Contracted Love Affair

Contracted Love Affair

By:  Crimson  Ongoing
Language: English
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“I know that I step on boundaries the moment I fell. But can I keep on loving you just until our contract ends?” --*-- Ria never expected to fall in love again, especially not with the man who had tormented her in the past. But when Grant offers her a way out of her financial crisis, she can’t refuse. She agrees to become his fake lover, never expecting that the charade would become all too real. As Ria and Grant navigate their fake relationship, they began to see each other in a new light. But when Grant discovers the truth about Ria’s son and her real identity, he feels betrayed. Can Ria convince Grant that her love for him was never part of the contract? Will Grant be able to look past his anger and see the woman he’s come to care for? Will they be able to confront their pasts and decide if their love is worth fighting for?

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Christine Owings
22 chapters 8/1/23
2023-08-02 00:32:24
30 Chapters
Prologue: RUNAWAY
PROLOGUERUNAWAYSix years ago.As the music starts thumping, Valeria started to step onto the runway stage with effortless elegance, her silhouette perfectly poised. Her legs seemed to extend endlessly as her stilettos made a click-clack sound on that stage of the gallery hall. She was five feet and nine inches tall after all. She exudes confidence and grace with every flick of her hair and the tilt of her head. Her hips swayed as if she was gliding on clouds. Her facial expressions were fierce and edgy, yet feminine. She wanted others to see her as a work of art, a living canvas draped in fashion.Valeria strikes a pose, arching her back, as their final walk for their practice ends. She can’t make a mess right now. She had taken too many steps just to get where she is. She is going to achieve her dream and nothing can stop her. Even if it means telling a lie.“Okay, models!” the choreographer called out as she clapped her hands for their attention. “Tomorrow is a big day. Give your
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CHAPTER 1HUMILIATEDSix years later.As the night progresses, soft lighting and a delicate floral setting in ivory and pastel blue greeted the guests of that magical wonderland made for two love birds who just became one. The gentle rustling of leaves in the breeze and warm light filter through the canopy of trees, creating a romantic, ethereal ambiance.The atmosphere is a lively and festive celebration, with the sound of music and laughter filling the air. It was a wedding reception that any girl her age dreams of. But Ria stopped dreaming of this kind of event happening in her life. She will never have a chance to be a bride. That is what she thought.“Ria,” called Trixie, a girl in a solid plain black shirt and pants like hers. “The boss told us to deliver another batch of drinks for the guests by the fountain.”Ria signaled her an “ok” with her fingers. She took a sigh and refilled the wine glasses on her tray just as she was told. Thankfully, Trixie, her workmate for that night
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CHAPTER 2CINDERELLAShe trudged wearily up to the stairs of her apartment building, her feet heavy and her shoulders slumped under the weight of a long grueling night. The hum of the city outside was muted by the thick walls, but the fatigue in her bones was palpable.As she fumbled with her keys and pushed open the door to her apartment, the stale air inside hit her like a wall. The dim light of the hallway cast a melancholy glow over the space. She was drained because of what just happened and the giggles inside the room lifted her soul.“I’m home!” she announced upon closing the door, kicking her shoes to the side.A girl in her messy bun and circle-framed lenses was sleeping on the sofa. Beside her was the five-year-old little boy who left his open bag of chips just to run towards her open arms.“Mommy!” he shouted in joy. With that, the girl on the sofa woke up and immediately stood up to recite some scientific words that looks like alien words to her ears.“Gwendolyn,” Ria utte
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Chapter 3: REJECTED
CHAPTER 3REJECTED“Have a seat, please,” he presented the chair in front of him. “I think, I did not reserve this café for nothing. Now, sit.” Grant’s voice was deep and resonant, imbued with confidence and authority.With a gentle smile, she took the chair across him. Her eyes were glued on him, waiting for some news that could be good or bad. And worse, this man could have found out about her secret.His eyes were deep-set and piercing, like a hawk surveying its prey.Trixie came over with a tray in her hand. She put down two cups of freshly brewed coffee. One is their best selling and the other was her favorite. With a naughty smile and a wink, she left.“So, Ria. Am I right?” he began.She nodded, taking a sip of her latte. Her eyes dodged his gaze. There’s no use in telling him a lie about her name now. She can’t even imagine how this man found where she works.“It was really you whom I met in Paris before.”Again, she nodded. As much as possible, she keeps on running away from
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CHAPTER 4 CONTRACTED As she sat there, staring at her phone, Ria couldn’t decide whether or not to call him. She thought about all the possible outcomes and wondered if she was ready to take the risk. It has been days and her son was already discharged. The doctor reminded her to make an appointment upon finalizing her decision. The only problem is that she needed a bigger budget for the surgery. Her son had been a sickly child. They already tried a blood transfusion for his anemia but it was not enough. After a year, his unstable illness reoccurred. And the only person that she could call right now is the owner of the number punched into her phone. With a deep breath and a sudden wave of courage, she knew that she had to take the chance. She dialed and heard a few rings before someone picked up. “I’ve been waiting for your call, Ria,” said a baritone voice from the other line. Her jaw dropped even before she could say hello. “How?” she said not knowing what exactly to say. Ho
