battlefield.Because it takes decades for a few Conquerors to appear, one could not know if they can able to survive before their preparation would be finish and monsters will soon bare their fangs once again towards theirs. When that happens humanity will surely cease to e
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Chapter 1: Thug Fight
Before the World Greatest Modern War began when it was once in peaceful times that humans are starting to improve their arts and skills without having a prior problem outside their comfort zone as they only strive to be good to their own aspects...Before I was taken deep into the ocean...****************In the small district from the Philippines in Metro Manila.In the dark street where lights are only vague from certain eyes.At the lonely pole that emits dim light, there is a figure leaning its back to the pole.Breathing haggardly, the figure was already exhausted from running around.The figure has the body of a young man foreshadowing his whole body.The young man catches his breath as he stares at the darkness afar like there's something is there.As he expected a figure enters the dim light.One after another appeared surrounding the young man on all sides.(One, two, three... Eight of them.)The figures were wearing tight jeans, loose shirts, and weird bandanas at their head
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Chapter 2: Onwards to School
Using the shortest route the young man quickly reaches the school.Entering the school grounds Mike casually passes by without making attention.Because the school time already started there are only fewer people are around outside classrooms.Inside the school building, Mike stealthy walks the hallway as he hides from the windows of every classroom he passed by making sure he doesn't let anyone see him.He didn't stop in any rooms as his destination isn't here.In an instant, he stopped at a certain place finally reaching his destination."Ah finally."Different from any classroom this room has a certain sign at the top of the door.The signs said; [CLINIC] the place where the young man wanted to go since earlier.Casually opening the door like it's his home he greeted everyone inside expecting a warm welcome that will greet him.Sadly, looking inside the Clinic room there's no one here. He didn't feel any surprise there as he immediately goes the cabinet getting some first aid kit to
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Chapter 3: A Day in School
In the school clinic where Mike is having a comfortable slumber, Lucas already left in the scene.The morning has already come as the sun is spreading its vibrant color from the sky."Hnggg..." The sun's light passes through the window's curtain towards Mike's eyes forcing him to wake up from his slumber but Mike tried to resists like every teen would do every morning.Unfortunately, in the end, the sun's light won waking Mike in open eyes with his pony bun hair bed is almost lose. For some reason, he always tied his hair into a bun even when he's sleeping.Like he owns the room he casually walks to the bathroom and takes a shower using the things that can be found inside the room.Soap, shampoo, whatever he finds inside the bath he uses it as he owns it.Removing his clothe he goes towards the wall mirror and look at himself.Slowly peeling the bandages while he examines his body he noticed something strange.(Is it just me, or my recovery rate is getting faster.)Mike's body is all c
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Chapter 4: Run And Bite Back
Looking at them with fierce mocking eyes, Mike said with a serious tone;"You're in the way,"(Mike! You idiot!)Ray was already bowing down as he struggles to pull Mike's head down but failed to shut his mouth.He already expects a punch to a face when his friend talks them like that but their response is quite unexpected."Heh... You are still cocky as ever, aren't you?" The guy with a handkerchief in his neck that looks like the leader among them step forward and approach Mike face to face. Mike is kind small in height compared to the guy but Mike replies to him with a smirk."Looks whos saying? all are always coming back to me. Don't tell you've fallen for me or something?" Mike even mocks the thugs daring not to back down as Ray is losing himself from the situation.Not giving a shit on anything and even mocking them Ray expects this will be his last time going in public as they'll be get beaten out of this.The guy didn't quite like the tone Mike give him to him but their g
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Chapter 5: Sharpshooter
In the complete dark street where no can see anything other than darkness as the sound of agony echoes through the whole street.Hearing the sounds of people screaming mixed with the roar of the dogs is kinda a unique sound one wouldn't have to hear. A unique melody if one would have to describe.In the midst of chaos in the darkness, two people are hiding near the pole not getting targetted by the horde of dogs.Mike and Ray.Catching up their breath they rest even in this kind of situation where one would feel terrified and lose themselves in the darkness. Ray is already terrified but because he's with Mike he didn't lose himself like the others.Without a source of light, the only thing they could do is nothing but to listen to the sounds of agony echoing through their ears."Argh!!!""Gahhh!!!"As Ray feels the pain just by hearing the people scream he thugs Mike's clothes and whisper to his ears."Hey Mike, I know they're the ones who started this but isn't this going a bit too fa
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Chapter 6: Leo
"Leo! Leo! Leo! Leo!"In the middle of the dim street as the night sky ooze by.People are gathering like there's an event happening in the middle of the night.If one would look carefully, the crowd that is gathering is mostly thugs while the few are just those who just passed by.This what Mike see in his surrounding before he could notice it, the gathering crowd. It was like an instant that these people appear out of nowhere surrounding his every means of escape.Surely some people will report this kind of gathering in the middle of the night but even if the authorities arrive at the scene there's no way they would arrive in the time.As Mike has gotten surrounded on all sides like people are forming a circular wall around him.Getting surrounded with walls of people while the dim light from the pole above is enveloping the inside circle is like a tournament has been made. Coincidence must say but this is in fact what's happening right now that Mike can't think of any other else tha
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Chapter 7: Turn Sides
Roars of cheer came from the crowd as shout the name of the victor.Even though it was a quick fight, it was very intense that they all enjoy watching it.Those people in the neighborhood wanted to raise a complaint but the people in the streets are overwhelming that the only thing they could do is to call the police.The police are just around the corner so one must run away to not get caught.One among the crowd, the sub-leader from earlier gives a quick order to everyone. By looks at his appearance, it seems like he's also one of the victims from the dog stampede. He's a tough one."Alright! The fight is done so everyone dispersed before the police arrive!"His voice is loud enough to be heard by the loud crowd that they quickly retreat to the darkness.As expected from the thugs they are all experienced in running away as almost all of them are gone from sight.The only ones who didn't leave were Leo, and his group consists of four members from earlier.Leo sat beside unconscious M
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Chapter 8: Third Party
*Ray's POV*"Hey, Ray.""W-what?""You take my bag and get away from here. This will be quite an awful fight so there will be no room for me to save you if something happens.""But!""No buts! You already raised the flags so don't give me another problem to deal with! Get out of here! This will be your first order from your very great leader!""Just when did you become my leader!? Urgh! Fine so be it!"I immediately grab Mikes's bag and about to run away but I stop in a short pause.I look back at Mike is glaring at something beyond the darkness.It was cool to see him like this but I immediately break the mood by yelling at him to vent my frustration."THERE'S NO STUFF INSIDE YOUR BAG EXCEPT CLOTHES! DO YOU EVEN CONSIDER YOURSELF A STUDENT!?"There is no point in me carrying your stuff!Even when I shout he didn't dare to look away from the darkness.Mike's only attention is at his front as darkness can only be seen.FUCK FUCK! I still don't know what's happening! I should call some h
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