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Chapter 5: TELL
CHAPTER 5 TELL As Ria stood at the locker, her tired eyes scanned her lifeless phone screen, longing for any sign of connection or excitement. Her long, auburn hair was tied up in a messy bun, revealing a few loose strands framing her pale face. The fluorescent lights of the locker room cast an unflattering glow on her features, highlighting the dark circles under her eyes. Her cute apron, adorned with coffee stains and crumbs, hung loosely off her this frame. It was a reminder of the long hours she had spent on her feet. It has been a week since she and Grant signed a contract for their fake relationship, yet he was not calling or texting her about her new tasks. Well, her pride is telling her at the back of her head not to call him first. It would make her look so desperate. In fact, she really is. She took a deep sigh and headed towards the exit of their locker room. “What with the long face? Got a problem with your boyfriend?” Trixie asked from the counter. She was still on
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Chapter 6: RULES
CHAPTER 6 RULES “The plan was changed. We will be having dinner at the restaurant tonight. Have you memorized the details?” Grant spoke in a full of tension. Ria could see that he was trying to maintain a calm and collected demeanor, but his nerves were beginning to get the best of him. Not only him, but bet she too also felt the tension. “I guess, I know most of the details already.” She was just fetched right after her duty at the Sweet Café and was told that she will be meeting that night his parents and not by the weekends. He began to loosen his necktie that he felt the knot tightening with every passing second. “Eunice talked to them to wait for your arrival. They were planning to set the date of the wedding by tonight. And I won’t let that happen.” He looked at her for a second. “We’ll be driving to the mall. You are a model. You shouldn’t show up like that, right?” She looked down at her uniform with the apron that she forgot to remove upon dashing out of the café. She h
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Chapter 7: ARRIVED
CHAPTER 7 ARRIVED “Thanks for accompanying me,” Ria told her best friend as she handed her her drink to quench their thirst from an hour of walking. “No problem. I got myself a coffee,” Gwen cheerfully said as she raised her tall tumbler of an iced brew. “Besides, I need to divert my mind,” she mumbled and took a sip of her straw. “Why? Is there something wrong with your intern?” She shook her head and released a deep sigh. “Yeah. Training is so hard. But what could be harder to remember a single thing that happen once in your life? That damn doctor!” she mumbled with a stressed tone. “What was that?” she asked for words she spoke unclearly to her ears. “Nothing. Come on. We need to buy you some boots.” Gwen pulled her hand as they started to browse through the endless alley of dresses and shoes. The two girls seemed to be in their own little world, giggling and chatting as they moved from store to store. Not only they got themselves new outfits but also groceries for stackin
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Chapter 8: TOUR
CHAPTER 8 TOUR Ria opened her eyes slowly, feeling the warmth of the morning breeze in the province. She stretched her arms and legs, enjoying the softness of the bed. She reached for her phone as her first task of the day. As much as she wanted to savor this feeling of bliss, she knew she needed to get up that early. She got up and walked to the window, pulling back the curtains. She gasped at the sight of the vast green land of various fruit trees and a garden that was taken care of like children. She wrapped herself in a robe and headed downstairs, where a constant silence was heard and morning chicken crowing. No one’s still around that time of dawn, no staff to greet her a good morning. She wandered around the villa, clutching her phone like a lifeline. She had to make a call, but the signal was nowhere to be found. She tried every room, every window, every corner, but nothing. She felt like a prisoner in this luxurious place, cut off from the world. She began to walk outside
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Chapter 9: FRIENDS
CHAPTER 9 FRIENDS Ria felt a sudden heat rise to her cheeks as if a thousand suns had lit up inside her. She couldn’t believe he had said those words, those sweet and dangerous words that made her heart flutter and her stomach twist. She wanted to say something back, but her tongue was dry. She looked away, hoping he wouldn’t notice her blush, and pointed to the area where she was earlier. It was the place where she saw a magnificent waterfall and sea. “Should we go there?” she said, trying to sound casual. “I think we should go back,” he said, his tone somehow turned serious. “It looks like a nice place to discover,” she said as she took a few steps when he spoke again. “Miss Cortez,” he called to her. That made her pause and looked back. “Why so formal right now?” she asked. “They won’t see or hear from here, now. We’re still strangers to each other. Our relationship is just pure business.” Without hearing her talk back, he went back to the stable to return his horse. She
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